Ten tips for reducing surgical scarring

Scarring is common side-effect of undergoing surgery. It’s a completely natural part of the healing process – when an incision is made, your body needs to seal the wound and re-join the separated skin, sometimes leaving a faint mark. Although your scars may never disappear completely, there are many things you can do to reduce […]

Is diet and exercise always enough?

Whilst we should all strive to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes diet and exercise won’t be enough. It can be incredibly demoralising to realise your efforts aren’t paying off and there are simply those times when you want to change a certain part of your body to feel better about yourself, and that’s where plastic […]

The rise of plastic surgery for men

Plastic surgery has enjoyed a surge of popularity over the last few years. More of us are realising we don’t have to feel self-conscious with the way we look and that there are plenty of both invasive and non-invasive procedures to consider, and one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the market is plastic […]