Gynaecomastia – causes and cure

Gynaecomastia – causes and cure

Gynaecomastia. ‘Gynaeco-what?!’ Also known as enlarged chest or, more specifically enlarged breast glands, in men. We are not talking about ‘pecs’ that men aspire to and work hard towards in the gym; but a medical condition that can cause a considerable amount of discomfort and loss of confidence. Here we will explore the condition, the […]

Breast Reduction Surgery: The Evidence

A study in an issue of a specialist journal this summer has revealed that breast reduction can result in measurable improvements in various aspects of health and quality of life. The official medical publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reports on a survey looking at the physical and psychosocial […]

How a Breast Reduction Could Change Your Life

For some women, having large breasts is the dream, but for others they are nothing but a pain – quite literally. Very large breasts can cause many different kinds of physical complaint, including back ache, neck pain and even numbness of the fingers. Migraine headaches have also been linked to large breasts. It is estimated […]