Thoclor GF2 which is an Optimal strength HOCL & recognised as one of the world’s most potent Virucidal’s – effective In 5 seconds! Thoclor is great for many skin conditions from acne – eczema to rejuvenation/ antiaging, but as it is such a potent Virucidal spray it can protect you from viruses like Coronavirus! The […]

Ten tips for reducing surgical scarring

Scarring is common side-effect of undergoing surgery. It’s a completely natural part of the healing process – when an incision is made, your body needs to seal the wound and re-join the separated skin, sometimes leaving a faint mark. Although your scars may never disappear completely, there are many things you can do to reduce […]

Dr Levy Switzerland

botonics Personally Selected by Dr Levy The botonics Plastic Surgery Group are honoured to have been one of the first clinics in the UK to retail the revolutionary Dr Levy stem cell cosmeceutical range. Dr Phillip Levy hand selected botonics to be among the first clinics in the UK to represent his brand in the UK […]

Facial rejuvenation techniques

Unfortunately, our face doesn’t retain its youthful glow forever. Lines and wrinkles can set in, volume is lost and we can have a generally tired appearance, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. A few carefully considered facial rejuvenation techniques could be all you need to look fresh, awake and generally […]

Dermal fillers – the how, why and what

Over time our skin inevitably ages, and every single one of us will experience the effects of it to a certain extent. But, for some of us those changes will come too soon or will simply be unwelcome, and that perhaps explains the rise in popularity of dermal fillers. But just what are these fillers, […]

Lip Augmentation in London

Some women are born with luscious, full lips, such as Angelina Jolie. However, others are left with thin lips that leave them dissatisfied. Fortunately, lip augmentation procedures exist, meaning that no woman (or man) should have to live with an appearance they are unhappy with if they don’t want to. Why Have Lip Augmentation? There […]

Why Do People Have Facial Rejuvenation Procedures?

Getting older is a natural process you can’t avoid. However, some people age faster than others and some people just don’t want to accept that their appearance should age when there are procedures out there to help them slow the process down. In fact, our team of plastic surgeons London at our prestigious Harley Street […]