Cosmetic Surgery – Making the Right Decision

by Naruschka Henriques

Understandably the nature of cosmetic surgery demands only the highest in terms of safety standards; and at botonics we like to go a step further, ensuring that throughout the process from consultation through to surgery and aftercare, you can be assured that your treatment will be in the best possible hands. Such is the nature of surgery, however, that you as a client will have an important role to play in assessing if surgery is the right way to go, and therefore it is essential that you communicate any issues that you think might affect the process – whether it’s physical or psychological. If you are considering cosmetic procedures, from any clinic, here are some things you should consider:

Find out as much as you can about a potential clinic, this will involve reading any relevant literature or going through their website, but it should also involve detailed consultations – which is why at botonics we always insist on consultations directly with the surgeon prior to any procedure, ensuring that you will always have access to first rate guidance and advice regarding the procedure, whether it is botox, liposuction, breast augmentation or any other kind of cosmetic treatment.

The next important issue should be a deeply personal one; as you need to consider your reasons for having the surgery, ensuring that you fully understand the procedure you are looking at and any associated issues. At botonics we will always help you to make the right decision, which is why we will never rush you and we will always be 100% honest about procedures and results.

Finally, you should recognize cosmetic surgery for what it is, i.e. even with the latest in modern techniques there is still an element of risk involved; therefore you should endeavour to understand the risks particular to a specific procedure before partaking of surgery.

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