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Male Cosmetic Surgery: Why it’s Different for Boys

Traditionally, of course, plastic surgery has been pretty much exclusively aimed at women. But things change, and these days guys are going for procedures ever more regularly.

But there are many specific demands relating to male plastic surgery that make it different.

• Male features are different to women’s, with fuller eyelids and a stronger brow. So an eyelid lift, for example, shouldn’t take off the same volume of fat and skin.
• Men have thicker, firmer skin – so swelling can last longer. Male faces also tend to be thinner, with less subcutaneous fat.
• Men have greater muscle mass, so that with treatments such as Botox that are injected, a greater amount of the product is needed.

Psychologically as well, there are differences when it comes to male cosmetic surgery. For example:

• Men prefer more subtle results
• Rather than appearing thin, many guys wish to go for a more sculpted look.
• Men are often keen to spend less time in recovery. That makes procedures like injectables more attractive – little or no time off work is needed.

Popular Male Procedures

Here are some of the cosmetic procedures that are especially popular with the guys:

• Liposuction and CoolSculpting – this is non-surgical and gives a muscular torso while sculpting the body.
• Male breast reduction, also called gynecomastia, can help with defining the chest and profile while lessening larger male breasts.
• Eyelid lifts to give the face a more youthful appearance, and refresh the face without changing it too radically.

Whether you are looking for plastic surgeons in London or anywhere else, if you’re a man who’s looking into one of these cosmetic procedures, make sure your surgeon fully understands the specific needs of plastic surgery for males, and their different motivations for having treatment.

Male Cosmetic Surgery with botonics Plastic Surgery Group

At botonics Plastic Surgery Group, we’re well known for providing the best surgery and treatments to suit our clients. We offer some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced specialists, and pride ourselves on our discreet, personal approach.

We also have a very honest and open pricing structure, so that we don’t have any hidden extras. Before we do anything else, we’ll make sure you have a free consultation (with no obligation to go ahead), and get to see a series of before and after photographs of clients who have undergone similar procedures, so you can see the natural looking results we’ve achieved previously. After all, we believe that’s only fair!

What’s more, our clinic is based in London’s Harley Street, recognised the world over as a byword for excellence in private medicine, and one of the world’s most prestigious private medical addresses.

We’re as used to dealing with men as we are with women so we are experienced in male and female surgery. And we’re ahead of all the latest treatments and industry developments.

Visit our website and download our Client’s Guide, which sets out how we manage our practice, and work to ensure quality of safety and service.

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