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Quarter of Males Want their Partner to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Research has shown that almost one in four men, or 24%, would like their other half to boost their looks with cosmetic surgery.

The most popular choice of treatment was liposuction, getting 57% of the male vote, with dental surgery and breast enhancement not far behind. Also among the top procedures were Botox to remove wrinkles (at 34%) and nose surgery at 38%.

At just under a fifth, or 19%, the numbers of those who said they wouldn’t want their partner to have surgery were a minority. A similar number said they were not sure.

The research of 1,248 British men was part of a study into relationships in the UK.

Participants in the study were also asked whether they would ever tell their partner that they thought surgery would be a good idea, and only 12% admitted that they would.

Perhaps not surprisingly, just over half, or 52%, said they “wouldn’t want to upset” their partner, while 23% feared that telling their partner could “cause an argument”. And 76% responded that they didn’t think their partner’s looks could be improved.

A spokesman for the voucher organisation which ran the survey said: “While most respondents seemed very happy with the way their partner looks, there is also a good percentage that would be happy to let them enhance their natural looks if they had the chance.

“However, for whatever reason, a larger proportion would refrain from telling them this.”

Looking for Plastic Surgery London?

If you’re based in the capital and interested in learning more about plastic surgery London has such a large number of places to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start.

At botonics Plastic Surgery Group, we offer a wide range of options for cosmetic surgery for men as well as women, and there are many reasons why what we offer is worth a closer look:

•    We work with some of the industry’s most reputable and experienced practitioners – we set the bar extremely high.
•    We ensure our staff specialise in specific treatments and procedures, so that you are seen by someone with a great depth of experience.
•    Clients are seen not by salespeople but by the specialist who will be treating you. We don’t believe in doing a hard sell!
•    We are committed to investing in the very latest technology and techniques to give our clients the very best results. When it comes to ground-breaking new treatments, we’re at the forefront of advanced treatments.
•    We appreciate that times are tough for everyone, but our no-hassle finance plan means you can spread the cost of your treatment over a number of months on your debit card, making liposuction prices and the like easier to pay. Our pricing system is also all-inclusive.

Finally, we only treat clients who we genuinely believe we can give a great treatment to, and we put your interests first from the outset. With a reputation that’s grown steadily since we began trading in 2005, botonics is a name you can trust.

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