Absolute 5* star professional service and always a pleasure

by admin

I was one of those unfortunates that had been to a “Botox party” and had filler treatment in my nose bridge, which obviously did not turn out with the greatest results. So after extensive research on who to go and where to go for help, I found Botonics website. They answered my 101 questions as I did not know much about which procedure or outcome would be best suited for me. Every advice in reply was very prompt and professional, Botonics knew what they were talking about. I then had an appointment with practitioner Naruschka. From my first visit it was very informative, in-depth knowledge on what procedure and product was best for me, most importantly non pushy in what I decide. I have now been a client for I think over 3 years and every appointment is always a very warm, friendly and honest experience. Naruschka definitely knows extensive knowledge on all procedures with understanding of how each different product would work. The results have been more than satisfactory. A great professional asset.

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