Accutane experience

by admin

After numerous antibiotics & informed waiting list was a year plus to see a derm within the NHS for acne treatment I contacted botonics with a query regarding accutane.

I received a free virtual appointment at my own convenience with Dr Gordon. The consultation was informative, non pressured and incredibly helpful. After being allowed time to consider I decided to go with botonics.

I received the take at home blood kit soon after, via the post. All so easy to do & return. Medication arrived promptly after bloods were approved with monthly consultations moving forward with Dr Gordon who couldn’t have been more helpful, patient & reassuring. The bloods were easy to take with a simple finger pin procedure. There were only two of these and monthly pregnancy tests which were all included. All was done remotely, after each appointment a summary was sent via email to confirm any changes. I never had to chase botonics and they were always so helpful.

Any queries inbetween were answered quickly by the team and appointments were so flexible with all exchange via email.

Side effects were dry lips, easily remedied by frequent lip balm application. My routine remained the same with regular gym etc. Maintaining a good moisturising and non harsh skin routine really helped. I had no purge at all & my skin cleared within two months.

I so wish I’d done it sooner. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s changed my life. The spend has been so worth it & such good value when you see the benefits it provides you. Please explore having a consultation, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Would recommend to all. My skin is incredibly clear, smooth & glowing!

Thanks so much to Dr Gordon 🙂

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