Amazing treatment and amazing service

by admin

After 15 years of suffering with acne I finally decided to go on to Roaccutane and im I glad I did. I have suffered with acne for so long and have always been hesitant to start Roaccutane medication but believe me it has been the best decision i have ever made.
Once I started the medication I didnt get any of the side effects that i was so fearful apart the dry lips and dry skin which a good moisturise helped me out withThe staff at botonics are amazing and I got started on my medication within days. Dr Ayah was amazing and very understanding and really listened to me.
I had actually been to mydoctor about my acne and I got told by them that it is a 6 to 8 month waiting list to be referred to a dermatologist which made feel really disappointed and sad as my acne was making my confidence so low to tge point where i didnt even like leaving my home. So instead I searched online I decided to go private and its the best thing i have ever done. It is worth every penny. I have finished my treatment and overjoyed with my skin.
I am so glad that I found botonics as the staff have always been there to answer to any of my concerns and have always responded quickly they are brilliant as is Dr Ayah who helped me through my journey to clear skin. They give the best service.
My money has been well spent and I couldn’t be happier.
Overall amazing staff amazing doctor and amazing service.
Thank you to everyone at the botonics clinic for everything.

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