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Before finding out about Botonics, I had suffered with acne for years, from my early teenage years to my late twenties. I had tried endless products from over the counter creams to prescriptions from the doctor. None really improved my acne – it made me feel very low in myself and self-conscious about the way I looked. I did a short course of Isotretinion with the NHS but the wait was months and the treatment wasn’t consistent as even to get a blood test or follow up appointment took months.

I found Botonics online when I was feeling particularly low about my skin. After reading all the amazing reviews, I contacted them and was given a consultation with the doctor almost immediately. It was organised so quickly, the doctor was very helpful and it was free of charge. Paying for treatment, information about my course of medication and then the postal pregnancy test and medication was sent to me within the next few days so I could start taking the Isotretinoin almost instantly.

The whole process was very simple and quick. I was given monthly phone call appointments (due to Covid), with clear, detailed instructions for each part of the treatment. I was able to contact them at anytime if I had any queries or questions and was contacted back immediately. The actual treatment went very well. I was very lucky and only suffered from dry skin and experienced no other side effects. My skin started looking clearer within the first few months.

I am so happy with my decision to choose Botonics. My skin is looking amazing and I was so well supported by them. I would recommend Roacctuane and Botonics to anyone suffering from severe acne. I only wish I had known about Botonics sooner!

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