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I am glad that i did the treatment. I had Tear Through which is eye treatment. I was never happy with my eyes dark circles, hallow, and veins around my eyes which makes me look tired and old at young age. I felt insecure and always wearing glassess to hide my eyes. I used to avoid make around my eyes too and sometime will not go out due to eyes.

After the treatment, my eyes looks much better, bright and not swollen or tired. I don’t even have to put a lot of concealor to hide any dark circles and tiredness. It has changed my eyes and texture around my eyes. I am much confident and hardly wear glassess now. I wake up in the morning and just a tiny make around my eyes makes it look now perfect.

I am model and actress and it is very important for me to have better eyes which doesn’t look tired. eyes matters and it is main feature of face. I look much better and does’nt look old. I am more confident in front of camera and the best thing is i don’t have put enough concealor to hide any thing anymore.

I will suggest anyone this treatment if you suffer from you tired eyes and swollen eyes. This treatment will make a lot of difference. I have tried many creams and spent money on expensive creams but nothing has shown my the difference like this.

The treatment was not painful and Naurauska was very good with me during treatment and i didn’t feel any pain at all. She explained everything to me about the treatment. I will ofcourse will stick to this treatment and Botonics which has boost my confidence.

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