Couldn’t have asked for a better service!

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I started to research into Vaser Lipo a few months back after wanting to have Lipo for a few years. After deciding to proceed with the surgery, I attended a few free consultations at other cosmetic surgery groups and did not feel that they could offer me exactly what I wanted. I had a very strong sense of the outcome I was wishing to achieve and felt that none of the other companies could provide me with this. I didn’t like the fact that many of the consultations meant that I had to meet with a sales ‘consultant’ before proceeding to the next step and then meeting with the surgeon. I found it difficult to book in with some surgeons due to my work hours and some of the companies weren’t very flexible.

After many months of research I came across botonics and made an enquiry for a free consultation as botonics work with many well-know reputable surgeons, I also checked out the previous reviews and found that they were very positive.

I spoke with Bill and I made a consultation with Dr. Grant Hamlet and went along with an open mind. Immediately I felt at ease and felt that Dr. Hamlet was taking my desired outcome into consideration as well as offering me as much advice as possible. I knew immediately that he was the surgeon I wished to have my procedure with. Bill was great as he offered me a consultation which fitted in with my working hours.

I liaised with Bill who offered me a second free-of-charge consultation with Dr. Hamlet so I could be sure I would be getting the results and the care I needed to ensure the choice to have Vaser would be something I wouldn’t regret! Dr. Hamlet was very thorough and answered all the questions I had and gave me various contact numbers so I could contact him at any time if I should have any other questions or problems/queries after the procedure.

After confirming with Bill that I wished to have my procedure with Dr. Hamlet, he helped me to secure my preferred date for the procedure so I could work around my personal and professional life, he also arranged my pre-procedure blood checks very early in the morning so I could attend before work and not need to take time off. He was very good with keeping me up-to-date with my results and things to expect before and after the procedure. We also managed to agree on a price which was very much appreciated as I did have a budget that I wished to stick too.

On the day of my procedure I checked into the hospital as instructed by Bill and the nurses made me feel very at ease. Dr. Hamlet took a lot of time marking up my body and taking pictures and made a huge effort to ensure I was relaxed and ready for surgery, I was alone the whole day and I didn’t feel nervous at all, even when I went down to the theatre!

When I woke up in the recovery room after the procedure, I was helped by Tim who was fantastic and stayed with me the whole day. He ensured I was comfortable and as pain-free as possible. He also made sure I had something to eat even though eating was the last thing I wished to do!

Dr. Hamlet constantly stopped by my room to check how I was doing and after I had a sneak peek at my ‘new’ body I was over the moon with the results even though I was covered in marker pen!

Dr. Hamlet and Tim then helped me into my suit that I had to wear for the next few weeks, they were very careful to ensure I was in as little pain as possible and that I was looked after.

After a few hours in recovery I was allowed to go home and was provided with a huge selection of pain killers and antibiotics which were all included in the price which was good as the last thing I would want to do would be to make a trip to a pharmacy.

The following day Dr. Hamlet called me on my mobile to ensure I was coping OK. The pain was moderate to severe but much less than I expected considering I had 4 areas of my body treated at once. I was comfortable and the pain killers helped. Bill also called me to ensure the procedure went OK.

On the second day after the procedure I had my follow-up appointment with Raddy at the hospital, she was my physio and would provide me with the aftercare and ultrasound to ensure that I was healing as well as I could and that I would get the desired results.

The massage was painful but necessary and Raddy did everything she could to ensure I was comfortable, she was very professional throughout and I could even have a shower which was very much appreciated. She took a lot of pictures so I could see the progress and how different my body looked, even though it was only day two after the procedure I could see the change already, it was drastic but amazing, I couldn’t believe how much Dr. Hamlet had removed but more importantly how much he had listened to me to ensure I got the results I wanted. Even the nurses that I met on the day of the procedure came up to see how I was doing which was nice as they had seen me mid-op so they came to see how I was doing as well as my new figure!

I had my second appointment with Raddy the following day, she changed my dressings and helped me into my garment after my shower, I felt completely at ease and she even gave me her number so I could call her if I had any questions. I have been seeing my own physio for the remainder of the follow-up treatments as I live in Kent, it is easier for me than to travel into London. Raddy called my physio directly to ensure he was up-to-date with my progress which he appreciated and he has been keeping Raddy constantly updated since.

It has been two weeks since my procedure and I do not regret anything, most importantly I am very happy I chose to run with botonics as Bill, Dr. Hamlet and Raddy have provided me with a better service than I could have hoped for. I have never once been kept waiting, or chasing for information or felt ‘let-down’ by the service I received, everything has been fantastic.

Bill has been great with helping me book my follow-up appointments with Dr. Hamlet and Raddy, I am glad I chose such professional people! I would highly recommend Dr. Hamlet and botonics.

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