Does what it says on the tin

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My experience with Botonics is my only experience of plastic surgery, I am 34 years old.
I hated my ‘moobs’ for many years, my left side was worse than my right, the nipple noticeably lower. I could feel breast-like material bouncing when I ran. My moobs were not huge, I am not fat, I work out, most people would not have noticed as I wore clothes that hid my chest, never wore tee-shirts and never got undressed in public. It took me a great deal of time to commit to the free appointment and to submit myself to an examination, mainly because I was ashamed of my tits and of the stigma of plastic surgery.
Dr. Hamlet identified all my hang ups perfectly during the short examination. He explained the reasons for the appearance of my chest and precisely what he could do to make it better. He advised that I should have mid-def vaser to chest, axilla (the sides of my ribcage) and a fat transfer to my pectorals which would ‘lift’ the excess skin and make my chest more androgyne and square. He was also able to show me many before and after images which were much better and more demonstrative than those on the website.
The cost was considerably higher than I had initially expected. However when you take into account all that is involved as well as the end result I think it represented excellent value for money.
On the day of surgery I was naturally anxious but Dr. Hamlet and the surgery team were very reassuring it was ,almost, fun. Dr Hamlet decided that my vaser treatment (the fat removal from chest and axilla) would not yield enough fat to adequately plump up my pectorals and that he could remove more fat from my waist area to top it up.
The procedure itself was done under local anaesthetic and was akin to a long root canal at the dentist. I was numb and mercifully unable to see the process. It is unnerving to have someone rooting about under your skin with a canula but the nurses and Dr. Hamlet were brilliant at keeping me informed and maintaining a light-hearted banter throughout. It took approximately 2 hours in theatre which went by very quickly. In the end Dr. Hamlet took 1ltr of extra fat from my love-handles. I was fitted with a foam band round my chest and a compression garment. I lay down for a few hours afterwards, ate lunch and read my book. I was at home by late afternoon.
I had three aftercare massage sessions with lovely nurses and wore the foam band for a week, I also wore the compression garment for three weeks. The foam was bulky and difficult to disguise under clothes but the compression garment was invisible. I have recently had my one-month check-up with Dr. Hamlet. I am happier with my chest, the left pectoral line is still slightly odd and I may have further treatment to perfect it in the future but I will now be able to wear tee-shirts without worry, my posture has improved as has my confidence. I am still healing and my bruises are fading, soon I will be back in the gym. Due to the removal of the extra fat from my waist I no longer have love-handles either.
The experience was far better and easier than I had thought it would be. Bill was available on the phone whenever I needed him. Dr. Hamlet was excellent. I wish I had done this years ago. I recommend anyone who is thinking about this procedure to go with Botonics, they are the real deal in an industry known for charlatans.

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