Don’t hesitate!

by admin

I was previously turned down Roaccutane treatment for acne by the NHS, as even though I was told I was a good candidate for treatment, I refused to take combined contraception which I was frankly appalled at and felt discriminated because of my gender. After a year of being messed around by the NHS because of this issue I gave Botonics a message and got a call back within the hour.

The person I spoke to answered any questions I had and gave me a good overview of what to expect if I was to continue treatment with them and by signing the appropriate forms was able to continue without taking combined contraception.

As the monthly appointments with the doctor were video calls this made it easy to organise and slot around daily life. The doctor would check how everything was going and would always make sure to ask whether I had any questions. If I had no questions, she would always then go on to give give a little advice for the month ahead. Some things of which I’d never have thought about about otherwise!

The whole process was very organised and Botonics always got in touch with me to state any changes in dose and organise appointments which made the whole process incredibly simple.

Over the course of treatment I had pretty dry skin and cracked lips but providing I smothered myself in lip balm and body lotion this wasn’t much of an issue. Sometimes I also needed drops for dry eyes but overall I’ve found any side effects easy to manage.

I’ve now just come to the end of my treatment and I’m absolutely trilled with the results of my skin. For anyone thinking about it I would definitely recommend this instead of wasting time on waiting lists. I wasted so much time trying other products that never worked, and waited around developing more and more scarring. I just wish I did this sooner!

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