Dr Naruschka Henriques is incredibly talented, I can’t reccomend her enough.

by admin

I have now had two nose enhancement procedures with Dr. Naruschka Henriques and I cannot recommend her enough. I had previously had surgery on my nose to aid my breathing as I had a deviated septum. However two years post surgery my nose was more crooked than before the surgery and I now had the bonus of lots of scar tissue, a shortened septum and a more bulbous tip. I had searched for years to try and find a surgeon who could straighten my nose with a second operation but the surgeons either said they weren’t confident they could straighten it or they didn’t listen to anything I said and seemed arrogant, different surgeons opinions didn’t add up and I felt it was took risky and expensive. After a while I began to look for other solutions and met with a number of doctors regarding having a non-surgical procedure. Out of everyone I met Naruschka was the only doctor who I felt really listened to me, really took her time, and really looked at me and really thought about what would suit and work for me, and also never tried to push me to go for a treatment. I feel she really understands natural beauty and has the ability to enhance people but never to over do it and make them appear like they have had work. For the first time in my life I am happy having pictures taken of me, I really thought I would always have a crooked nose and I can’t believe that such a quick, procedure with only a day or two of swelling could fix this for me. The aftercare is also great with a wonderful coordinator Bill who super helpful. I can’t recommend enough.

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