Excellence every time!

by admin

I have always wanted slightly bigger lips, especially my top lip, as I think most people do! I started to do research online into the procedure, products, results, and finally companies that did lip enhancements. I spent months looking at all the information, and booked several consultations with different clinics, and then cancelled them because I was too scared to go through with it!! I finally found the Botonics website, and there was something different about it. As soon as I enquired, I had a friendly answer phone message from Bill the coordinator seeing if he could help me. We booked a convenient consultation date and he stressed that I was under no obligation to go through with the procedure, equally, if I decided I wanted to go ahead, he booked enough time in for me to do so. I went to the Battersea clinic and met Naruschka, who is their cosmetic practitioner. She was absolutely amazing, she spent a full hour just talking to me about what I wanted, what to expect, pretty much anything and everything! She really put me at ease and made me so comfortable I knew my search was over! I still didn’t want to go ahead with it that day, which I could tell was no problem at all, there was no pressure at all like I feared, so I booked in with Bill straight after the appointment, who was as helpful and friendly as ever. On the day of the appointment, I was armed with benedryll and arnica as Naruschka had instructed and went in very nervous. Naruschka instantly put me at ease and didn’t rush me at all, on this occasion she used a topical lotion to numb my lips and it was slightly painful still, but not that bad, it only took a few minutes!! Afterwards I was numb and very aware of my lips! I did look a bit strange but that was to be expected!! That evening I was slightly uncomfortable, so took pain killers, by the next night I was rocking a red lip at a party!! They looked amazing, I was soooo happy. It took about a week for all the bruising and swelling to go down completely, although other people can be quicker than this! They looked very natural and I felt very confident, only my close friends and family could tell I’d had them done! I’ve since has a second appointment, 3 months later to top them up, and once I had the same brilliant experience. This time Naruschka used a dental blocker injection which left me virtually pain free which was brilliant!! I swelled more this time, but now the sweeping has gone, I once again have lovely lips, and will go back in 6-9 months to maintain my pretty pout!! I cannot recommend Botonics enough, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with their service!!

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