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I have suffered from acne since I was 11 years old, I am now in my 30’s. It is debilitating some days and has affected every part of my life.
I have tried every over the counter cream and medication going and have tried prescription medicine such as antibiotics. But nothing worked.

I looked into Roaccutane on the NHS, however the wait time was very long and given the length of time I had been suffering from acne, I was looking for a more bespoke treatment plan that would be put together with care and attention.
After a lot of research, I found Botonics and was very impressed with the reviews. I decided to make contact and arrange a free consultation. At no point before or after consultation was I obligated to continue, it was completely my choice.
However after speaking briefly with Dr Divya, I immediately knew that I wanted her to be in charge of my skin. I felt that I trusted her and that she was sensitive to my concerns and confidence issues.
I agreed for Botonics to arrange my medication for me and I had it in my hands and was starting less than a week later. It was effortless and no waiting at pharmacies to order in the tablets. Bill was extremely informative and kept me right in every aspect of treatment. I never had to chase them up as Bill would send me out all the information I needed to know. I also felt comfortable that I could make contact at any point should I need to. It is a very well organised company.

I had constant support throughout and had regular phone calls with Dr Divya to check in.

Blood tests and pregnancy tests were provided and were extremely easy to do and submit.

I experienced a purge in my second month for a few weeks and have been clear since. I took a break for 2 weeks in the middle of my treatment for personal reasons and received nothing but support and encouragement from all staff at Botonics. That is part of the beauty of this company, it is all at a pace you can manage and a dose you can tolerate. I had a few side effects such as joint pain etc, but I was given expert advice on supplements to take to ease this.

I am now finished treatment and I cannot believe that this is my skin! This is the first time I have had clear skin in over 20 years. I no longer want to hide behind my hair and I have so much more confidence in myself. This treatment has been the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend it and Botonics to everyone.

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