Excellent non surgical nose job

by admin

I contacted Botonics since my nose is crooked and not symmetric and I wondered if a non-surgical approach might improve it. I am a doctor myself and searched for different options and I found this relatively new technique quite interesting and not invasive. Botonics replied that they could help making my nose look straighter and therefore “smaller”, since it would fit better with the rest of my face. I took courage and did it. My nose was slightly swallen for 24h, with some small bruising that I covered with a concealer. Ice pack helps reducing these side effects. I am extremely pleased about the results: my nose looks straight without looking THAT different. My family did not notice anything abnormal, but interestingly while on holidays a new friend paid compliment to my nose and said I was lucky to be born with such a straight nose. That made me laugh really. So I can only be positive here because I got exactly what I wanted

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