Excellent tear trough treatment!

by admin

I just want to reassure anyone thinking of having a tear trough treatment with Narushka at Botonics.
I was super concerned about undergoing the treatment and took a long time to consider if it was right for me and to think about the possible associated risks, In fact I re-scheduled twice until the day I arrived at the Harley street clinic ready for the procedure.
Narushka is quite unique in her ability to perform this treatment and there by reducing risks and getting right to the individual problem areas.
I only felt minor discomfort through out my treatment, and in Narushkas expert and well practiced hands I could even relax. In fact she had a great calming influence on me, so much so that I was able to feel completely at ease even though I’d been deliberating for so long!
Instantly I could see the benefits and positive effects on my problem areas, and was so pleased with the targeted result.
Very wisely Narushkas approach was to see how I got on with the first treatment and then return for a follow up where we agreed I needed a little more product to get a perfect finish.
I will definitely be returning for another treatment with Narushka when the time comes and already have a reminder in the diary.
I can honestly say of all the rejuvenation treatments I’ve had this one has made the biggest difference to the way I look and feel…. With this treatment I lost that slightly tied look and just look fresher and feel brighter.

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