Fantastic, from beginning to end

by admin

Even if I do say so myself, I look pretty young for someone who’ll reach 40 at the end of the year. The only thing that did let me down was the skin area around my eyes, where I developed eye hollows over the last few years. After trying out a lot of different creams and gels with no positive effect, I was becoming more and more bothered with my eye hollows, so started searching for cosmetic dermatology options out of curiosity. I think there’s still a bit of a stigma with guys doing this kind of thing (in my head at least).

I came across Botonics, and noticed a section of their website dedicated to men which, together with the universally high positive reviews, gave me the confidence to fill out the contact form to discuss my concerns. I got a prompt, friendly call back from Bill, my coordinator and decided to book a free consultation a few weeks later (well, I had nothing to loose). The clinic’s a nice comforting environment and I had an informal, honest conversation with Naruschka, my specialist. We first focused on why I was unhappy with my eye hollows and how I thought getting treatment would benefit me. Once we’d assessed that I had thought this through and was considering treatment for the right reasons, we then started to discuss tear trough treatment, where Naruschka carefully explained the procedure, the small risks involved and talk through all the questions I had. Following our discussion, I was convinced that tear trough treatment was what I wanted so decided to get back in touch with Bill to book an appointment for treatment. I booked a date that coincided with some time I was taking off work for a holiday.

On the day, Naruschka did a great job of explaining every step throughout the treatment and easing my ‘needle’ nerves (the sweet tea that had been prepared for me worked wonders!). After the treatment was completed, I was quite taken about by how instant the results were. I was seriously impressed and very happy! The initial bruising I had was minimal and I didn’t need any adjustment during the follow-up appointment that we’d scheduled a week after, which is included as part of the treatment.

For guys who are unhappy with their eye hollows and have considered, but have anxieties about seeking trough treatment, you really should book yourself a consultation. The experience I had with Botonics throughout and, even more crucially, the end result, has been fantastic.

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