Fast Service

by admin

I’ve been on isotretinoin treatment multiple times in the past. I’ve gone through the NHS system and whilst I eventually got my treatment, it was an incredibly long and arduous journey to eventually get my treatment. Because of this it left me with multiple scars that are still present.
I wanted a service that was fast and could get me on the treatment fast without having to go through the NHS service again. I found Botonics online and was looking something that would get me my treatment fast. I had an initial consultation with one of the doctors after booking through the team (super slick booking system) that was so helpful and so lovely and assessed what type of treatment I needed, for how long and for what dose too. The dose that was given to me is the dose I was looking to getting so it worked perfectly as this dose worked for me in the past. A blood test was sent out fast to me within the week and was sent the following day (super easy to obtain and send blood off). Within the next week, my bloods were approved and all my doses for isotretinoin were sent off to me! I was told clearly what dose to take, how to take and all the information that you need to get started on the drug. 2 months into the treatment, I’m seeing the improvements id like to see from the treatment so all is good! I’m so glad I got started and didn’t hesitate to book an appointment with the doctors and get the ball rolling. In terms of the finance, as a student I couldn’t pay upfront so they’ve allowed me to split the payments up which has been super helpful for me. Recommend this service completely!

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