I fell in love with the results!

by admin

So I had a lip enhancement a couple of months ago back in my country and the results were terrible!! I was bruised for too long and none of my lips were symmetric I was so embarrassed of my lips even when the bruises faded away it looked like I got punched in one area of my lip! So I found out about Botonics clinic and I saw the before and after photos that’s where I decided I should go for a free consultation why not? I went and i felt so comfortable discussing my case and I decided to go for the treatment on the same visit! It’s been more than a week now and surprisingly my lips are back to normal and if I ever think of filling my lips again botonics will definitely be my first choice! One of my friends had a lip enhancement there last week and she’s very pleased with the results! Highly recommended!

Salien xox

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