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I had always been self conscious of my nose and always said to friends and family that one day I would get a nose job. However, after researching what the surgery entailed and finding out how invasive the procedure was I decided that it wasn’t for me. I had seen horror stories of surgery going wrong and didn’t want to dramatically alter my face!!

I happened to come across the great work of Botonics and absolutely fell in love with the results. The fact that it wasn’t permanent, was cost effective and required minimum recovery time hooked me in at once! I always contoured my nose and just wanted the tip to be narrower and the small bump on my bridge to be straightened out. After looking at the results online I realised that this procedure was a much better fit for me than an invasive nose breaking nose job!

I would definitely recommend researching thoroughly what the process involves- i did just that and was guided by the lovely staff at Botonics. I asked questions focusing on my concerns- what if I don’t like it?! What actually is a ‘non surgical nose job’?! Is it going to hurt?!”. I even sent photos to my surgeon ahead of the procedure to make sure that he definitely thought he could make an improvement to my appearance. I didn’t want to go all that way to the clinic to be told there was no hope for me and my not so little old nose! All of the staff I spoke to were more than happy to listen to my queries and sometimes ridiculous concerns- “will my nose drop off?!?!”- I was met with a professional yet personable service. Not once did I feel like I was being sold anything or being coerced into something I didn’t want. Having that line of communication really eased my concerns and made me more excited and less fearful of it all!
Once I had all of my questions answered and had my mind put at ease I went ahead and booked a consultation with the aim of getting the procedure done on the same day.

I was VERY nervous on the day but my surgeon was kind and patient and put my mind at ease. He even gave me the option of thinking about the procedure and returning another day but after hearing the wonderful things he could offer me I bit the bullet and went ahead with it!

The procedure itself lasted a few minutes and was very uncomfortable- mostly because I’m so used to breathing out of my nose which was being held, shaped and moulded into something new! Remember to breathe through your mouth and take gentle breaths. However after 10 minutes or so everything was done! The pain after was more of a bruised feeling but luckily I didn’t swell too much nor did I actually bruise. I would highly suggest in investing in all of the the precare and aftercare that is mentioned in your medical pack. Arnicacream was a god send and really soothed the area that had been injected. In comparison to the pain involved with actual nose jobs the non surgical option was a million times better!! No one likes injections and that’s all it really is! Yes it was painful but it was tolerable and really didn’t last that long.

I absolutely loved the results! Immediately afterwards I was shocked at how different it was but after Dr. Goyal explained what he had done I quickly became familiar with my new nose! He had straightened out the bump and lifted the tip making it pointer. It was better than I could have ever imagined- i now had a contoured nose minus the contour and fake looking effects of surgical nose jobs. After an hour or so when I was out shopping and looked in the mirror and was more shocked at how normal my nose looked- I had adjusted to my new nose within a matter of minutes. Aside from two red dots where I had been injected you couldn’t see that I had had any work done. What was even better was that no one noticed until I pointed it out. I still looked like me but more of a contoured version! I could have been born with this new nose and that’s exactly what I wanted.

It might be a somewhat subtle change and noninvasive procedure but the confidence it has given me is staggering. I find myself not focusing too much on powdering my nose to keep it matte and therefore “less big”. Im happy to have my photo taken from straight on and no longer have to position my face to my “good side”. In terms of makeup I simply highlight the tip which is something I would never have done before and just rock that! It looks so natural that it looks like I’ve been born with it which is something I find was harder to find with nose jobs. You know if someone has had invasive surgery because they look completely different!

My new nose is perfectly balanced and I now get compliments on it which always make me laugh because I spent 25 years feeling embarrassed and self conscious of it! I had my procedure done in feb 2018 and have been happy with the results since. I am now booked in to have the procedure done again as I’d like the tip to be a little more lifted. This time around I just want it to be more of a maintained nose as opposed of making it any smaller. I didn’t go back after the recommended 2 weeks to use the extra filler so I would 100% recommend anyone who has this procedure to take the surgeon up on that offer! I certainly will be this time around!

I think that Dr. Goyal and his team are amazing. His work was subtle but made such a huge impact on my confidence and how I viewed my face especially my side profile. You can’t put a price on confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin. I feel like the best version of myself which I think is a great feeling to have albeit vain but hey, I embrace it!

I’d like to extend my thanks once again to all of those who work at Botonics. The work these guys do is truly outstanding and their service is beyond 5 stars. I put my trust and my nose in their hands and they did not disappoint!

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