I would like to say a massive thank you…

by admin

I would like to say a massive thank you to the team at Botonics. They have been nothing short of helpful throughout my time with them.
I reached out to Botonics after having already completed 6 months of Accutane treatment. I had finished the medication for just 2 weeks and had already experienced a painful breakout; the dermatologist I was seeing at the time told me that it was normal and that he would not extent my prescription. I was absolutely gutted at his response because I could see the incredible differences that the treatment had made so far but felt I just needed that little bit more to clear my skin completely. I decided I needed a second opinion at least so I found Botonics online, sent them an enquiry and they replied to me within a few hours. Bill arranged a free of charge, no obligation virtual consultation with Dr Divya for me the very next day, even at a time that suited me as I work normal day hours. Not to mention the convenience of everything being done online and through video calls!
The consultation with Dr Divya was very informative and comforting, she rationalised my emotions immediately and we decided on a 2 month extension course of accutane. Everything I needed was sent directly to my front door and the team got in touch regularly to schedule catch up consultations with Dr Divya.
Ultimately I could not be happier with the way I have been treated from start to finish with Botonics. I am over the moon with how my skin is currently looking and can’t believe I actually have clear skin after years of being so insecure I couldn’t even answer the door with no makeup on, now I love my own skin and don’t have anything to cover! I am now about to start treatment for my minor acne scars and discolouration under Dr Divya’s care and can’t wait to see the results!

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