Isotretion from Botonics has really worked for me

by admin

Im a 48 year old male who has suffered with mild/severe Acne on my chin, nose and scalp for 28+ years, i have spent thousand’s on over the counter treatments and also undergone many treatments mainly antibiotics/creams prescribed by my GP all of which have failed to clear my skin, i have also spent thousands paying private dermatologists and absolutely nothing has worked and at best the course of treatment has only paused my skin form getting worse whilst on the medication, after my last attempt paying for private care and getting absolutely no were I reached out to my GP and She suggested Roaccuatne ( Which id never heard of even after almost 30 years paying privately to find a treatment that worked ) She kindly explained that as a GP she could not prescribe this medication and i had to be put on a waiting list to see a dermatologists ( Whom id already been paying under a private clinic for years ) the waiting list at the time was 1 year +, so i searched online and found Botonics and i really wished i had found them years earlier as i can honestly say my skin and scalp has never been so clear, from my initial enquiry to free no obligation consultation right through to being discharged after my course of treatment and wow the result i never thought possible. Wow wow wow i never thought i would ever have clear skin as id spent almost 30 years and thousands of pounds trying and here i am with the clear skin i have always dreamt of. Before i signed up for this course i read so many articles and must admit the biggest worry at that time was the side effects and to my utter surprise i have had mild side affects mainly dry lips dry skin and dry internal nose which have all been easily managed with moisturisers and lip balms. The team i have dealt with Dr Divya, Michelle, Cassie, Bill have all been spot on always available on either phone and email and the monthly check up with Dr Divya has been great to air any concerns i may have had.

Please if you are having similar issues as i had reach out to Botoincs as it will be the best discussion you will make and also save you a whole lot of money.


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