I’ve suffer with acne for 7 years since…

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I’ve suffer with acne for 7 years since being diagnosed with PCOS. I have tried so many antibiotics through the NHS over the year as that’s all they would provide. I’ve also spent thousands on topical products including Obagi, anything that was recommend to me I’ve tried. I was always worried about roaccutane with all the negative reviews on it but over the last few years it’s been more positive so I did more research and decided it was time to go on roaccutane and say goodbye to my acne for good. I spoke to my GP who was reluctant but referred me to the dermatologist I had to wait 3 months for the appointment to meet someone who wanted me to go on more antibiotics and use more topical products from Boots. I was not impressed with this! And decided it time I take matters into my own hands.
I started to look for private clinics that offer roaccutane, looking reviews and location over processing what was on offer before I commuted, during this lockdown was implement. This is when I came across Botonics.
The process was so simple it almost didn’t seem true. I put in my enquiry the following day Bill got in touch to arrange an appointment with Dr Joshua with whom I was comfortable to discuss my acne journey who actually understood me, finally didn’t feel judge by a doctor! Within a week I had filled out my forms online went to Harley street for my blood test and was ready to go the whole process was seamless.
The blood results are available in a day and the prescription is sent out that day, yes there has been a delay is receiving my prescription but we’re living in challenging times, where we’ve all been effective by royal mail delays. So Botonics brought in a new service where they would send out the medication to reduce delays in the medication course.
I’ve also been having monthly consultations with Dr Joshua to discuss my progress, his been attentive and ensured all areas have been covered answering even the silliest of questions.
I’m 4 months into my 6 month journey and I’m the happiest I’ve been with my skin since the start of my acne journey. I can’t wait for the remaining stubborn acne to clear out and finally have perfect skin.
I couldn’t recommend roaccutane enough to those who are suffering with acne and Botonics should be your chosen clinic, if this is their service during lockdown imagine how good they’ll be when we go back to ‘normal’

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