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I’ve been dealing with acne for 10+ years and finished my course of Isotretinoin with Botonics 1 month ago – this is the first time in my life I’ve actually felt good about my skin!

Trying to get help through the NHS over the years was difficult and slow – I’d tried everything and still had so long to wait to be put on Isotretinoin. I finally found Botonics during the pandemic (since the NHS wasn’t readily available I needed to look elsewhere) and the quality of service I received was a breath of fresh air. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start looking at private practices. From start to finish, treatment with Botonics was completely stress-free and very simple even though I chose to do the treatment from home (i.e. blood tests by post, video consultations, etc.). The process was so quick and organised; I started treatment within a couple of weeks of contacting them.

The support they offer is top-tier – you can reach out through a phone call, or if you prefer emails you’ll receive a response almost immediately (often within minutes!!). Their whole team is very kind and understanding, the regular checkups are really reassuring and all of the advice given is spot-on.

The only thing I wish was different was that I would’ve found them sooner!

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