Non Surgical Nose Filler @ Botonics

by admin

There are lots of people offering dermal fillers in London but it’s hard to find someone who is as understanding of your expectations as Naroushka. I was conscious as it was the first time I had ever had any dermal fillers so I did my research and Botonics came up over and over again. I booked a non-surgical nose job based on other positive reviews and was not disappointed. I had seen a few other practitioners but was unsure of what they were offering and if they truly understood my concerns. From the very beginning with Botonics I was made to feel 100% comfortable before and during my procedure which I am very appreciative for as it was my first dermal fillers. I met with and had a consultation with Naroushka and what immediately impressed me is that her technical knowledge and skill is superb. On top of that Naroushka calming, patient and very easy to chat to and she made me feel secure about what was happening during the procedure. The whole process was simple, from booking and discussing with Bill over the phone (who managed to make appointments fit in accordance with my needs) the consultation and the treatment and aftercare – everything was spot on. After the procedure Naroushka advised me how to treat and care for the nose and to be in touch for a follow up. I have since been back for check ups which were very helpful and help to get the exact results that I wanted. Even at this stage Naroushka was very patient and wanted to achieve the perfect look that I was after. I will be visiting again when I need to. I couldn’t be happier with my nose now and I would be quick to recommend this clinic, and practitioner, to anyone.

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