Non surgical nose job

by admin

I first came across Naruschka when I was researching non surgical nose jobs online. On the botonics webpage there is a lot of informational aswell as reviews for this procedure and before and afters of Naruschkas work which concreted my decision to go to her for my treatment. I am from Northern Ireland and I could not find anyone here with the skill to do this procedure so I flew to the Harley street clinic in London to meet Naruschka on December 12th 2016. I was obviously very nervous but I had no need to be. Naruschka is the loveliest woman you will ever meet! and she puts all your worries to rest. Not only was her bedside manner so good but I could tell straight away that she is an expert in her field which really put my mind at ease. We took our time and nothing was rushed, I was able to show her pictures of what I wanted and she listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and told me if this was possible. I had a bump on my nose that I wanted straightened out but Also wanted to look incredibly natural because I didn’t want my friends or family to notice anything. After the procedure was complete Naruschka told me there would be swelling and bruising etc for a few days. This is where you should really take heed of botonics aftercare advice. I was extremely unprepared and had not purchased the arnica cream or anything. I also should mention I had a cold and had to travel on a plane later that evening to get home to Northern Ireland. With all of this combination, when I woke up the next day my swelling was very bad. This is not to say that anyone else will have the same experience but if you do plan to fly over to see Naruschka then just take into consideration all if the pre care and after care advice botonics give you, as I believe the flying did make my swelling worse. So when I woke up the next day I panicked and gave Naruschka a call. Again, she was so incredibly lovely and put me at ease. She calmed me down and told me what to do, insuring I kept hydrated, used heat to help the swelling and to take anti inflammitorys. She asked me to send pictures of the swelling to make sure everything looked normal. Again I just wanted to mention this part because even after you have had the procedure this clinic and its staff will all take care of you even after you leave. After 3-4 days my swelling reduced dramatically and I could then see that the result was exactly what I had asked for. I was over the moon! My confidence came back and there are no words to describe how good it feels to have been self conscious about something all your life and for it suddenly to be gone! Naruschka is a true artist. My nose was so cute! She has honestly changed my life!

Another reason why botonics are so good is that if you have anything left in your syringe they will keep it for you for a few weeks in case after the swelling goes down you will need a top up. Unfortunately because of work commitments and being in a different country, I couldn’t pop back in a couple of weeks later for my top up. So I decided to go back and see Naruschka yesterday, 6th march 2017. My Result was good and the filler had remained the same but had just went down a little after swelling on the tip of my nose which I wanted to add too. Naruschka remembered me and was just so lovely to me. She remembered my nose and knew exactly what I wanted done. She gives you such a personal experience, I couldnt believe she remembered our conversation from when I first met her and what I wanted. She filled my nose once again I am back home now recovering and after being more prepared this time round my swelling is barely noticeable. This has honestly changed my life. I will continue to do this procedure for as long as possible and I will go to no one else except Naruschka. The experience was so brilliant, her team Bill and Rosalie are both so lovely to deal with and if you have any issues they are willing to bend over backwards to help you. The service is exceptional and I am so so happy. You will not regret going to botonics that’s for sure!!

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