Non surgical nose job experience

by admin

I had grown to just live with the fact that I really didn’t like my nose . As I got older and pursued a career in acting I hated it more and more especially having to have profile shots taken at auditions . My mother and sister had both had surgery on there noses but I was always way to scared to go under the knife and people assured me ‘ it wasn’t that bad ‘.
All this changed when someone mentioned to me about a ‘non surgical nose job ‘ – I was all ears , but a little sceptical of how much of a difference it would make and would it be worth the money, pain and downtime. I started googling before and after pictures and was pleasantly surprised at the subtle but good results achieved by careful placement of dermal filler . The company botonics popped up a few times and I decided I had nothing to lose but to contact them to see if I was a candidate for the treatment . I received a response from Bill , the business manager whom encouraged me to send over some pics of my nose from lots of different angles . He came back to me and said exactly what I had wanted to hear , that they certainly could get rid of my bump , wonkyness and give the appearance of a much sleeker nose . I was excited and nervous but booked a date in . I was pleased to note that the payment options were reasonable with no hidden costs and there certainly was no pressure selling which I hate !i did feel worried before heading to London .I was scared that I would be one of the extremely rare cases where filler was rejected by the body , I knew I was being silly but still I was nervous – I needn’t have worried about anything at all . On the day of the appointment I arrived armed with my arnica cream feeling scared of just about everything. Naruschka was so professional , I felt assured and relaxed . She has Worked with dermal fillers for many years and she talked me though where she was going to place it and what corrections this would make . She took some before pictures and I sat on a revolving chair to get some good before and after videos and photos . I’m not going to lie I was very nervous whilst I layed there waiting for my anaesthetic cream to start working however I calmed down once she started injecting and it really wasn’t that bad I could hardly feel most areas . There was a bit of pressing it into place and one particular area was sensitive which I had already been warned about . I was glad when it was over but it was far from the pain that I had worried about . . When I was shown the mirror I was so happy because it now looked straight and sleek and my much hated profile had definitely improved !.
I got the train home from my procedure with little more than a red tip! that first night my nose was tender to touch and for few days after but I was able to go about my day the next day totally normally and didn’t have any bruising at all , the sites that had been injected just felt a little tender . Now I have completely forgotten I have even had the procedure done it’s so natural and subtle ! A few of my friends who knew what I was having done have commented that they would never had noticed as the results only when I show them the before pictures so they agree that this is a big improvement . I wish it didn’t wear off !! I’m
Pretty sure I will be back every year for Naruschka to work her magic on me ! Special thanks to Bill for always getting back to me so quickly and offering me a very personal service and Naruschka you are so clever with what you can do ! See you again soon !! But hopefully not that soon 🙂

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