Only the best

by admin

I had to work hard to find a good quality surgeon offering the Lipo Vaser + Fat transfer procedure. And I found one through Botonics who offered a second advantage. They were good.
Efficient, informative, courteous and always responsive, Bill and his team got things done. I didn’t have to do a thing.
Everything ran smoothly. And Bill and the wonderfully talented surgeon, Dr Katerina Charakida, gave me All that I wanted. And more.
One finàl reason I chose Botonics was that they included post operative lymph massage therapy in the price, they organised it and actually set it up IN YOUR OWN HOME. No daily traipsing to another Clinic.
That, I decided, marked them out as the Gold Standard in the practice. So many other agencies simply ‘recommend’ therapy but leave the patient to struggle to set this up on their own.
I regret nothing.
The whole procedure and post operation care, couldn’t have been improved upon.
I highly recommend Botonics and it s A team; Bill, the surgeon, the nurses and the lymphatic drainage therapist.

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