Roaccutane with Botonics

by admin

Before I found Botonics, I had persistent acne for several years and I had tried countless over the counter products including topical creams, pills and antibiotics- none of these treatments were effective and would only provide temporary relief at best. I was interested in acquiring a prescription for Isotretinoin via the NHS, but I had read online that other people interested in the same treatment were having to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year to even start their course, so I decided to seek a faster solution.

I found Botonics online when searching for a private firm that could prescribe Isotretinoin and after reading the treatment overview on their website I decided to contact them. Very soon after, I had a consultation with a doctor and they provided me with a lot of great information and made sure that the treatment would be suitable for me before proceeding. After the doctor had decided that I would be able to go ahead with the course, I soon received the postal blood tests and sent the first one in for evaluation. I quickly received the results back and I was able to start taking the Isotretinoin.

Botonics made the whole process very simple by providing clear, detailed instructions for every part of the treatment, including when and how best to take the medicine. I was also always very happy that I was able to contact them at any point if I had any queries or questions. This along with the checkup calls they offered made me feel very reassured about the entire process.

I am very happy with my decision to choose Botonics and I would recommend that anyone who is considering taking Isotretinoin should use Botonics for the most quick and effective treatment- I wish I had contacted them sooner!

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