Second cycle of roaccutane

by admin

I have suffered from acne since middle school which got progressively worse over the years. Ive had many different treatments such as topical creams, antibiotics but nothing seemed to work. 1 year ago, i have been to a dermatologist in a different country and received roaccutane course of 8 months which cleared my acne completely. However, after changing countries, my acne came back. Ive looked up how to access this treatment in the UK and there were only 2 possible options which were either through GP referral or via private route. However, private consultations with consultants cost quite a lot and reaching the GP seems to be a very difficult thing here. Ive had a previous consultation with a dermatologist over the phone before finding botonics, i decided not to go for their services as it was extremely expensive and did not even cover the cost of accutane. After finding botonics, ive never looked back. The initial consultation was online and very thorough, they did very extensive history taking and adjusted the treatment accordingly while taking the patient’s previous experiences in mind. In my previous treatment, i had not received the total amount of medication I needed and this was fixed and tailored in my current treatment. Throughout these 6-7 months, i have received monthly online consultations with my dermatologist in botonics for updates. The service also includes 2 blood tests, monthly pregnancy tests as well the supply of medication for the duration of the treatment. I am very pleased with the whole experience the outcomes so far. Even though I am discharged, i know I can reach out if indonhave any problems with my skin. Thank you botonics!

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