Severe Acne from Teens to my 30s

by admin

I suffered from severe acne in my teen years and had previously been on Accutane on the NHS for a few months. Whilst it did a great job it did not completely eradicate it completely and I felt like if I had been on it longer it might have abolished it for good.

In my 20s the mild acne then started to creep back and I was soon battling some quite severe pimples on a weekly basis. It was very frustrating and getting me down as my skin was becoming a major problem for my career and lifestyle and was knocking my confidence. I then entered my 30s and I was still battling this acne! It clearly was not going to go away without further help.

I sought NHS treatment again, but this time they just put me on various antibiotics and suggested creams from over-the-counter. I tried all sorts for various years, but they never seemed to have any effect on my severe acne.

After growing disillusioned with the NHS and the long waiting times that only ended in disappointment, I began to research accutane again as it had been the only drug that had managed to tackle my severe acne.

Lo and behold, this is where I came across Botonics!

The consultation was quick and incredibly easy compared to the NHS (as Doctor arranged a video call at the weekend outside of my work hours).

She explained that some patients sometimes need a 2nd round of accutane if the first treatment had not been for the required amount of time. (In my teens when I first took it I did feel like a few months had not been enough and that I should have been on it longer).

During my lunch hour I went and took a blood test in central London (although blood home kits are available for those further out) and after that I was given the green light to go ahead with treatment.

Doctor suggested 20mg for 9 months. This was a low dose for a longer amount of time. Doctor suggested this would lower risk of any side effects and length of time should be enough to finally abolish my acne.

During the first 6-8 weeks, as expected, my skin did purge. But as I battled spots constantly anyway I was not too bothered as I knew it would get worse before it gets better. My skin did become dry and lips chapped, but moisturizer and lip balm helped with this. I have not had any other side effects.

After the 6-8 weeks mark I noticed my nose was incredibly smooth (never been smoother!) and my face was becoming nice and soft.

Although I have not finished the course yet I am incredibly hopeful that accutane will finally do the job this time over the 9 month period when all other drugs and treatments failed.

The constant communication by Botanics has been great and they are quick and polite with their responses.

My only regret is that I did not find Botonics and their accutane programme sooner! I am now in my early 30s and regret the lost years of my 20s where I could have not worried about constantly going out with acne and low-confidence.

For the first time I am highly optimistic of a future where I no longer have to worry daily about spots and acne!

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