Tear trough treatment

by admin

I did a lot of research before embarking on tear trough treatment and decided to go to Botonics after reading about their procedure, and the excellent reviews. I was still nervous and apprehensive, but Naruschka put me at ease and explained everything, and answered my numerous questions, with a free consultation and no pressure to go ahead. I did go ahead, and am so pleased with the result (although I do need a little follow up treatment as Naruschka wisely advised to do it in two stages as my tear troughs were so deep). I believe she is a perfectionist! The treatment itself was far less painful than I expected. I did have some swelling the following day (no bruising though), but I think this was due to the fact that I didn’t follow their pre treatment advice of taking arnica tablets a few days before – so please do follow their advice! However, after the swelling subsided a few days later, the result is entirely natural and my eyes definitely look fresher and less tired! Naruscka is lovely and kind, and very professional. Bill, who booked me in, is very efficient and friendly. I would absolutely recommend Botonics for tear trough treatment.

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