Thank you Botonics for clearing up my acne!

by admin

Thank you Botonics for a very good experience on Roaccutane. My acne is fully cleared up and my skin feels great!

I had suffered from acne for most of my 20s. It was bad enough to get a 6-month course of Roaccutane on the NHS, but unfortunately, the acne came back.

When I decided to get a private prescription I shopped around a bit and Botonics gave the best overall price and were very responsive. I also was impressed by the fact that they take you up to a higher dose than the NHS.

They made it very easy and convenient for me, including shipping out all the medication and pregnancy tests I needed. Dr Divya had frequent phone check-ins with me and gave me advice on what products to use on my skin.

I personally found the side-effects fine to manage – even with the dryness my skin is so much more comfortable without the acne. I’ve now finished my course and Dr Divya has recommended treatment to maintain the results.

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