Top up by Dr Goyal

by admin

I have to say Botonics team are outstanding! Dr Goyal’s work on me amazing! My top up was mid-face, temples, botox brow lift. No pain, no bruising. My face slightly marked with what looked like insect bites, which went down within a day! I had the work done beginning of February and over the time until today writing this review (12 days), the look is softer, I would describe it as a ‘soft focused lens’. Being totally honest for the review, in my words, it is really really nice. I did have a little bit of a ‘wobbly’ moment; Naruschka was still on holiday, and Dr Goyal was not available, when I noticed around 4 days later, it appeared that I had lost volume, (I probably had) and it seemed to me like my brows had not lifted as much as I would have liked. I contacted Rosie who explained they were both out at the time I had, (my time was limited as I had to get back overseas for work) however, I see this as a God send, because in the following few days, the work Dr Goyal had done, blossomed…. and the lift and volume took place! So in hindsight, patience is a virtue. Thank you Botonics – you are highly, highly recommended!!!

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