Undereye Filler With Naruschka – A Great Review!

by admin

I was thinking about having fillers for a few years but kept putting it off as I was so worried it would go wrong. I looked around for a long time to find a practitioner with good reviews and Naruschka’s reviews were great which gave me the confidence to go ahead with it and I wasn’t disappointed!

The guy I booked the appointment was so friendly and helpful, it was a really easy process. I believe the next appointment they had available was in a week and a half but I was put on the wait list as I was eager to get the procedure done! I did actually get an earlier appointment offered which was great. I turned it down in the end as I made dinner plans but was really good to have the offer.

I love that the practice is in such a gorgeous building on Harley Street. It makes it all the more exciting being in such a grand place! The waiting room is gorgeous and comfortable as is Naruschka’s practice room.

And now for the most positive part of the experience, Naruschka herself. She is just lovely. So warm and friendly and completely sympathetic to your concerns. It was a leisurely appointment I didn’t feel rushed in any way. The whole process was explained and I had more than enough chance to have any queries and concerns answered which was very reassuring. We talked about what I hoped to achieve and how much product it would take then once we were both happy it was time to start!

It was painful. More so that I expected actually but completely bearable and absolutely worth it. Once one side had been completed I got to look in the mirror and the difference between that side and the natural side was amazing. I knew straight away I would be happy with the results!

There was no bruising at all. I took Anica for the weeks prior as recommended and bought Anica cream but didn’t even need to use it.
There was a bit of pain where I moved my face for a couple of days but it wasn’t bad at all and just made me feel excited whenever I got a twinge as it reminded me I had FINALLY had it done.

There is a great follow up appointment available as part of the service too which I don’t think is available with all clinics.

I look way younger and so much fresher and more healthy. It’s very natural looking, I don’t even think anyone would notice what has changed but I look way better.

It’s been about 4 months and the filler has dispersed by about 25% I think. I actually cant wait to go back and would definitely recommend Naruschka to anybody.

Thank you Naruschka!

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