wearing SMALL in day 17 !!!

by admin

Day-17-my vaser lipo( inner thigh, outer thigh,knees and flanks) at Botonics.)

29th Sep 2012.

Exactly two weeks after the vaser lipo procedure with Botonics, I am wearing my pants with confidant! I am so satisfied.

Dr Nurein, never missed a phone call and always returned my concerns and questions, Bill, never missed an email and he always double checked with me if everything is going as expected, Aiste , the friendliest nurse welcomed me back when I made my first visit after the procedure with Dr Nurein.

The massage therapy with Helen Fox was amazing; I noticed the improvements day after day. One day while I was doing the massage, she told me I think you should get smaller garments (I was given Medium), I was so happy that within the first two weeks my size was changed from Medium to Small! The amount I paid started to show in my body such a great investment. It is the first time I do something ONLY for myself and really it was worth it.

I was told that I should see the end result in 6-8 weeks, cant wait to see it!! Today I am supposed to go to the gym as I was advised not to go for 2 weeks until everything is back to normal, i am really excited.

I will keep you posted with further improvements. My advice, never lose chance doing something for yourself especially with botonics.

Initials MAAN.

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