Work of a perfectionist!

by admin

I’m a huge sceptic as well as a perfectionist so to be honest I came in thinking ‘I’m not going to be entirely satisfied.’ I went in for a Restylane treatment for my tear trough areas. The actual treatment took a while and I was quite glad it did as it made me feel as though Naruschka was putting in a lot of effort. I won’t lie, it was quite painful at first but only for a split second. What I loved most was that Naruschka went over and examined my eyes several times; applying more filler until she was truly satisfied. What a perfectionist! When I looked in the mirror and I was just so thrilled. I had remembered that Naruschka had taken off my concealer before the treatment and I was just so happy that my eyes looked great -post treatment without even a spec of concealer on. Thank you Naruschka and also thank you to Bill for being patient with me and for being ever so friendly! Excellent service.

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