Aside from the dermis & epidermis stem cells activators, what does your exclusive ArganCellActiv® complex consist of? How does it work?

by admin

ArganCellActiv® is the whole patented formula. The innovation is proven Dermis + Epidermis stem cell boosters featuring the exclusive Dermal Stem Cell booster ArganCDV.
In addition there are 2 other plant-derived stem cell extracts which boost the epidermis stem cells. Finally, the formula includes a cocktail of deeply penetrating active anti-oxidants, vitamins (A+C+E), Omegas, peptides and moisturising agents. In fact, as for the role of nutrition in a fitness program (which needs to be balanced and varied) the skin needs all of these ingredients to maintain a healthy, young foundation in order to assure the optimal activity of all our ingredients.

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