What does the excessive sweating treatment entail?

by admin

First, your botonics doctor will go over your medical history. There are a few conditions that are contra-indications for the treatment, but if you’re in generally good health normally we can treat you. Since most people are quite keen to get the problem sorted as soon as possible, we can do the treatment in the same appointment if you wish to proceed. We apply a topical anaesthetic, then wait about 30 minutes for it to take full effect. Then we make a series of injections using Botox* in a grid pattern over the affected area. Typically there will be about 10 – 15 injections spaced about 2 centimetres apart to each area treated. You’ll be a bit sore and red on the day, but nothing that will prevent you from returning to work. The entire appointment, including consultation and treatment, will take about an hour.

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