Why has it taken so long to find a dermal stem cell activator like ArganCDV?

by admin

Because the stem cells’ reservoir’s exact location in the dermis was only formally proven in late 2009 by Canadian researchers (Cell Stem Cell, Dec. 2009). And you can only test an ingredient to see if it activates dermal stem cells if you have previously isolated these target cells to test them against. In partnership with laboratories in Switzerland, we were able to do just that by isolating and then multiplying human dermal stem cells using the sophisticated techniques described by the Canadian university researchers. We then tested a battery of plant-derived ingredients (we wanted to avoid all animal and human extracts) against them and discovered that the stem cell extracts from the roots of the Argan tree (not Argan oil) was the best activator & vitaliser of human dermal stem cells. As well, ArganCDV is the most active and deeply penetrating of the Argan root stem cell extracts! As an important side note, I believe that animal & human derived stem cells are potentially dangerous as purveyors of germs, viruses, immune-reactive proteins, etc. and that they should be avoided in cosmetics.

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