Plastic Surgery

In case you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a handy summary of our more popular Plastic Surgery procedures. Simply scan the table or type your concern into the ‘Search’ box and links to your procedure options will instantly appear. Follow this link if you’re interested in one of our Cosmetic Dermatology treatments.


AreasConditionTreatment Options
Chin/NecklineExcess FatImproving the appearance of a 'double-chin' by removing excess fat is usually done with Vaser Lipo. For small pockets of fat, this can be improved non-surgically using fat dissolving Mesotherapy injections.
Back of ArmsExcess FatRemoving fat from the 'bingo-wings' at the backs of the arms may or may not be suitable depending on the volume of fat and skin tone. If there is too little fat and lax skin tone, then a fat removal procedure would make the client worse off. If there is more fat and good skin tone, a Vaser Lipo or Smart Lipo procedure might be appropriate.
ChestExcess Fat, GynecomastiaSometimes referred to as 'man-boobs' or 'moobs', the condition of gynecomastia can usually be resolved with Vaser Lipo or in some cases a Breast Reduction. Vaser Lipo is appropriate for removing both fat and glandular tissue from the male chest. If the client has lost a great deal of weight, then a Male Mastopexy may be appropriate.
StomachExcess FatMost clients are best suited to having a Vaser Lipo procedure to remove fat from the upper and lower abdomen. Is there is loose skin following pregnancy or weight loss, a Smart Lipo procedure may be best. For very high volume fat removal, conventional Liposuction may be indicated. Only 'pinchable' or external fat can be removed, not internal or visceral fat around internal organs. The typical male 'pot-belly' cannot be treated with any type of fat removal technology.
StomachExcess SkinIf there is excess skin on the abdomen following pregnancy or weight loss, a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure is appropriate. A mini-tuck simply removes the apron of skin while a full-tuck also tightens the abdominal muscles and repositions the naval. The procedure is often combined with a Liposuction fat removal from the upper abdomen and/or love handles.
Love HandlesExcess FatThe most common technology we use for fat removal of the flanks or lower back is Vaser Lipo. Sometimes Smart Lipo is indicated if there is loose skin or Liposuction if there is a very high volume of fat to remove.
ButtocksExcess FatRemoval of fat from the buttocks itself is NOT appropriate, because it will make the butt drop and look unattractive. What is appropriate for treatment is the 'banana roll' of fat that develops at the junction of the buttocks and the upper thigh, shaped liked a banana. This can be easily removed with a Vaser Lipo procedure.
ButtocksUnder ProjectedFor women that want a more shapely and projecting bottom, a fat transfer procedure can be employed. First, we harvest the fat using Vaser Lipo technology, then inject the fat into the buttocks. Vaser Lipo is best for fat harvesting because it causes the least amount of trauma to the fat cells making a much higher percentage of them viable for transfer.
ThighsExcess FatRemoving fat from the thighs, including the outer thighs, inner thighs, front of thighs and back of thighs, is the most common fat removal request from women. Men can also carry fat in this region. If the entire thigh needs to be addressed, then a circumferential thigh procedure is possible. We usually employ Vaser Lipo for this area, but sometimes Liposuction is appropriate for larger fat volumes.
KneesExcess FatA fat pocket can develop just above and to the sides of the knee, which is very visible and unattractive for women who wish to wear dresses with higher hemlines. This can be easily resolved with a Vaser Lipo procedure.
CalvesExcess FatThe calves are usually not appropriate for a fat removal procedure due to how the body stores fat and the volume of muscle in this area. In those rare cases that are appropriate for a fat removal procedure, we normally employ the Vaser Lipo technology.
BreastsToo SmallThe gold standard procedure for increasing breast size most reliably is the Breast Enlargement involving the insertion of an implant using an over the muscle, under the muscle or split-muscle technique. This procedure is also known as a Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement or Boob Job. Another option for a single cup size increase is a fat transfer procedure where we harvest fat from the another area of the body using Vaser Lipo and inject it into the breasts.
BreastsSagging/DroopingBreasts which have too much ptosis (i.e. drooping) due to skin laxity and/or following pregnancy and breast feeding can be improved with the Breast Uplift or Mastopexy procedure. We use various techniques for this procedure including anchor, periareolar, circumareolar and circumvertial (lollipop) lift. The technique used will depend on the condition of your breasts and your objectives in terms of scarring and outcome.
BreastsToo LargeWhen breast size impacts on lifestyle (i.e. resulting in back ache, posture problems, hygiene issues and self-confidence), then a Breast Reduction procedure, also known as a reduction mammoplasty is appropriate. We employ a number of different techniques to achieve this, including the periareolar and lollipop/anchor pattern.
FaceLoose SkinWhen the skin of the face drops due to laxity and facial volume loss, a Face Lift may be appropriate. This can be an upper face lift, lower face lift, full face lift or neck lift. Once the skin is tightened, the final result can be further refined with fat transfer to the face or non-surgically with Dermal Fillers to replace lost volume.
Eye LidsExcess Skin/HoodingExcess skin over the upper eye lid can be very ageing and indeed begin to affect vision in extreme cases. Excess skin can present from a relatively young age for some clients, while others begin to see a problem from middle-age. An upper Eye Lid Reduction or Blepharoplasty is a relatively minor procedure, usually done under a local anaesthetic, that quickly resolves this issue.
Lower EyesBagsBags under the lower eyes can be a result of lax skin or the herniation of fat in the lower eye lid. This can be resolved with a lower Eye Bag Reduction or Blepharoplasty procedure which removes skin and/or fat from inside and/or outside the lower eyes. This procedure is usually done under a general anaesthetic. If eye bags are caused by fat volume loss, a client may be suitable for a non-surgical Tear Trough treatment.
NoseBumpA bump or dorsal hump on the nose can be permanently resolved with a Nose Job Surgery or Rhinoplasty procedure.
NoseDrooping TipMany people dislike their drooping nose tip which presents at all times, or when they smile or talk. A drooping tip can make your nose appear hooked and unattractive. This can be corrected with by severing the depressor septi nasi muscle which is a muscle connected to the nose tip. This can be done during a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty surgery.
NoseToo LargeA large nose can be permanently reduced in size with a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty procedure.
NoseDeviated SeptumIf you experience breathing problems as a result of a deviated septum, either congenital (i.e. from birth) or due to injury, this can be resolved with a Septo-Rhino procedure.
NoseCrookedA nose that has always been crooked (i.e. congenital) or has been made crooked due to injury or failed surgery can be improved with a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty surgery.
EarsOver ProjectedEars that stick out too much are very common and can be easily corrected under a local anaesthetic with an Ear Correction or Otoplasty surgery. Correction to one ear is a 'unilateral otoplasty' while correction to both ears is a 'bilateral otoplasty.'
Ear LobesToo LargeOverly large ear lobes can be corrected under a local anaesthetic with an Ear Correction or Otoplasty procedure. Note that a scar will likely be visible at the junction of the ear lobe and face following the procedure.


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