Before and After

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  • Vaser Lipo Male Gynecomastia

    Treatment: Vaser standard-def
    Anaesthetic: Local
    Areas: Chest (1 area)
    After photo taken: 10 months post-op
    Specialist: Mr Hassan Nurein
    Age: 27 years
    Comments: Young, fit client with adipose (fat) gynecomastia

  • Vaser Lipo Gynecomastia

    Procedure: Vaser standard-def
    Anaesthetic: Sedation
    Areas: Chest, axilla (2 areas)
    After photo taken: 3 months
    Age: 38 years
    Comments: Male client suffered from non-gladular gynecomastia.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, seroma, hematoma, scar tissue, asymmetry.
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