Céline P.


Very happy with the accutane treatment…

At the beginning of 2021 I started developing severe acne on my jawline and cheeks. After looking for several solutions that would mean months of waitlists and not guarantee of good undertaking I decided that botonics looked like the best solution. Within my first month my skin had already drastically improved. The monthly appointments with Dr. divya made me feel really confident and happy that I made the right decision. She adjusted the dosage monthly perfectly so never experienced the extreme side effects that you often see online. By the end of the treatment all my acne is gone as well as the scars. I’m very happy with the results and process. The only downside was having to spend more money for further vitamins and aftercare when you are already spending so much on the treatment. So be prepared to account for another few hundred pounds if you need additional treatments or skin care to help with the side effects such as vitamins for hair loss etc. However, considering how difficult it is to get this treatment any other way in the UK but to go private, I definitely think it is worth it.

You will get personalised treatment and regular monthly catch ups with Dr. Divya. The 2 free blood tests were done in a very nice clinic in central london. The nurses there are so nice and lovely! You should be in and out in minutes every time so really convenient to go before work. You also get a pack of free pregnancy tests to do once a month. Unfortunately I doubt that I would have been so well looked after with the NHS. I know people who have and their skin has not cleared like mine as they havent had the best care and personalised treatment. I really believe that Botonics is the best way forward for complete and successful treatment. Looking forward to keeping my skin clear and smooth from now on.




Great Results with Roaccutane Treatment

My roaccutane treatment with botonics was an easy and smooth journey.
Being in an industry where my face and skin are looked at a lot, I didn’t want to wait on NHS waitlists to get my acne treated. Dr Divya listened to my concerns in my initial consultation and took into account issues I had when on a previous course of treatment through the NHS. She then created a plan that suited my needs and checked along the way that I was happy with everything which put me at ease.
The team made communications regarding my course of treatment simple and replied to emails very speedily. Any time that I had a question or issue, the team were a call or email away and were able to give me advice based on my needs. I suffered some mild side effects from the tablets and was advised in ways to help relieve the general dry skin and lips and mild joint pain – all of which are totally normal during the treatment.
The overall journey from initial consultation to taking my first dose of the tablets was only 5 days including having the blood test and getting the results, then distributing the tablets. I had to have 2 blood tests during the treatment which were arranged through a clinic recommended by botonics where I was treated with care and was very easy to arrange.
Once I started the treatment for the first month or two I had a big breakout which is completely normal to have and is a sign that the treatment is working. From after the second month on the tablets I started seeing results and every week that went by, my skin cleared more and more.
I am super happy with the overall results and have no worries about my skin anymore. I can wear no makeup and have super glowy clear skin. I am very grateful for the help and guidance from the team and would highly recommend the treatment.


Nick L


Highly recommend! 100% worth the time and investment!

I developed persistent cystic acne in my late teens which latest well into my early 20s – greatly affecting my self-esteem and confidence. I have gone on multiple medication treatments (including doxycycline and clindamycin), topical treatments (Differin, benzoyl peroxide), cut out many products from my diet – all to no avail.

After much persuasion, my previous dermatologist in my home country reluctantly prescribed me a course of Accutane/isotretinoin. This cleared up my skin – BUT due to the doctor’s conservative nature of prescribing an infrequent dose frequency and extremely low cumulative dose, my acne severely relapsed a few weeks after taking my last dose, and I was frustratingly back to square one.

As I moved from my home country to the UK, I was looking for new options to resume an Accutane course. After paying a visit to the NHS GP, they were only willing to prescribe generic antibiotic medication, and a referral to a dermatologist specialist would take close to a year. That’s when I did research online and stumbled upon bototics!

It was only a matter of 1 WEEK from the initial consultation to starting my course! This included a thorough, professional consultation to understand my needs and suitability as a patient, a blood test, and home delivery of my medication. To my pleasure, the prescription dosage was standard and based on my body weight, for the best possible results and to minimise the chance of any relapse.

Dr Divya and the team scheduled regular patient catch-ups to keep on track with my progress. Communication via emails was prompt, and any questions were quickly responded to. Despite the purge and side effects experienced (e.g. dry lips/skin, temporary hair loss/thinning), results started to really show in the last 2 months of the 6-month course. Botonics also provided a lot of advice to help cope, including specific product recommendations. Dr Divya was also willing to adjust my dosage based on the dry-lips I was experiencing which was a helpful and tailored experience.

It was an absolute pleasure to be a patient of botonics. I feel much more confident in my own skin. Dr Divya continued to provide aftercare regarding the fading of post-acne hyperpigmentation through prescribed products. I would 100% recommend this to anyone thinking about going on Accutane and are longing for a reassuring and professional experience.


James Barnes


Life Changing!

I have had bad acne since my early teenage years and the constant breakouts and teasing really affected my self confidence. I went to the GP and the many antibiotics and creams either only worked partially or would work, but then my acne would come straight back again. Often worse than before. Despite asking to see a dermatologist the surgery would drag their heels.

Eventually it got so bad I decided to see a private dermatologist. I searched online and Botonics seemed a good fit. When I contacted Botonics I was amazed at how quick and easy it was. With my blood test and full course of medication coming only a few days after my consultation with Dr Divya, who was very helpful.

I experienced a purge at around the 6 week mark but was lucky that I didn’t experience many side effects, aside from the usual dry lips. With the Botonics team answering any questions or concerns I had. My skin skin started to really clear up at around 3 to 4 months. At present I do not have a spot on my face for the first time since I was 13.

Overall I would definitely recommend Botonics and taking roaccutane. I which I did it ages ago.


Michael Walsh


Severe Acne from Teens to my 30s

I suffered from severe acne in my teen years and had previously been on Accutane on the NHS for a few months. Whilst it did a great job it did not completely eradicate it completely and I felt like if I had been on it longer it might have abolished it for good.

In my 20s the mild acne then started to creep back and I was soon battling some quite severe pimples on a weekly basis. It was very frustrating and getting me down as my skin was becoming a major problem for my career and lifestyle and was knocking my confidence. I then entered my 30s and I was still battling this acne! It clearly was not going to go away without further help.

I sought NHS treatment again, but this time they just put me on various antibiotics and suggested creams from over-the-counter. I tried all sorts for various years, but they never seemed to have any effect on my severe acne.

After growing disillusioned with the NHS and the long waiting times that only ended in disappointment, I began to research accutane again as it had been the only drug that had managed to tackle my severe acne.

Lo and behold, this is where I came across Botonics!

The consultation was quick and incredibly easy compared to the NHS (as Doctor arranged a video call at the weekend outside of my work hours).

She explained that some patients sometimes need a 2nd round of accutane if the first treatment had not been for the required amount of time. (In my teens when I first took it I did feel like a few months had not been enough and that I should have been on it longer).

During my lunch hour I went and took a blood test in central London (although blood home kits are available for those further out) and after that I was given the green light to go ahead with treatment.

Doctor suggested 20mg for 9 months. This was a low dose for a longer amount of time. Doctor suggested this would lower risk of any side effects and length of time should be enough to finally abolish my acne.

During the first 6-8 weeks, as expected, my skin did purge. But as I battled spots constantly anyway I was not too bothered as I knew it would get worse before it gets better. My skin did become dry and lips chapped, but moisturizer and lip balm helped with this. I have not had any other side effects.

After the 6-8 weeks mark I noticed my nose was incredibly smooth (never been smoother!) and my face was becoming nice and soft.

Although I have not finished the course yet I am incredibly hopeful that accutane will finally do the job this time over the 9 month period when all other drugs and treatments failed.

The constant communication by Botanics has been great and they are quick and polite with their responses.

My only regret is that I did not find Botonics and their accutane programme sooner! I am now in my early 30s and regret the lost years of my 20s where I could have not worried about constantly going out with acne and low-confidence.

For the first time I am highly optimistic of a future where I no longer have to worry daily about spots and acne!


robert taylor


Professional and well-organised

I spent virtually my entire time as teenager very unhappy with severe acne and wasted several years with the GP trying different antibiotics and washes which did not help at all. It was only after then that I was referred to a consultant who prescribed a course of Isotretinoin which worked wonders and was clear for over 20 years. Now at the ripe old age of 41, I had started to develop more and more spots and getting worse fast. Obviously, your confidence starts to get knocked and with a customer facing job, at my age, you start to feel embarrassed. I was unwilling, this time, to go though the normally NHS channels as I knew it would be months for an appointment (COVID) and even if I managed to get a referral, it would be a 6 months waiting list to see someone of any use. Because of this, I began to search for a private route, and this is where I came across Botonics and I thought I would give them a try owing to the large number of positive reviews. This is where the magic happens! From me sending my initial email, I had had a telephone consultation, first set of blood tests and results and had been delivered the medication in less than a week!! I have never known such a slick operation ever!! Dr Divya is great and explains everything and answers any medical questions you may have and Bill sorts everything from blood tests, medication, and all the other coordination needed to make everything run so smoothly. If you send an email to these guys in the evening, they will normally reply the same evening!! From being only 3 months into my treatment, I can say I am already nearly clear which is amazing, I suffer with a bit of dry lips but that’s it from side effects. The check ups are on time and regular and the dosage can be altered by Dr Divya to suit your progress and circumstances. My advice to anyone who is unhappy with their Acne and want it sorting properly and swiftly then contact Botonics!!


Callum James Duffy



From enquiry to being on the medication took less than two weeks! Such a quick and efficient process, guided every step of the way by Bill and Dr Divya, both with great advice and knowledge of the medication. Of course their consultation is free of charge and with no obligation which is a bonus. I decided to go for it after being so conscious about my skin since being a teenager.

I didn’t experience any purge in the first months of taking Accutane, but I did get very dry skin and lips which is very common for this type of medication. My skin became noticeably better within the first 3 months which boosted my confidence a lot, especially when other people would give me compliments!

Dr Divya recommended me some great products to help with the effects of the dryness, which helped a lot. The whole team at Botonics are great and couldn’t do enough to help me throughout the process, even down to replying quickly to emails with my queries.

For anyone having trouble with their confidence due to their skin and whom have be turned down by the NHS, then this is definitely the right place to come! I put it off so many times and wish I’d started sooner, but I’ve now completed my six month course and could not be happier!

Many thanks to everyone at Botonics for helping me get to this point.




I have had problems with acne since…

I have had problems with acne since adolescent and struggled to keep my skin clear of acne. I went on accutane treatment few years ago and I had such a good result and my skin was clear of acne for a few years. Recently with all the stress and uncertainty of COVID19, my skin flared up again and I decided to search online on getting accutane treatment in London. I found Botonics and once I contacted them, I got a relatively fast response and within a few days I got my consultation. The consultation was great as it was done online which was convenient and fast. Botonics organized the delivery after my consultation right away and my blood was taken a few days after. I received my accutane prescription delivery within a week after the consultation which was really convenient as I did not have to go to pharmacy. In my case, the purge lasted for a few months and by the 5th month I voiced my concern to Dr Divya about not having clear skin yet by this time and she put my mind to ease by prescribing me extra tablets for a few months as I was worried if I stopped at my 6th month and the skin was not clear yet that the acne might appear once again. My skin was actually started to clear up by the 6th month and I continued with accutane for another 3 months. Dr Divya had provided support throughout the process. Overall, I am very happy with the service especially when Dr Divya listened to my concerns about not having enough dose. I recommended Dr Divya and Botonics to my brother who was having the same problem as me and both of us have clear skin now. I really would recommend this service and Dr Divya to anyone who is having trouble with acne! I wish I had sought help sooner and not endured periods of shyness/embarrassment with my acne skin.
Thank you to Botonics team for helping me to achieve this clear skin!




Clear, friendly and straight forward service

I contacted Botonics when I found out I’d have to wait over a year under the NHS to see a dermatologist. I’ve been suffering from acne since being a teenager and being in my late 20s and getting married next year made me really want to get rid of my acne as soon as possible as well as to improve my confidence.
From the initial consultation throughout the entire course of treatment I was taken care of really well – the customer service was great, doctor Divya was super friendly and helpful and you’re prescribed the course so efficiently but safely at the same time. Being able to do the blood tests in Harley Street and being straight in and out, and doing your pregnancy tests at home and sending photos means you don’t have to go out of your way to hospitals for appointments but you’re still looked after well. If I ever needed anything I knew I could always phone the clinic or send them an email and I’d get a response straight away.
My skin has improved massively and I have no more acne left which is great. After the initial 2-3 months the skin just gets better and better. My Dr was also able to recommend some creams/serums that I could get at a local pharmacy that would help me with the dryness in the skin which was great.
I’d definitely recommend Botonics to a friend!


Sally Bercow


True professionals - evidenced by the fact they said no and refunded £££

I approached botonics for our 16 y.o. son with acne (topical creams, prescribed by GP, are not working). His two siblings are on roaccutane through the NHS but waiting lists are now so long (understandably, exacerbated due to COVID) and he begged us to seek private treatment as his skin is being commented on at school (#kidscanbecruel). Botonics were fantastic – we had a speedy, virtual consultation; paid the full fee upfront (they do have payment plans though) and went for blood test in Harley St (you can do it by post if not a Londoner). Sadly, our son’s blood tests revealed he is not suitable for roaccutane at the moment and botonics declined to commence treatment and refunded us. Rather than being annoyed, I was reassured that botonics are not chancers/money-grabbers (cf. an unscrupulous Harley St group which a family member approached last year on another matter) but, on the contrary, are true professionals with the patient’s interests at the forefront. We look forward to engaging with them again in 2022 when son’s blood tests have been resolved. Bill could not have been more helpful.


Jamie Liang


Regained Self Confidence

After 1 year of endless NHS GP consultations, going on endless topical and oral treatments including oral antibiotics for 12 months, my adult acne didn’t clear up. In fact, it ended up worse than before I started getting help from my GP.

I was pretty much thrown all these creams and antibiotics, without knowing if it’s going to work or not. Every medication took 3 months to conclude it’s effectiveness and it was like a rollercoaster ride of high hopes followed by massive dips back to square one. And the irritating creams for my already very sensitive skin, only aggravated my acne and triggered my skin to produce more deep set comedones as a result of irritation and dryness. So this went on for more than one year.

So it got to the point where I was avoiding going out, cancelling plans with my friends and feeling very down by the never ending acne issue, my confidence suffered so badly. I brought it up to my GP for a referral, I was told my adult acne was not ‘severe’ enough for a specialist appointment. So I was stuck with the option of going private or wait for my skin to deteriorate to the point acceptable for NHS specialist referral. For the sake of my confidence and sanity and social life, I opted to go private.

I searched extensively online during the pandemic for one that provided online consultations and with a fair pricing structure. In the end I decided to go with Botonics. It was super fast to get an initial consultation to discuss my suitability for going on Roaccutane. The customer service team responded professionally and quickly to my questions. The day I decided to go for the treatment, the blood test was arranged very quickly and the result was produced within few hours. Once that’s done my medication was on its way to me within few days. So it was very efficient the whole process.

I can’t describe how relieved I was once I started my Roaccutane programme. I started to see results within one month. All the deep angry inflammation started to calm down and things started healing properly. Maybe I am lucky, I don’t suffer much of the common side effects at all. Apart from dry skin nothing else really. I get a big bottle of Cerave deep moisturiser, lather it on generously after shower every night. For the morning I always wear SPF 50 Neutrogena sunblock, there’s one designed for acne prone skin that I use that’s oil free.

Anyways I better stop rambling on. If you are hesitant to book with Botonics or considering Roaccutane, please do yourself a favour and make an appointment with them. You won’t be dissappointed. If Roaccutane is right for you, it can be life changing. No more heavy makeup, no more cancelled plans.

Good luck guys!




My experience with Botonics...

I found Botonics at a really important time where I was truly at a breaking point with my skin after having tried other treatment options that didn’t work. From the initial consultation all the way through to my final appointment I’ve always had someone at the end of an email or phone call to give me any information/advice I needed.
Their entire process is very systematic and well structured. A positive point that sets them apart from any other service is that you can do everything (blood tests, appointments) from the ease of your own home. This is great because it makes this treatment accessible even to people who don’t live in London.
As for the medication itself, they give plenty of advice on how to manage the side effects as well as recommending products that can help (for example Aquaphor which works wonders for any chapped lips/dryness). Taking a medication such as Isotretinoin can be daunting but Botonics helps to alleviate a lot of that stress.
If you’ve dealt with acne for a long time then you’ll know how long the NHS waiting list is for dermatology. In the same amount of time it took me to wait for a single NHS appointment, I’ve finished my entire course with Botonics. I think that speaks for itself in terms of the speed of their service. Additionally, their communication is second to none with fast replies to any queries or concerns you may have.
If you’re reading this and are hesitant, all I can say is just try it because it could change your life in such a positive way. Having had this treatment with Botonics has given me a more hopeful outlook for the future and I would recommend their service to people in a similar situation to the one I was in. Thank you Botonics 🙂




I couldn’t recommend this service enough.

I began to develop acne at age 13. This took a huge toll on my confidence and tried desperately to get rid of it through over the counter products, to changing my diet, and trying prescriptions my gp gave me from the mini pill, to antibiotics and topical treatments. While some things temporarily helped, nothing completely got rid of my acne. I had asked my gp to put me on accutane several times but due to the short supply of the treatment the NHS has, I was denied several times.

After years of it getting worse, I decided to go private. I worried that as an A level student, the appointments and blood tests would take up a lot of time; which is why I was so glad when I found out that with botonics, you can do it all online. The process was very smooth sailing. From the moment reached out, I was on the medication within a couple of weeks.

Dr Divya and the rest of the team were extremely helpful and provided all of the support I needed. She explained the whole process and answered the many questions I had in detail and depth, which I was grateful for.

I had minimal side effects as when I started to experience some negative ones, I was able to contact the team and they suggested a lower dose which helped. I started to experience clear skin around end of month three, and I have not had a breakout since. I have recommended a friend of mine who has acne and is struggling to get accutane through the NHS to reach out to botonics.

I am so happy with my decision to not only go on accutane, but to have found botonics who made the process very smooth sailing. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I finally feel a lot more confident in my skin and in myself generally.

Dr Divya has now prescribed me products to help with my skin post accutane, which will help with the red marks I have left from having acne for many years. This type of service you just couldn’t get unless you went private. To me, it has been worth every penny, and I can’t recommend botonics enough.




Life changing treatment!

I suffered with acne for many years throughout my teenage life, I tried many over the counter treatments and eventually many pills and topical gels from the GP, nothing ever worked. Eventually I gave up taking any medicine and had no hope. My confidence was so low I did not want to go into university and I did not want to get a job and be around anyone. It was extremely mentally draining.
Luckily, I was blessed to find botonics and after reading the amazing reviews I had to try it out for myself. It was scary starting something new with the risk of many side effects but I knew that if it was my last option I was willing to try one last time. My consultation was very quick and comforting, I had my box of isotretinoin pills all sent to me in the post within a few days of me completing my first blood test. Throughout my journey Bill was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had immediately putting my mind at ease. They are very organised and never missed any of my monthly consultations.
In terms of the treatment, I had very mild purging(nothing my skin hadn’t looked like before) and I noticed a huge difference in my skins texture in as little as one week. My skin really started to clear up around 3 months of me using isotretinoin, my scarring and redness also decreased a significant amount which I was not expecting! My side effects remained minor throughout however the dryness of my lips was cured using Aquaphor which helped my lips to never crack or bleed. Also a heavy duty body cream and SPF helped to sooth my skin and keep it from overly drying up.
Now that my treatment is over, I must say this has changed my life and my confidence. I never thought 6 months ago that I would be able to look in the mirror without makeup on and not be sad or wash my face and feel smooth and healthy skin, like those around me. Truly this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and really has changed my life in every way imaginable. Thank you so much Botonics!


Soha Haleem


Amazing Treatment!!

I have always suffered from acne since I was a teen however the acne became worse suddenly earlier this year. I was very stressed due to my skin & as NHS waiting lists are too long I wasn’t sure what option I had. I had already tried OTC products & antibiotics to treat my acne but it would never work for the long-term.
I found Botonics online & arranged a free-of-charge consultation ASAP. It was organised very quickly & I felt very comfortable speaking to Dr. Divya & relaying my concerns. She was very thorough with all the information & left me feeling confident in the treatment. My tablets were sent to my home within a few days and I was able to begin my treatment after just 5 days of the consultation.
The customer service team was very supportive & organised; they were very responsive to any queries I had & they were quick with setting up check-ups. I was given alot of information throughout my treatment which really helped to manage & ensure I received the best results.

At the beginning of treatment, I experienced a purge for about a month. I was made aware of this by my doctor & told ways to help manage my skin during this time. The side-effects I experienced were common & included dry skin/lips. They were not as worse as I imagined them to be & I was told of ways to deal with them. After the initial purge, my skin was becoming quite clear with the occasional breakouts & redness when my dosage would increase. Overall, my skin became clearer within the first 3 months of treatment.
Now that I have completed my treatment, I wish I had known sooner!! I was so well supported by the whole Botonics team & I am so pleased with my results. My family and friends have commented on how good my skin looks & this has increased my confidence a lot. I have really enjoyed my experience with Botonics & I will recommend them to anyone who is suffering from acne. This treatment has been the best decision for my skin & I am so grateful to the Botonics team & Dr. Divya for making this possible!




Excellent treatment

After suffering from persistent moderate acne since the age of 15 I was fed up of going backwards and forwards to my GP. I tried every prescription antibiotic as well as topical creams plus a load of other expensive over the counter creams, face washes etc. Nothing worked! My GP finally agreed to refer me to a dermatologist for roaccutane, however, I was told the wait could be up to two years. I couldn’t wait that long and even then there was no guarantee they would prescribe me roaccutane so I went to Botanics.

My consultation was arranged really quickly by Bill and Dr Divya went through everything I needed to know about the treatment and answered my long list of questions!

Within a few days the blood test arrived which I did at home and posted back to the lab and once Bill confirmed I was suitable for the treatment I had my first roaccutane tablet.

Bill and his team at Botanics were very responsive to my questions – there were lots of them! Dr Divya was also there to provide advice and dosage adjustments as well as regular consultations.

All in all, a brilliant hassle free way to get roaccutane treatment and ultimately clear skin.




Isotretinoin treatment for acne - 5 months in!!

Isotretinoin treatment for acne – 5 months in!! I have almost finished a 7-month course of Isotretinoin and I’m so glad I made the decision to go on the medication. After reading so many terrible side effects and reviews online I was really hesitant and concerned about starting the medication. Initially, I had tried several courses of antibiotics, and several over the counter treatments and had no success, in fact I often felt like these things made my skin worse and irritated it. I was then referred to a dermatologist by my GP but after 6 months of receiving on the waiting list I started searching online for alternatives. After getting in contact with Botonics, I had my initial consultation with Dr Divya less than a week later!! A perk of living in London meant that I was able to attend a blood test in person within the next week and started the course of medication within 2 weeks. Such a fast process.
After expecting the worse I had little side effects from the treatment, the only thing I noticed were slightly dryer lips (Aquaphor became my best friend) and some slight joint achiness. Aside from this, I haven’t really suffered from anything else and am unbelievably happy with the results. My skin purged in the first 4 to 5 weeks and then cleared at about 6 to 8 weeks, and I haven’t had a breakout since then, even my friends and family have commented on how clear my skin is and I have felt much more confident.
Treatment with Botonics was really stress free and I had no problems getting in contact whenever I needed any advice. The flexible appointment system is also great and fits in well around my busy work schedule. I’ve had a great experience with Botonics and would really recommend them to anyone who is suffering from acne.


Natalie Stevenson



Before finding out about Botonics, I had suffered with acne for years, from my early teenage years to my late twenties. I had tried endless products from over the counter creams to prescriptions from the doctor. None really improved my acne – it made me feel very low in myself and self-conscious about the way I looked. I did a short course of Isotretinion with the NHS but the wait was months and the treatment wasn’t consistent as even to get a blood test or follow up appointment took months.

I found Botonics online when I was feeling particularly low about my skin. After reading all the amazing reviews, I contacted them and was given a consultation with the doctor almost immediately. It was organised so quickly, the doctor was very helpful and it was free of charge. Paying for treatment, information about my course of medication and then the postal pregnancy test and medication was sent to me within the next few days so I could start taking the Isotretinoin almost instantly.

The whole process was very simple and quick. I was given monthly phone call appointments (due to Covid), with clear, detailed instructions for each part of the treatment. I was able to contact them at anytime if I had any queries or questions and was contacted back immediately. The actual treatment went very well. I was very lucky and only suffered from dry skin and experienced no other side effects. My skin started looking clearer within the first few months.

I am so happy with my decision to choose Botonics. My skin is looking amazing and I was so well supported by them. I would recommend Roacctuane and Botonics to anyone suffering from severe acne. I only wish I had known about Botonics sooner!




Roaccutane with Botonics

Before I found Botonics, I had persistent acne for several years and I had tried countless over the counter products including topical creams, pills and antibiotics- none of these treatments were effective and would only provide temporary relief at best. I was interested in acquiring a prescription for Isotretinoin via the NHS, but I had read online that other people interested in the same treatment were having to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year to even start their course, so I decided to seek a faster solution.

I found Botonics online when searching for a private firm that could prescribe Isotretinoin and after reading the treatment overview on their website I decided to contact them. Very soon after, I had a consultation with a doctor and they provided me with a lot of great information and made sure that the treatment would be suitable for me before proceeding. After the doctor had decided that I would be able to go ahead with the course, I soon received the postal blood tests and sent the first one in for evaluation. I quickly received the results back and I was able to start taking the Isotretinoin.

Botonics made the whole process very simple by providing clear, detailed instructions for every part of the treatment, including when and how best to take the medicine. I was also always very happy that I was able to contact them at any point if I had any queries or questions. This along with the checkup calls they offered made me feel very reassured about the entire process.

I am very happy with my decision to choose Botonics and I would recommend that anyone who is considering taking Isotretinoin should use Botonics for the most quick and effective treatment- I wish I had contacted them sooner!


Rebecca Craig


Never been happier

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Botonics for finally making me confident and happy in my own skin. I had tried every product possible and spent thousands trying to clear my skin. I had visited the doctors several times and been given antibiotics and creams which were not working and if anything making my skin worse. I had asked to be put onto Roaccutane but was told that the waiting list could be up to two years. I could not wait this long as my skin was really getting me down and affecting my life. I googled ‘Roaccutane treatment’ and Botonics was the first result!! I emailed with my concerns and within the hour Bill had called me and set up a free no obligation consultation with Dr Divya. I spoke with the Dr and she explained exactly how the process would work. She explained how the calculations are worked and what she thought my treatment plan would look like. She allowed me to ask any questions (I had a lot). I then went away and thought about whether I wanted to go ahead. I spoke with my parents about this – this treatment is expensive (anywhere you go) but it is honestly the best money I have ever spent and has been a real investment in myself and how I feel.

I spoke with Bill about starting my treatment plan and then it was underway. I went to London for my baseline blood test, this was so easy to arrange and was a nice day out to London with my dad! As soon as the doctor had checked my levels were ok to continue with treatment, my tablets arrived in the post very quickly and I had started my journey! I was nervous to take the tablets as I had read so much about the side affects and some horror stories online… I have just finished my treatment and apart from a few side affects, and my lovely clear skin, I would not have known I was on the medication. My dose varied, and every month Bill or one of the team would email me to arrange my video check up with the Dr. The call was short and clear. Dr Divya would ask how I was getting on, ask about my side affects and whether I felt ok on the medication. She would then go through what my dosage would be and I would need to confirm this with Bill via email after to ensure I knew exactly what dosage I should be taking. I went through my treatment with very minimal side effects, the worst one being dry and cracked lips, but I never went anywhere without lip balm and this kept it manageable. Other side effects included slight muscle pain (not very frequently and not intense at all), dry skin and a couple of headaches, but these occurred once or twice over the 9 months and were manageable with paracetamol. I cant lie, the ‘Roaccutane Purge’ is real. My skin became 10x worse before it got better and I worried that it wasn’t working. I was reassured by the team that this was completely normal. Of course the time frame differs for everyone, but after 6 months I did not have a single spot, and have not had one since. It is a tough process and you really do have to be patient, but the results are so worth the wait and the frustration at times. I came to the end of my 6 months and had my check in with Dr Divya and told her that I did not feel completely happy with my skin, she explained that i could extend my treatment and this is what I did. I added another 3 months on, which took me to today and I have never been happier with my skin. It is clear, bright and glowy. I had to have 2 blood tests in total, one baseline before my treatment started and a second half way through to check that my blood levels were still ok. The team were fantastic and I had a few questions throughout my treatment, mostly to do with ways to help with my side affects and they came back within the hour with ways to help deal with them. I felt completely supported the whole way through and I felt like the team really were there to make my skin perfect for me. No question was too much and I am so glad I chose Botonics. If anyone is thinking about this treatment, please do it! It is the best thing I have ever done and i am now happy and confident in my skin without makeup.

Thank you Botonics


Katie McGrath


Excellent company

I have suffered from acne since I was 11 years old, I am now in my 30’s. It is debilitating some days and has affected every part of my life.
I have tried every over the counter cream and medication going and have tried prescription medicine such as antibiotics. But nothing worked.

I looked into Roaccutane on the NHS, however the wait time was very long and given the length of time I had been suffering from acne, I was looking for a more bespoke treatment plan that would be put together with care and attention.
After a lot of research, I found Botonics and was very impressed with the reviews. I decided to make contact and arrange a free consultation. At no point before or after consultation was I obligated to continue, it was completely my choice.
However after speaking briefly with Dr Divya, I immediately knew that I wanted her to be in charge of my skin. I felt that I trusted her and that she was sensitive to my concerns and confidence issues.
I agreed for Botonics to arrange my medication for me and I had it in my hands and was starting less than a week later. It was effortless and no waiting at pharmacies to order in the tablets. Bill was extremely informative and kept me right in every aspect of treatment. I never had to chase them up as Bill would send me out all the information I needed to know. I also felt comfortable that I could make contact at any point should I need to. It is a very well organised company.

I had constant support throughout and had regular phone calls with Dr Divya to check in.

Blood tests and pregnancy tests were provided and were extremely easy to do and submit.

I experienced a purge in my second month for a few weeks and have been clear since. I took a break for 2 weeks in the middle of my treatment for personal reasons and received nothing but support and encouragement from all staff at Botonics. That is part of the beauty of this company, it is all at a pace you can manage and a dose you can tolerate. I had a few side effects such as joint pain etc, but I was given expert advice on supplements to take to ease this.

I am now finished treatment and I cannot believe that this is my skin! This is the first time I have had clear skin in over 20 years. I no longer want to hide behind my hair and I have so much more confidence in myself. This treatment has been the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend it and Botonics to everyone.


Amonik Melaco



Botonics are unbelievably good. I filled in an online form for accutane treatment, assuming I’d be waiting a couple of days for a response, and within the hour I received a call from the amazing Bill who booked me in for a consultation with their GP Dr Aya THAT SAME EVENING!

Dr Aya was so helpful, and by the end of that night I was booked on for accutane – one day!!! Getting put on accutane has taken my friends 6 months when they did it through the NHS, and Dr Aya mentioned that because of COVID, if I went through the NHS I’d be waiting for up to 2 years which wasn’t an option for me.

My blood test kit was dispatched the next day by Royal Mail first class to my home address. My blood test was super easy to self administer and all I had to do was post it off to their partner lab. That same day my bloods were confirmed and my prescription and medication filed and dispatched.

Within the next THREE DAYS my full prescription for the entire course of accutane had arrived. – what good service !!!!

I’ve dealt with acne for 5 years. Nothing worked for me properly until roaccutane. I tried all the topical creams, all the drugstore face washes and the antibiotics too. Acne really does suck and I think it takes having it yourself to fully comprehend how awful it can be to your mental health and general confidence. I wish I’d gotten in touch with a dermatologist or a professional like Botonics as I would’ve realised that acne isn’t something that you’ll necessarily just grow out of, but nor is it something you have to tolerate. Accutane is the closest thing we acne sufferers have to a cure and it really is a miracle medication

This has been the best experience and customer service I’ve had with ordering anything ever, not to mention the fact that it’s accutane which is something that usually takes months on end to get distributed to you!

My skin is crystal clear now thanks to Botonics and I couldn’t be happier with how confident I feel.
if you’re debating accutane or indeed ordering anything from Botonics, please please do it! You won’t regret a thing!




Roaccutnae Journey

I found botonics online and decided to contact them regarding roaacutane. I have previously been on roaccutane many years ago and it worked really well for me however, that was on the NHS where I lived at home. I thought about asking my GP to refer me back to the NHS however, as this was during Covid it was not an option. I also recall having to go into my dermatologist every 4 weeks for urine sample, blood tests and to pick up the next 4 weeks of my prescription which was something I wasnt going to be able to do living away from home. Therefore, I decided to go through botonics and their process from start to finish was seamless. All consultations are completed virtually meaning I didnt have to take time off work every 4 weeks to make my appointments. Blood samples can be taken from home and the appropriate equipment is sent to your door however, I am someone who is squimish with blood and I asked to go into the clinic to have my blood taken. This was convienient for me the the first time as I was going to be in London anyway where Harley Street is based. The second time I was given a list of nearby hospitals I could attend which was really good and not much distance away.
You recieve 100% support throughout the process. Bill and Dr Dyvia where at the other end of everyone of my emails and responded very quickly with advice and support when needed.
My skin is completly clear, I am so happy with the results. I would 100% choose this option of roaccutane again, everything was delivered to my door. Even after completing my course of 6 months, I have been given an aftercare plan with suggestions of topical skincare to use to make the best out of my skin.
The price for private treatment is very affordable and there are different options for paying for example I paid in 3 installments.
My experience has been really positive and I am so happy with my skin, would highly reccomend botonics and their excellent service to anyone.


Sarah Jane Gilfillan


Stress free, supported and practical journey with Botonics

I was previously on Roaccutane in 2015 and remained acne free for 4 years. Spots started to appear again and got progressively worse and due to the wait to see a dermatologist with the NHS due to Covid, I decided to go private and with the price plan it was affordable. Dr Divya is thorough, reassuring, knowledgable and makes the journey stress free. The postal blood and pregnancy tests are ideal for those who cant travel to the office. The follow up appoinments, reconforming of dosage advice, length of trearment, price plan as outlined by Bill and Cassie were thorough and well organised. The medication was sent via post meaning I was able to access the service during covid restrictions. You never felt forgotten and you were able to contact the clinic at any point and given a quick response if you had any queries or issues. I had the common side effects of joint pain and dry skin but nothing too unmanagable. As advised by Dr Divya my acne did get worse before it got better but after 3 months I was completely acne free and have remained so ever since.




Acne Problem Finally Solved

I always had issues with acne stemming from high school, thought it would pass as I grew up as it was a ‘teenage thing’ growing up, as the doctors/NHS etc would say, but never did.

Would have a quite an adverse effect on self confidence during those years and after, began to contact clinics/dermatologists in early 20s that would recommend things that I had already tried like creams and antibiotics, or would try to sell their own skin care products and it would usually be a cycle of that process. Found Botonics online and contacted them where I was able to get a free consultation, spoke with Dr Divya who reviewed my situation, face etc. took a blood test and once that came back they were happy to put me on isotretinoin, which was something I was hoping to be on all along as it was always recommended.

Received the medicine, instructions and all the details in quick succession from Botonics who are incredibly quick to repond to any questions/queries whether by email or phone. The experience regarding the medicine itself was good, the dryness of the face slowly kicked in after 2-3 weeks so I had to change moisturiser to combat that, lip balm for the dry lips and the occasional eye drops for dry eyes, I knew of the side effects beforehand as I was made well aware from the clinic during the consultation in advance. This would also be something they would regularly help me with throughout the treatment by giving advice on the matter.

Finished my prescription recently and there are no words to describe the skin transformation! Despite never visiting the clinic due to covid and travel related restrictions I always felt looked after and safe in their care, always had a method of communication if I ever needed to contact them. Regular check ups and blood tests which were always well organised, delivered and done on time so there was no waiting around or impatience. Never felt forced to do this or try that like with a lot of other places, I only wish that I did come to them sooner to help with my acne issues, feel a lot more confident in public/work and just a lot happier in general :). I would highly recommend Botonics as it has been an incredibly positive experience all round and I plan to continue to use them in the future!




Thank you Botonics!

Finally, after waiting for so long I was able to treat my acne thanks to Botonics!
I started getting spots 4-5 years ago and it just kept getting worse. I tried the NHS at first but my GP kept giving me creams that didn’t work which was delaying my treatment process, and when they finally decided to refer me to a dermatologist they said that the waiting time was 5-7 months! I even tried going to a private hospital where they prescribed me antibiotics that didn’t even do anything to improve my acne. At this point, I didn’t want to leave the house in fear of my acne being apparent.
I came across Botonics online, read the reviews and decided to book an appointment straight away. I was surprised at how fast they were! I received my tablets 2-3 days after my phone consultation, and had my blood test done the following week. Everything about the process was clearly explained and I had a check-up with the doctor every month, where I was constantly reminded to book an appointment. Every time I had a question I would just email Botonics where I would get a quick response within hours of sending my email.

At the beginning of my treatment I had a purge where my spots were all coming out in the first 2 months, but they were also drying out quickly. I also had some pain in my ribs in the beginning but that only lasted around 2 weeks. Other side effects that I had were: dry lips which lasted throughout my treatment, dry eyes which lasted for around one month and a dry nose which only started showing towards the end of my treatment. I also had some rashes that appeared every now and then, but my doctor recommended a very good moisturiser which helped recover them quickly.

I am very grateful to have found Botonics and treated my skin fully within 6 months. I am much more confident in my skin now and can take off my mask without thinking that my acne would show to others. My skin looks amazing and everyone at work can see the difference. I have a young friend suffering from acne so I recommended Botonics to her and she’s starting her treatment soon!




Life Changing

I have suffered with acne most of my life, despite countless trips to my gp and a seemingly endless catalogue of antibiotics, creams and over the counter products. My gp was reluctant to discuss Roaccutane and the waiting list was huge. Feeling like I had exhausted every option the nhs could offer, I decided to look for an alternative before my self confidence and mental health deteriorated any more as a result of my skin issues.
A Google search on private prescriptions for Roaccutane brought me to Botonics. After completing the online enquiry form I was immediately contacted by Bill to arrange a virtual consultation the very next day with Dr Divya. The consultation itself was free, and no obligation or pressure to proceed, and was arranged for early evening after I had finished work. Dr Divya was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable about the medication and was able to answer all the questions I had, whilst completely putting my mind at ease.
Following the consultation, finger lancet blood test kits were sent out to my home address the next day, being able to do it this way saved so much time on going somewhere to have blood tests and appointments. The test it’s self was so easy and painless to do, and once returned to the lab via courier I was contacted by Bill the very next day to inform me that the results were ok to proceed with treatment, he detailed dosage and I received the medication in the post the day after. The process was so fast and absolutely seamless, it was such a weight off my mind after so many years of getting no where. The time from my first contact to starting my course of treatment was roughly about a week.
I have monthly calls with Dr Divya arranged for my convenience in the evening after work, to check in on how the medication is going and to discuss any side effects or concerns I have, although she and her amazing team are always available to discuss anything should I need to, and are incredibly responsive to emails and calls.
My side effects have been fairly minimal, and I honestly wish I had gone down this route sooner, any one with acne will understand the negative impact it has on your life and to be able to get treatment like this is absolutely life changing. Im half way through my treatment and could not be happier with the process so far. After the initial purge and break outs during the first few weeks my skin rapidly started to change, and has not broken out since for the first time that I can ever remember and my skin looks amazing.




Isotretinoin- Wish I'd done it sooner!

I had moderate and persistent acne for several years. I tried all the over-the-counter treatments I could find and all the treatments prescribed by my GP, including antibiotics. However nothing seemed to help and it would inevitably return. I was recommended accutane/Isotretinoin but didn’t want to wait for NHS treatment, which was 6-12 months.

I found Botonics online and decided to do a course of isotretinoin with them, being able to complete the course of treatment virtually really appealed to me as I wouldn’t have to travel for appointments/blood tests.

After submitting an initial enquiry, I had a first consultation with a doctor 2 days later, during which I was approved for isotretinoin therapy. My initial consultation, which was free, was organised very quickly. The doctor was very knowledgeable and clearly had a lot of experience with this treatment. They were very thorough and I didn’t feel like I was being pushed to sign up/pay for treatment.

After completing my blood tests, I began taking isotretinoin only 9 days after submitting an initial enquiry- I was very pleased with how fast things went!

I had to take three blood tests throughout my treatment which were sent to me, all at home and self-administered. Blood tests were really easy to do and send back, also saved having to go to a blood test appointment.

I had regular check-up appointments with my doctor throughout the course, roughly once every month or two. However, I was also always able to contact the doctor with any questions or concerns about anything, side effects, dosage etc. They were always very responsive and answered my questions effectively.

Despite doing the treatment entirely online, I do not feel this limited or hindered my treatment or my experience at all. There was always someone I could call or email at any point throughout my treatment.

Seven months later and I have just completed my course. I am beyond happy with my results and it feels very alien to me having clear skin. My self-confidence and happiness has increased massively and I’m really glad I decided to take isotretinoin, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! The money spent was definitely worth it and I would highly recommend completing isotretinoin therapy with Botonics.

For refence:

My weight: 72kg
Cumulative dose: 11,400mg- 158mg/kg
Duration: 7 months- 50/60/60/60/60/40/40




Just finished, so glad I did it!

I have just finished a 7 month course of Isotretinoin and it is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I have suffered with acne since my teenage years on and off (other than 2 lovely year-long spells during and after each of my pregnancies!) I have tried various topical treatments, oral antibiotics and contraceptives prescribed by GP but nothing to great effect and often the topical treatments made my skin red and sore and in some cases much worse. I had read lots about Roaccutane prior to taking the plunge, my plan had been to approach my GP and request referral to dermatology however they yet again prescribed me ineffective antibiotics and I was told I would be waiting up to 12 months for an initial consultation so I decided to take the matter into my own hands!

I approached botonics and within a couple of days I had my initial consultation with the lovely and very understanding Dr Divya, it was a no pressure service which didn’t matter as I had already made my mind up that this was the treatment I wanted to try. They sent the blood testing kit in the post and I had an unbelievable 2 day turn around in receiving my medication after returning my blood sample (it’s a fingerprick test).

The treatment itself was pretty smooth sailing for me, it is true you get VERY DRY but with a good moisturizing routine it is manageable. Lip balm is a must, I think I applied mine every 10 minutes at one stage! Also Vaseline in the nostrils every night (very attractive!) Other than that, the first side effect I had was a very itchy scalp which started only a few days into treatment, this lasted for a week max so don’t let it put you off! My joints have been sore on and off and I have had days where I felt quite tired but pacing myself helped with this. Perhaps the most worrying (initially) side effect for me was I did encounter some hair loss right from about a month in, I have long hair so this was very noticeable to me and I must admit I was worried however I persevered and although I am definitely still shedding more hair than usual I have plenty left and there is evidence of new growth so DON’T PANIC! One positive side effect is within a couple of weeks I went from having to wash my hair daily to only needing to do it once a week-huge bonus!!

I used to dread looking in the mirror each morning for fear of what would’ve erupted overnight, I wouldn’t wear my hair up because of the big cysts along my jawline and on my neck, I found I wouldn’t make eye contact with people and even with make-up on I felt like everyone would notice the lumps and bumps underneath – I can honestly say I just got back from the school run with no make up on and my hair up! It feels like a miracle.

Thank you Dr Divya, Bill and the rest of the team for responding to any queries I had almost immediately and for making the whole process very smooth from start to finish. Of course I am pleased to be at the end of my journey, but it’s not been half as bad as I had first expected it to be!





I’ve been dealing with acne for 10+ years and finished my course of Isotretinoin with Botonics 1 month ago – this is the first time in my life I’ve actually felt good about my skin!

Trying to get help through the NHS over the years was difficult and slow – I’d tried everything and still had so long to wait to be put on Isotretinoin. I finally found Botonics during the pandemic (since the NHS wasn’t readily available I needed to look elsewhere) and the quality of service I received was a breath of fresh air. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start looking at private practices. From start to finish, treatment with Botonics was completely stress-free and very simple even though I chose to do the treatment from home (i.e. blood tests by post, video consultations, etc.). The process was so quick and organised; I started treatment within a couple of weeks of contacting them.

The support they offer is top-tier – you can reach out through a phone call, or if you prefer emails you’ll receive a response almost immediately (often within minutes!!). Their whole team is very kind and understanding, the regular checkups are really reassuring and all of the advice given is spot-on.

The only thing I wish was different was that I would’ve found them sooner!


Shane Stevenson


Clear skin at last

I had terrible persistent acne for years. I tried everything at the NHS to get rid of it, went to various different places for facials and treatments and nothing worked. I finally decided to go to Botonics and I am so glad I did! Wish I had done it sooner! Everyone I talked to was extremely professional and friendly. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years and I feel so much more confident. Anytime I had a question about the medication/etc there was always someone who could answer my questions quickly and efficiently. I would recommend their Roaccutane service to anyone suffering from acne. It’s worth it!




Transformed my skin

I’d suffered with acne ever since I could remember, it massively affected my confidence and I had tried all avenues to try and clear it – trips to the doctors, salon treatments, hundreds of pounds on skincare products that I thought were going to be THE product to answer all of my prayers. All of which ended in disappointment. Eventually I learned to live with it, accepting that was just my skin. I had researched Roaccutane on a number of occasions but always thought it was out of my reach. One evening, I came across botonics. I thought it was too good to be true! I submitted an inquiry and less than 8 hours later I received an email to organise my free consultation. This was scheduled for the following day with Dr Divya. Dr Divya really listened to me as I talked her through my skin journey and I felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Completing my first home blood test was straightforward and within days I had received the medication. Over the next few months, I had regular check ups with Dr Divya – she immediately put me at ease answering any concerns I had about particular side effects. It was comforting to know the botonics team were only an email/ phone call away as they were so responsive to questions I had and always on hand to offer advice. 5 months later and I’m really pleased with the results. My skin is so clear, the texture of my skin feels so smooth and I no longer feel like I need to hide my face under makeup to feel good. I cannot fault botonics for their service and support. I would recommend them to anyone looking to start their Roaccutane journey.




I've just finished Isotretinoin treatment with Botonics...

I’ve just finished Isotretinoin treatment with Botonics…
I’ve just finished Isotretinoin (accutane) treatment with Botonics and i’m incredibly happy I found them during my search for private options! They’ve been super helpful and very very fast at sorting everything out from the start and that hasn’t changed throughout my treatment. Bill and Cassie are one email away if you need to ask a question or want to discuss anything.

The convenient blood test kits sent to my home have been a godsend during Covid meaning I didn’t have to travel to their practice in London. Everything is so efficient.

The treatement itself was manageable with my dosage and for the time frame i’ve been taking them. Botonics are very interested in making sure you’re feeling ok, not just with the blood tests but with the regular Whatsapp calls with Dr Divya. She goes the extra mile to make sure you’re coping ok while under treatment and recommends lots of things to help with easing certain side effects.

I’ve never used a private practice before and always stayed on the NHS, but during Covid the NHS hasn’t been readily available and as quick as Botonics has been and I really felt confident paying for the brilliant service they provide.

If you’re thinking about using Accutane to treat Acne then give Botonics a call, they’ll happily answer any questions you have, and make you feel at ease.




Great experience!

I’ve always had acne since I was in primary school and it continued till sixth form, by then I had tried all the over the counter products and antibiotics but nothing worked and it really worried me as I was developing really bad scars on my face which of course affected me emotionally and physically as it was really painful. I had contacted the NHS however I was told my first checkup appointment would be in a year which was too long to wait and so I contacted botonics dermatologist which I can say was the best decision I had made. After speaking with a member of their team, I was given a free consultation with one of their doctors a week later which was amazing. The whole process was very quick and well organised which resulted in me getting my medication within 2 weeks of joining botonics. I had scheduled checkup with my own personal dermatologist which was nice.

The treatment itself went well, I had a purge fit the first 2 months which I wasn’t worried about as I had been informed by my dermatologist that a purge was going to happen. Whilst on the medication I mainly experienced really dry skin on both my face and body which I used products like cerave lotion, cetraben ointment, burts bees and carmex for. There are other side effects as well which I was made aware about as I received lots of emails from botonics advising me on what to do if I experienced certain side effects, this made me feel more comfortable and in control.

After the treatment I can say I’m very happy with my results and would have done this sooner had I known I would have such great results, my skin looks great and my confidence has definitely increased. I am really happy I contacted botonics and I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with their acne.


J d Stev


I found Naruschka on line from…

I found Naruschka on line from excellent reviews and I have not looked back since 2017 . She is the most amazing practitioner, never pushy and always listening to what I actually want ( or don’t want ) to look like .
Her advice is based on her obvious knowledge of anatomy and the science of the products used . I have absolute trust in her ability .
I started with Botox and despite my fear of fillers , have progressed ( with fears unfounded ) to a natural look with them .She’s worked on my nose to mouth lines / cheeks and forehead and I’ve been happy with all .
We now have a plan to tackle my sagging neck as I head towards my 60 th next year . I don’t want to look younger , like many of us . I just don’t want to look angry and sad !

You couldn’t be in safer hands . Backed up by Bill and Cassie in the office who always respond and are extremely helpful , botanics are the best package in town !




I have been battling with moderate acne…

I have been battling with moderate acne for years which severley knocked my confidence..i had tried many treatments both prescription and natural and nothing seemed to make much of a difference.
I was on a waiting list for nhs under prescription and then covid hit! I was adamant to start as soon as I can and came across Botonics when researching online for alternative providers of the medication.

It really is the best decision i made, i have got through the 6 months with minimal side effects and am finally able to not have my skin at the forefront of my mind.

Bill and the team have been amazing and assisted me every step of the way and the payment plan helped me spread the cost of treatment.

I had regular check ins with Dr Divya who was also great and answered any questions i had.

Overall the service provided was great and professional and i would highly recommend.


Elise Vorhaus



Amazing – they take care of you every step of the way!




Roaccutane with Botonics

When I was considering accutane I had two questions – whether to go through with it, given the horror stories online, and whether to go with Botonics. I can say yes to both. Accutane cleared my skin and apart from dryness my side effects were very minor. I think it helps to remember that those who have a bad time on accutane (who are rare) are much more likely to post online than those who have a normal time. I feel a lot more confident now! Botonics were excellent – the consultation was quick and free, i begun treatment very quickly, and it was very easy to complete my treatment during the pandemic, with the drug delivered to my home and the option to complete my two blood tests at home too. My derm was helpful – we had a monthly call and I could contact her or other Botonics staff whenever with questions. Replies were always really prompt. I can definitely recommend them! I did have a purge but my derm made me aware of this possibility and by month 3/4 I was clearly up nicely. Apart from dryness and some mild, very manageable muscle aches when I was on my highest dose, the treatment was fine. I’d suffered from moderate acne for a long time and had tried everything (antibiotics, topicals, diet, skincare products…) and am very happy I chose both accutane and Botonics.




Roaccutane fixed acne

I suffered from acne for so long was on waiting list on NHS for months and months and tried all the over the counter products and antibiotics but nothing worked.
the consultation went very well it was all quick and easy and no messing, it was all done over a WhatsApp call. The doc answered all my questions and this was all free of charge and obligations to do anything.
From when I phoned up to ask about booking a consultation with the doctor to getting the roaccutane prescription and actually starting the course, it was all very quick and within two weeks I had started my roaccutane course and after that had follow up calls and blood tests arranged to monitor my progression.
The side affects I experienced most were dry lips and corner of my lips cracking, dry flaky skin on my face mainly the nose area and I had a purge around the second week point which lasted for about a week and then I started to see a real improvement. To cope with the dry lips I used coca butter lip balms and aquaphor lip balm too which helped alot. Then for my moisturiser I used cera ve face cream to get rid of the dryness and also there hydrating face wash too.
I wish I had started this course sooner instead of going through all the over the counter products that never made any difference, this course is alot better and more effective than anything out there and would have saved alot of time and money. Its been a real confidence boost getting clear skin and I would recommend botonics roaccutane course to anyone with bad acne who is thinking of doing it.


Zoe Nelson


Acne sufferer for years, Botonics have given me my confidence back!

I have been suffering from moderate, extremely persistent acne for over 2 years now. I hit my late 20’s and BAM it was acne city central on my face. I had tried everything from every topical, hormone therapy, antibiotics right down to extreme chemical peels. Literally nothing worked for me. I waited 1 years on an NHS waiting list for a dermatologist just to be told “it’s not that bad, even Cameron Diaz has acne so don’t worry about it”. I was at my wits end. My fiancé knew how much my skin was getting me down and suggested I see a private dermatologist. After scouring the Internet and literally hundreds of reviews, Botonics seemed to be the answer. I filled in a simple form on their website to express my interest, and to my surprise I had a call the very next day from Bill to see if I wanted to arrange a free consultation with one of their dermatologists. I was booked in with Dr Divya at a time that suited me and she was so wonderful. She listed to my concerns, understood what I was trying to say and helped me make the decision to start isotretinoin. I was made aware of all the side effects and had to do a blood test in order to make sure I was healthy enough to start the medication. After this, my meds were sent out to me and I was ready to start!!

I have just finished my first month and already I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I haven’t had any deep cysts at all, however I have had a purge of a few little spots (which heal in 3/4 days on their own). My skin is definitely very dry and I have now become a lip ba connoisseur!! I’ve got another 5 months to go yet but from the results so far I am very impressed. Bill and the Botonics team are so quick to respond to any silly question I may have, and nothing is too much for them to help with. I WISH I hadn’t spend so many months of my life miserable and locked away when a solution was right in front of me all this time. I cannot recommend Botonics highly enough. Please let this review help you make the right choice to just go for it, if you are in doubt please don’t be, Botonics is wonderful and they are slowly giving me my confidence and happiness back!


Will Harrisson


You won't regret it.

I have suffered all my life with severe cystic acne, every treatment plan under the sun was recommended and tried on me from benzoyl peroxide to various antibiotic treatments. Many had little to no effect and the ones that did help were only ever temporary. I had flirted with the idea of roaccutane before and found my way onto a treatment course on the NHS but, being a teenager, I didn’t bother sticking with my plan and got nowhere near the desired dosage. Luckily, my acne largely subsided naturally. Years later in my early twenties my acne had come back with a vengeance. After another round of various treatments and remedies, I decided I needed to get my hands on Roaccutane again. Unfortunately, this meant going the route of getting a GP’s referral and waiting for a dermatologist. After patiently sitting on a waiting list for 6 months (it has now been a year with no contact from the NHS) I decided to go private.

Within 12 hours of me registering my interest on Botonics’ website I was warmly greeted, talked through the process, had all my questions answered and left feeling confident in my decision. A factor in my choice was the fact that they offer a postal service for everything and that all my medication could be sent to my door and I could send blood tests without having to visit a clinic. This was extremely useful given the current health climate. My initial consultation filled me with hope and the doctor was happy to give me a few insights into coping with the various side effects.

Upon starting treatment, these side effects certainly made themselves known, for the first 6-8 weeks, I found new challenges in keeping my face, and especially my lips, from drying up. However, I found as long as I put aside some time for a little self maintenance, it wasn’t nearly as scary as various online sources would have you believe. I’m not sure if it was just my body getting used to it but after the first 2 months I started to notice the side effects settling and the improvements showing day to day. 4 months after that and I’m proud to say my skin is clear of any acne. There is no pain from my back and shoulders anymore and my self-confidence has never been higher. I cannot imagine the thought of still being on a waiting list. Throughout the process, Botonics were only an email or phone call away, were happy to help me with literally anything I needed regarding the treatment and were extremely accommodating with any issues I had.

If you’re on the fence about roaccutance I cannot recommend this service enough.


Natasha tasha


Miracle Workers!

Being in my early 20’s and suffering from asymmetrical breasts, I really struggled with my self confidence. I knew that I didn’t want implants and began to lose hope that I’d be able to be confident with wearing a bikini or low cut top. I came across the fat transfer procedure which would have been the more natural look that I was wanting but the uncertainty of whether the transplanted fat would stay or dissolve left me unconfident.
I came across Botonics who offer a free (very informative) consultation with the actual surgeon and booked one to weigh out my options. Dr Charakida was honest and open about the procedure and explained that the fat transfer would not make my breast symmetrical but can add volume to create the illusion that they were when I am dressed. After my consultation, I knew instantly that I wanted to go through with the procedure. I did some extra research on it to be sure and then booked in.

Botonics is a very popular surgery so book ahead!

Bill provided a transparent break down of the prices and what was included with my fat transfer procedure. I really love that, unlike some other clinics, they care for and arrange aftercare to ensure best results are met for each individual.
The surgery went amazingly, I felt comfortable and all my nerves were eased. The procedure took around 2 hours give or take and there was a nurse in the room to attend to me when I woke up from the GA.
A complimentary lunch and drink was given to me from the hospital and I was checked on regularly to ensure I was comfortable and well.
I was discharged a few hours later and went home to continue recovery. I do recommend pre arranged transport as opposed to public as there is a lot of leakage from the incisions where the fat it taken.

I cannot thank Dr Charakida, Bill and the rest of the team at Botonics enough for being so helpful, professional and responsive to any queries I had.

I would definitely recommend Botonics and would use them again in the future.




Non surgical nose job

I came to Botonics on 9th June 2021 for a non-surgical nose job.
I can honestly say Naruschka has fixed my biggest insecurity. My main concern was that the tip of my nose leaned over towards one side, and I had asymmetries of my nostrils.
Although google searches seemed to suggest that non-surgical nose jobs are only beneficial for side profiles i.e. to fix bumps on bridges etc, I booked anyway after my consultation with Naruschka to which she said I will get approx a 60-70% improvement.

However, after the appointment in my eyes all asymmetries have been resolved and i notice a significant difference!
I would recommend Naruschka wholeheartedly and I already know I will be using her services for a very very long time.

Thank you Naruschka !!!!




Roaccutane works, don't put it off any longer.

I have had mild acne for just over 20 years now and had all but given up hope of having normal skin and being able to do the things that most people take for granted without feeling self-conscious and awkward. After having tried various over the counter products and multiple courses of antibiotics in my early 20s I turned to a private dermatologist who prescribed Roaccutane and referred me to my local hospital for treatment on the NHS. The results were amazing, and I had 1 and a half years of clear skin. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, my acne returned and I was never able to get Roaccutane prescribed again from my GP or dermatologist. When I found out that I could get a private prescription of Roaccutane my hope was renewed because it is the only medication that I have tried that works.
From the initial contact I made using the online form through to the arrival of the medication every step was well organized and documented. Clear instructions were sent by email, and the Botonics team were always easy to contact by phone. During the consultation the doctor put me at ease and at no time did I feel like my concerns weren’t being taken seriously (unlike my GP).
When taking the medication I noticed the common side effects of dry skin, cracked lips, dry nose, and some lethargy in the first month. The dry skin can be managed with a good oil-free moisturiser, the lips and nose with Vaseline. During that first month the side effects seemed more pronounced, my skin was dry and my scalp was itchy and there were outbreaks every few days. But after 6 weeks it started to subside and my skin was looking much clearer than before. The team at Botonics explained all this to me and suggested various products I could use to manage these side effects.
I am feeling confident about the future now for the first time in a long time, and my only regret is that I didn’t contact Botonics sooner. If you suffer from persistent acne I would highly recommend starting a course of Roaccutane.




Can’t recommend enough - Simple and supportive service

I struggled with acne for years and had tried everything under the sun. I had previously had a prescription for isotretinoin, however did not manage to finish the entire course (I travelled a lot for work and it was too difficult to make all the face to face consultations required and often couldn’t find a pharmacy which could order the prescription in while I was in London). This experience was AMAZING. Dr. Divya was so lovely to deal with and everything was so smooth and easy! I can’t recommend the team highly enough – to be able to offer such a great service totally remote is brilliant and they couldn’t do enough to help.
It was so useful to be able to reach out with any questions and have them answered so quickly and efficiently by Bill and the team. The appointments are available at such accessible times as well.




Helpful and effective treatment

I have suffered from cystic acne since I was around 13. This only got worse through my teenage years, to the point where my face was scarred and red all the time, even if I was having a good week. This really affected my confidence and my wallet as I was buying anything and everything that I thought could possibly help.

I had seen multiple GPs, some of which were very helpful (some who disregarded this as a normal part of puberty). I tried oral antibiotics/ topical creams on prescription and a multitude of expensive cleansers/ toners/ drug store acne treatments. No amount of washing or killing of bacteria through antibiotics (which are a short term treatment anyway) would get rid of it and I probably spend more than the cost of this treatment on skincare in the last year and a half.

Trying to see an NHS dermatologist in the city was difficult enough without the added complications of COVID and I was desperate for treatment. At the suggestion of a friend and a quick google search, I came across Botonics. I was initially sceptical that it may be a scam or dodgy website but after reading through dozens of reviews on multiple sites, I could only come across positive experiences and the same employees mentioned so I thought I’d give it a try.

Bill is friendly, informative and very good at explaining the process of treatment including the costs, duration, mail-kit delivery and return, and reminders for regular check-ups. He is always around for a phone call or a quick email if you every have questions or want to discuss anything. Dr Divya is a friendly, kind and very knowledgeable doctor who fielded my many questions with ease and is active on social media teaching about proper skincare herself. She made it painless to begin treatment after receiving my blood-tests and was always available to text/call should anything serious arise.

I have now finished my course of the medication and can very happily report a complete turnaround in my skin. The side-effects of dryness were acute for me since I have sensitive skin but with copious amounts of body lotion and high-strength lip balms, it was quite manageable and the results were definitely worth it.


Shrina Patel


Roaccutane review

Botonics has saved my skin! I spent years of my life suffering from hormonal acne and dealing with hyperpigmentation, however I can now say my skin has been the best it’s ever been since completing treatment. When I initially contacted Botonics, I spoke to Bill over the phone who was helpful. I had lots of questions initially and Bill was very professional and answered all my questions and concisely explained the treatment plan. The monthly consultations with Dr. Divya have always been well organised prior to the appointment and the appointment were always on time, which I was very impressed with. Dr. Divya is lovely and it was really easy to talk to her and discuss any concerns I had, she always put me to ease and tried to help and advice in a professional mannerism. My advice to anyone starting roaccutane, is to complete the full treatment and persevere, the end result is worth it! I found the first two months quite difficult as my skin had got slightly worse before it got better, however by the end of month three I saw I positive change to my skin and my skin carried on improving month after month. The side effects I noticed most, was the dry lips, dry skin and joint aches when sitting for to long. The side effects have all been manageable and I even exercised most days with the joint aches. I would recommend stocking up on face creams and lip balms prior to starting treatment and to use the creams everyday without fail. The lip balm I found most helpful was aquaphor and the best face cream is Avene tolerance extreme cream. I am so glad I decided to sort my skin out just before my wedding and I’m more grateful that I decided to contact botonics. Regardless of the pandemic, Botonics have always been responsive and very well organised. Thank you for all the support Botonics and I love the results!!




I have suffered with acne for most of…

I have suffered with acne for most of my teens and 20s going to the doctors for prescriptions and nothing seemed to be working. The beginning of the year I started to think about Roaccutane and came across Botonics because of its great reviews.

I honestly can say from the start of my treatment and now being 3 months in they have been nothing else then helpful making the whole process so easy. They always reply straight away with any issues I am having and each month I have a telephone consultation with Dr Ayah who has been amazing, asking how I am and giving me such helpful tips on how to control my symptoms such as dry lips and suncreams. I have had two blood tests where I go to a lab and it is so easy and quick, getting my results within a few days. They are always up to date with my dosage each month and always catching up on how my treatment is doing which puts me in so much ease. My skin is clearing up and I feel so much more confident in myself. It is such a relief to finally find something which has worked for me and I would recommend Botonics to anyone thinking about going on Roaccutane.

My symptoms have been fine, just dry lips and feeling a bit achey. I would recommend you always put factor 50 on even when it’s cloudy and make sure you always have a lip balm on you wherever you go.

I was always a bit anxious about going on Roaccutane but going with Botonics it has been the best thing.
For anyone thinking about going on please go through them as you will be in such great care and looked after so well through out the process as I know it can seem daunting.


Enika Liukineviciute


Botonics for Roaccutane? Do it!

I have suffered with painful and sporadic acne for around 8 years which I could never seem to find a solution for. As I got older, my skin went through stages of getting better and then flaring up again, which was VERY frustrating and debilitating to my confidence. The acne was very difficult to manage, as I work long hours in which my skin would often feel dry, painful, itchy and the acne would look sore and bumpy. I have tried topical creams and antibiotics through prescriptions from multiple GP’s, who often disregarded my problematic skin as a general part of puberty and said that it would pass over time. I have tried an endless list of over-the-counter acne treatments, which I probably spent more time and money doing than I would have done on treatment. This had been going on since the age of around 13 (I am now 22 years of age) and I had started to feel like every attempt was hopeless. It got to the point where it started to appear on my shoulders and upper back, which was when I knew I had to start looking into a consistent and reliable solution.

I came across Botonics after a spontaneous google search, and after reading reviews and doing a thorough research I could find only sparkling reviews. There were so many examples of situations exactly like mine, and so I thought I had to finally give it a go. I initially reached out through a quick email, and within a couple of days I had a completely free, no obligation video call consultation with the wonderful Dr Divya, who was very understanding and informative. She thoroughly explained how the treatment would work, and the possible side effects plus how to handle them. I then spoke to Bill, and decided on a payment option, the entire course of tablets was sent directly to me. Bill has helped me through the entire process so far, and has responded promptly to any enquiries I have, no matter what they’re regarding, in a professional and helpful way. As I mentioned, I work very long hours and so I’m not the most flexible person it terms of time; this however was never an issue and I have never had to alter my schedule for the treatment. The whole process has been straightforward, easy and very impressive.

In terms of the medication itself, I am so happy with my results so far. There was an initial ‘purge within the first week, which was as expected. For me, this didn’t last long at all. My skin and scalp were very dry, however with a healthy amount of moisturiser and other bits recommended to me from Botonics, this passed very quickly. The only notable side effect I still notice is dry lips, however this is manageable with a good lip ointment and applied regularly. In terms of the dry skin that seems to be the most common side effect, I have managed to avoid this following a very strict regime. During your consultation, I would definitely recommend asking for product recommendations. I’d say the MOST important thing is to wear a very generous amount of SPF EVERY day and to carry a lip ointment everywhere. I have avoided wearing makeup (because I genuinely don’t feel like I need to anymore!!!!), however for when I do, I just switched out my old matifying products for moisturising ones (I had very oily skin before beginning treatment) and this was fine!

Overall, It has all been so worth it! Now that I have had the treatment for a few months, I see nothing but positive results. My painful cysts have now stopped and my body acne has completely cleared up. The scarring and pigmentation on my skin has also reduced and overall, my skin is unbelievably smooth. I would 100% recommend this to anyone, and I WISH I had done it sooner!


N Boyle


Only the best

I had to work hard to find a good quality surgeon offering the Lipo Vaser + Fat transfer procedure. And I found one through Botonics who offered a second advantage. They were good.
Efficient, informative, courteous and always responsive, Bill and his team got things done. I didn’t have to do a thing.
Everything ran smoothly. And Bill and the wonderfully talented surgeon, Dr Katerina Charakida, gave me All that I wanted. And more.
One finàl reason I chose Botonics was that they included post operative lymph massage therapy in the price, they organised it and actually set it up IN YOUR OWN HOME. No daily traipsing to another Clinic.
That, I decided, marked them out as the Gold Standard in the practice. So many other agencies simply ‘recommend’ therapy but leave the patient to struggle to set this up on their own.
I regret nothing.
The whole procedure and post operation care, couldn’t have been improved upon.
I highly recommend Botonics and it s A team; Bill, the surgeon, the nurses and the lymphatic drainage therapist.


S. Smith


Wish I had done it sooner.

I have suffered from terrible cystic acne since I was around 13, this only got worse through my teenage years to the point where my face would crack and bleed throughout the day. This not only affected my confidence but also my work (wearing a climbing harness caused my body acne to split and become infected).

I had seen multiple GPs, some of which were very helpful (some who disregarded this as a normal part of puberty). I tried oral antibiotics/ topical creams on prescription and a multitude of expensive cleansers/ toners/ drug store acne treatments. No amount of washing will treat a medical condition and I probably spend more than the cost of this treatment on skincare every year.

I have tried to push for Accutane for the last 5 years or so however, moving around the country a lot for my job means changing GPs roughly every 6 months. This has made it nearly impossible to get a referral to a dermatologist to even be put on the 2 year waiting list. At the age of 27, and with the current pandemic, I had given up hope of treatment.

After a quick google search, I came across Botonics. I was initially sceptical, there seems to be a lot of “dodgy” websites when it comes to the cosmetic industry however, I searched and searched though Trust Pilot, Free Index, What Clinic and could only find positive reviews. There were many well written examples of people’s experiences and I thought why not at least contact them to find out?

I spoke to the wonderful Bill who has helped me through every step of the way. Always quick to answer emails and phone calls and will call back asap if I’ve left a message. Cassie and Michelle on the team have also been prompt in replying and booking appointments for me.
The whole process has been easy and straightforward. Botonics are running a very impressive operation, I have never had to chase them on any issue, their responses have always been professional, immediate and helpful. I would recommend accutane and Botonics to anyone who asks.

Within a couple of days I had a free, no obligation initial video call consultation with Dr Aya who was very knowledgeable and informative. She explained how the treatment works and affects the body and the possible side effects and how to mitigate them. She concluded that I would benefit from a 6 month treatment. Once I had again spoken to Bill and decided on a payment option, the full course of tablets was sent to my address.

As for the actual medication, I am over the moon with my results so far. There was an initial “purge” which is to be expected, this is your skin turn over increasing and getting rid of all the gunk from deep within. For me this lasted around 10 days. I had an awfully itchy scalp for the first week however liberal amounts of moisturiser applied directly to my head seemed to help. So far I’ve managed to avoid the super dry skin that seems to be the most common effect by following a really strict moisturising regime day and night, my skin will absorb layer upon layer of the thickest moisturisers. I would definitely research and stock up on the best products to use while your skin is a little more sensitive. The best advice Botonics gave me is to use COPIOUS AMMOUNTS OF SPF50+ SUNSCREEN, even on cloudy days or while in the car. I would highly recommend carrying lip balm with you everywhere, cracked lips are the one thing I’m having to really work on to mitigate.

All of this though has been so worth it!
I saw positive results by around 3 weeks, my deep painful cysts became less frequent and have now stopped. My body acne was the first thing to clear up, this was almost immediate and my skin feels super smooth and soft. I’m 3 months in now and I haven’t had a white head for about a week. With the lack of new spots, my scars and pigmentation are fading and my skin actually looks like skin.
Where previously I would have layers of makeup just to feel human, I have now stopped wearing any foundation/ concealer, just a little powder to matte the moisturisers before heading out.

Those who have experienced the pain, low self esteem and lack of confidence that severe acne can cause, will understand when I say I looked into the mirror and cried happy tears for the first time at my own natural reflection.




Botonics Roaccutane Treatment

I had previously suffered from acne lesions on my face that was diagnosed by a dermatologist. After discussing possible treatment options, I was recommended Roaccutane as a possible treatment option. As this was during the pandemic, there was a long wait time to begin treatment with the average wait time being a couple of months as a minimum. As I wanted to start treatment immediately, I had to find a Roaccutane provider that would allow this. This is when I discovered Botonics through a quick Google search. It had really high reviews so I was interested to see what they could offer. I then contacted Botonics and was put in contact with Bill who was very helpful in explaining the process of treatment which included: costs, treatment duration, and logistics of regular check-ups. Bill is always a short phone call or email away making it easy to contact him during treatment. Shortly after, I was put in contact with Dr Divya who had an initial consultation with me to discuss the suitability of Roaccutane based on my symptoms. She was more than happy to start me on an initial course of Roaccutane, provided my baseline level blood tests were suitable to allow treatment. The best thing was that I was allowed to start ASAP since my initial blood tests were okay. I am now 2 months into my treatment and the results have been amazing so far. For the first 2 weeks there was a fair bit of dryness and some initial purging however from week 3 onwards the results have been remarkable. All the lesions have cleared and my skin has got much clearer and I couldn’t have hoped for better results so far. I am hoping this continues through to the end of treatment and after. Also, the side effects have been much more manageable than what I read before starting treatment.




I have suffered with acne for most of…

I have suffered with acne for most of my 20s going back and forth from the doctors for prescription creams/tablets with none having any effect. A few months ago I got absolutely fed up and disheartened of constantly spending hundreds of pounds on skincare that did nothing for my skin and decided it was time to do something! After lots and lots of research I found Botonics and saw all the great reviews, I reached out to them and had my first consultation with Dr Divya, who made me feel so at ease and for the first time I actually felt confident that my acne could be rid of! Fast forward 3 months and my skin is drastically so much clearer and healthier! The whole process has been so straightforward and easy, my consultations have been over video call (due to Covid), my blood tests have been delivered to my door as well as the tablets, making the process so convenient and easy. Bill who I have dealt with for the whole process has been so helpful and understanding and it’s so reassuring to know he’s always at the end of a phone or email.
As for the treatment itself, I have had no serious side effects apart from dry skin and lips which has been easily resolved with products recommended by Botonics.
I honestly wish I had found Botonics and started this treatment sooner! I cannot wait to finish my treatment and see the end results as the results I’ve already had 3 months in are so remarkable!


Mary Jane


Kind, professional & life changers!

Botonics have been amazing. From the moment I enquired, they have been nothing but professional, understanding and supportive. Being 28 years old and STILL suffering from acne, triggered a lot of shame within me – it’s difficult for me to even talk about as it had caused a lot of emotional scars. When I had my initial consultation, Dr Divya was so understanding and patient with me . . . she reassured me that she had “seen and heard it all” and that there was “nothing for me to be embarrassed about”. This is also my first experience of private, non NHS medical services and let me tell you – you get what you pay for. They are thorough, quick and so incredibly organised. At no point whatsoever, have I had to chase them, ring them or jump through a series of entirely pointless hoops. They gave me the information and the tools I needed to start my journey, and have been supportive ever since. As for the Roaccutane treatment itself, all I can tell you is “WOW”. I’m only 3 months in, and the transformation is incredible. My friends and family have all commented on how fresh my complexion has looked. I get hardly any spots now, and when I do, they are tiny and vanish in a day or two. My advice with regards to the side effects, is ‘prevention is key’ – start with the heavy duty moisturizers, 2.5l daily water intake and Aquaphor ointment BEFORE you start the treatment, rather than when the medicine ‘kicks in’. I have had almost no problematic side effects and I put it down to this. Bill, whom deals with the business side of things, is also equally professional and helpful and has made the process as smooth as possible. I know people are generally inclined to ‘shop around’, but like I said – you get what you pay for. They are a good and trustworthy clinic and I would 100% recommend!




Botonics for Accutane is a fantastic experience!

Since lockdown first began in March last year, I began suffering my second spell of acne. The first spell I fortunately healed with benzoyl peroxide – but after trying acnecide again, antibiotics, and various other recommended methods to no avail, going through a lot of sadness, self-blame, and social withdrawal in the process, I needed a more permanent solution to ensure this never happened again. Unfortunately, the NHS waiting time for accutane was to be 6 months – I was so down, knowing I had to pointlessly go through many more months of acne, potentially risking more scarring.
This all just shows you how great Botonics is, and how lucky I was to have found it. I found them on reviews online, and sent them a message anxiously – I had a video appointment with a Specialist Doctor the very next day. After going through a simple postal blood test to ensure it was safe for me to take it, I received my entire accutane supply to my door within two weeks of my first message. In the six months it would have taken me to have had my first NHS appointment, I will finish my entire course of accutane, and surely will have clear skin.
If you can afford it, it is a no-brainer – the price is worth the freedom it gives you. I am now two months into my course, lucky enough to have had no side affects, and any concerns or worries I had were always responded to by Bill in a kind and informed manner, while my appointments with the Specialist Doctor were always smooth and informative. All my accutane was even delivered to my door at once, meaning I didn’t even have to go to a pharmacy to get my order. The whole process has been so smooth, and I am already seeing changes. If you are suffering with acne and are able to afford this, I highly recommend Botonics! I am incredibly thankful to have been lucky enough to have found them, and to everyone involved for improving my life dramatically.




Magical experience

I had been suffering severe acne for about 6-7 years now, I had tried many topical treatments, spent so much money on expensive skincare products but nothing worked for me. I was also on the waiting list for Roaccutane with the NHS for a couple of months but the waiting queue was very long there that I never got an appointment, until this day. It was when I was almost about to give up on my skin that I found out about Botonics. I first filled out a consultation form and Bill got back to me on the same day and arranged for me to meet with Dr Divya. After about two weeks of contacting Botonics, I started my Roaccutane treatment. Not does only Botonics have great service they also deliver everything to your doorstep which made things easier for me because I didn’t have to travel to get my prescriptions. They also do all checkups through the phone so you do not have to visit the clinic every month for your consultation. I was worried that I was never going to be able to treat my skin condition during the pandemic as the NHS was taking long and every other clinic was closed. However, Botonics saved my life. Bill and Dr Divya are very kind and understanding, they treated me really well. Whenever I have a query I email Bill and he never fails to respond fast. Dr Divya also checked up on me every month and was really understanding and comforting. I am on the third months of my Roaccutane treatment now and I already see a lot of improvement. I am feeling a lot more confident in my skin and in myself. Seeing my skin improve after having suffered so many different issues with my skin is honestly the best feeling ever, and I truly want everybody to feel as confident and beautiful in their skin as I feel now. All thanks to the Botonics Team!


Amonik Melaco



Botonics are absolutely unbelievable. I filled in an online form for accutane treatment, assuming I’d be waiting a couple of days for a response, and within the hour I received a call from the amazing Bill who booked me in for a consultation with their GP Dr Aya THAT SAME EVENING! Dr Aya was so helpful, and by the end of that night I was booked on for accutane – one day!!! Getting put on accutane has taken my friends 6 months when they did it through the NHS, and Dr Aya mentioned that because of COVID, if I went through the NHS I’d be waiting for up to 2 years which wasn’t an option for me. My blood test kit was dispatched the next day by Royal Mail first class and my blood was confirmed and my prescription and medication filed and dispatched. This has arguably been the best experience and customer service I’ve had with ordering anything ever, not to mention the fact that it’s accutane which is something that usually takes months on end to get given!!
if you’re debating accutane or indeed ordering anything from Botonics, do it!




Excellent Service and Results

Unfortunately after a first round of Accutane treatment at a low dose in another country, my acne returned almost 100% about 9 months later. I was not sure if I’d be able to find treatment during COVID. Thankfully Botonics was available and had an already well-established treatment process adjusted to ongoing COVID precautions/ restrictions.

After a consultation to see if Accutane was still an appropriate treatment, my Botonics dermatologist explained the entire treatment plan and the steps that would be needed and when. Appointments are done over WhatsApp at convenient times that fit around my work schedule. Blood tests can either be done by mail or by going to the central London office. I opted for the office tests, and it only takes a few minutes and I was the only customer present for a test.

One of the most convenient things has been to receive all the medication prescribed at once, since I travel frequently for work and the medication is not always available at pharmacies. Botonics then checks in on how treatment is going and adjusts the dose as needed.

Email correspondence with Botonics staff has been extremely helpful, with fast replies and excellent service and coordination. So happy to have found Botonics, as my acne has already improved greatly and their advice and treatment plan has been more thorough than my previous dermatologist.

Persons suffering from acute acne know how much clear skin can make a difference in your daily life, and I have confidence than Botonics will keep working to find a solution for me until the acne has subsided. It is such a relief to have clear skin soon and know that I can manage treatment with Botonics from anywhere in the world, due to their remote treatment modalities. I highly recommend their services if private treatment is an option for you.




Amazing service provided by the team

Bill and the team have provided great, efficient service. Having previously suffered from mild acne for majority of my adult life I decided it was time to act so I can feel so much more confident about going into world and having to not worry about wearing foundation and not feel conscious about how imperfect I would appear.

After being referred to a dermatologist by my Doctor I was advised it would probably be approximately 7-8 months until I was actually seen and even upon being able to secure an appointment it was not guaranteed that I would be given medication as my acnes was not severe. This encouraged me to start looking at private clinics and luckily, I came across Botonics.

Since contacting Botonics till date I have received the upmost professional, friendly and efficient service that I could ever have hoped for. From initially contacting them in regards to the booking a consultation upon receiving my medication and thereafter, I cannot fault Botonics in any way in how they operate. They really take their time to understand the clients and how to look after their needs. I really enjoy the way they listen and give recommended advice based on individuals even if any challenges have arisen. They are always on hand to respond to me promptly and this exemplifies in my opinion a great company.

I always look forward to my monthly appointments with Dr Divya as she gives me reassurance and support. I am in no doubt whatsoever that skin is in a much better condition and now always looks and feels amazing thanks Botonics expert care. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have absolutely no concerns about Botonics to anyone and believe this was the best decision I have made concerning skincare. Thank you to all the team and I would highly recommend to anyone to use their services.


ablaa chrigui


Excellent service

Excellent service and always follow up with their clients. I really advice you to check them out!


Saniya Akhtar


I recently contacted Botonics as my…

I recently contacted Botonics as my skin has been really bad for a long period of time. I have previously been on accutane but my acne came back within a year. My self confidence and self esteem was really bad. I don’t like showing my face or even going out it just put me down and especially in this lockdown it’s hard to even get through to your GP. After researching on the internet I discovered Botonics I was so happy because I couldn’t believe the service they provide to their patient which is so easy and less of a hassle. I contacted them straight away and spoke to a person called Bill he told me as to how the process works and what is required for me which seemed perfectly fine as I have already been on accutane before. I was then booked in for a video appointment with the dermatologist and she was honestly so lovely and helpful and I told her exactly how I feel and she understood as how I felt. I would definitely recommend Botonics to anyone who is suffering with acne like myself. Best decision I have made and I have also started my medication recently I’m so excited for the outcome of this! Thankyou so much Botonics for your service!!




Really good services for Roaccutane

I contacted Botonics hoping for a Roaccutane treatment after failing to get a hold on the NHS dermatology service (the waiting list for Roaccutane is unbelievably long). I researched which clinic was offering the treatment and Botonics was the only one I saw which offered a first consultation free of charge. 12h after my first email I was already in touch with Bill who booked an online appointment with the Dr Divya. The consultation went very well and the treatment process and costs were clearly stated, same as on their website. I only waited two weeks before the initial consultation and the beginning of my treatment. Since then it has been going extremely smoothly; both Bill and the Dr Divya are extremely kind, professional and responsive. As I started my treatment during covid I had to get 2 blood tests at the lab, but the appointments are made online and I received the medication at home so it’s really efficient. The communication by phone or email is extremely good as well, it is very easy and fast to get to speak to someone. I’m in my third month of Roaccutane and I’m really happy, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the clinic for this treatment.


Czarek Wisniewski


Life Changing Service, THANK YOU BOTONICS!!!

I first came into contact with Botonics after I explored all avenues in regards to Acne treatment with the NHS. I tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING and nothing seemed to be working. I consulted with my GP after I researched about Roaccutane and she advised me in order to be referred to a dermatologist on the NHS I’d be expecting a minimum of a 6 month wait, however, I simply couldn’t take the anxiety and insecurity anymore. I booked a consultation with Dr Divya online and within hours I received a video call, after speaking for around 15 minutes I became more knowledgeable about my condition then ever before, Dr Divya immediately put my mind at ease and restored my hope in clear skin. Following up my video call consulation I received a phone call from a gent called Bill, whom I couldn’t speak more highly of. Bill is always an email or phone call away, he’s very knowledgable, experienced and easy to talk to. 2 days after my blood test I received my first batch of Roaccutane and I can easily say, 2 months in, this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this life changing service. From the consultation to starting treatment in less than a week, couldn’t recommend more!


William Stacey


Roaccutane treatment

I approached Botonics with enquiry about my acne, and undertaking Roaccutane treatment. I had tried for a while to receive further treatment with the NHS after a few unsuccessful topical treatments, but without success. The process had been held back by covid, and I believe they have stopped offering Roaccutane treatment during covid.
As soon as I got in touch with Botonics through their online request form, I was instantly contacted and booked onto a free telephone consultation with a specialist. Beforehand, it involved sending up to date photos of my acne, along with a past medical history and details of previous treatments.
The consultation was very helpful and covered the different options, to which we decided Roaccutane was the best option.
Unlike other medical services, the turnaround was very quick and only a day later I was making the next step to begin my treatment. The costs were clearly laid out, without hidden costs.
I proceeded to be put in contact with the lab for an appointment to receive a blood test. They were able to book me in straight away, despite it being over the Christmas period, to receive the test.
Once the results were finalised, I proceeded with treatment. The medication was quickly and easily sorted and the cost for this was clearly laid out at the beginning of the treatment.
I am only at the very beginning of my Roaccutane treatment and I’m very positive for how things will unfold over the next few months.
Both the specialist I have seen, and Bill, who managed my appointments and administration, have both been very helpful and efficient.
My skin has calmed down and the red spots have become much smaller. I look forward to seeing how the next few months unfold, and if my improvements continue whilst taking Roaccutane.




5* Level of service

I went to Botonics after being put on a long waiting list due to COVID by the NHS and my GP. Bill and the team have been incredibly professional and they are very responsive and happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone. The at-home blood test kits have been a life saver and its really saved me the time having to go all the way to central London to conduct these. I can’t fault Botonics’ professionalism and I highly encourage anyone who needs Roaccutane treatement to talk to Bill and get a free consultation.

All my appointments have been over Whatsapp video call with Dr Joshua and the availability is very varied, so I can book these at times and dates where its most convenient to me. I’ve had to cancel previously before the 24 hour cut-off and Cassie is incredibly understanding and helps you organise another appointment more suited to your availability. The price of the treatement is very well advertised on Botonics’ site and wasn’t being hidden from the public’s eye like many other private health services.

I originally had a free consultation within one week of emailing Botonics with my interest and then I only had to wait another 1 week before my blood test kit arrived, this was then turned around in 2 days so in total from finding Botonics online to taking my first pescription it was 2.5 weeks, with the NHS Dermatologist I was estimated to have a 17 week wait just to speak to the dermatologist.

I definetly recommend if people are struggling with the NHS Dermatologists and want to enquire about Roacctuane with Botonics to email or call up and Bill will be more than happy to explain the process and any pricing plans with you too.


Claire T


Accutane treatment

My son is 17 and was on the NHS waitlist for Accutane at the start of lockdown. He was really disheartened when he learned that his treatment would not be able to start but his dermatologist has hoped to see him around April/May time. By April it didn’t look like things were opening up at all so I started to research private options.

When I found Botonics, I was pleased to see that the price of treatment was listed on their website- always a plus in my book. I then went to read the reviews and was really struck by how glowing they all were.

I decided to contact Botonics and got an email straight back from Bill (on a Sunday). We had a chat and set up a video consultation with my son and Dr Joshua which was free of charge. It was so professional and seamless and I really felt we were being given the best advice with no pressure at all.

We had blood tests done remotely and my son started his treatment on accutane within a week of my first email. We had the drugs sent directly to us as well. We have just finished the 6 months of treatment and my son’s skin is amazing. He has a bit of scarring but it is fading already and his skin is completely free from spots. The worst side effect was probably the dry lips which he had throughout but they were definitely a price worth paying.

We had regular video consultations and blood tests throughout- everything was done remotely as we are in Northern Ireland. Bill & Dr Joshua were amazing to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend Botonics to anyone. They always got back to us straight away and my son found Dr Joshua really easy to talk to and helpful.

We are still waiting on the call from our local hospital to schedule my son’s dermatology appointment so we definitely made the right choice to go private! We are lucky we are in a position to do so and doubly lucky to have found Botonics.


Liberty Catton



Botonics have been nothing but amazing from the day I enquired about this treatment. I chose to go private due to the long wait list of the NHS and I have not regretted it since.

I enquired, got a blood test and started my treatment all within two weeks, during a pandemic that is pretty outstanding. They are nothing but attentive.

My specialist, Dr Divya is extremely professional but also puts you at ease during your consultations. My monthly consultations with her are always prompt and booking a consultation to suit my needs is not a problem either.

Treatment was provided as soon as I got the green light and Bill is constantly in touch. My blood tests are a quick turnaround with Botonics ensuring I get seen on the same day.

I am three months into my treatment and I have not regretted it since. My skin has improved and I am so glad I chose Botonics for this treatment.

All the fees are transparent and you definitely get what you pay for.


Hannah Townsend


Lip Fillers By Narushka

I had lip fillers for the first time with Narushka in August this year. I was nervous as I had never had any injectable treatments before. I knew I wanted someone very qualified and experienced so I could be assured I was in safe hands. After doing lots of research I decided on Botonics and Narushka and managed to get an appointment for a few weeks time. The virtual consultation answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Narushka recommended I started with 0.5ml and tbh I wasn’t expecting a huge difference. Pleasingly it was definitely a noticeable improvement to me while still being very natural to everyone else. She also picked up on some asymmetry in my top lip and corrected it. There was some swelling for 48 hours afterwards but nothing too noticeable or uncomfortable. I was delighted with the final result and plan to return to have them topped up very soon. I only wish I had done it sooner.




Roaccutane treatment

I’m very happy with their service. The whole team was amazing especially Bill and Dr Joshua. I was very sceptical at the begging but the treatment worked very well for me. I was on the treatment for 6 months and I’m writing this review 2 months after my treatment. I don’t have any active spots for more than 3 months. If you’re hesitant about the clinic, please don’t. The clinic was very accommodating during this difficult time. Forgot to mention that I started my treatment in April, during the lockdown and they were the only clinic that called me back. All my consultations were online and even my prescriptions were delivered at home. I will definitely recommend it to others and thank you once again.


minaaa basharrr


Really good service

I’ve been with Botonics for about two months and their service has been exceptional. I was initially going to start the isetretinion treatment through the GP however due to covid I wasn’t able to take that route which is when I turned to Botonics which took less than a week to give me a free consultation to advice on what’s best for me, take a blood test and send of the pills all within a week. Nevertheless, Botonics also helped me with any enquiries that I had due to their fast service over the phone and email. Im very happy with my accutane journey so far and look forward to the future.




I thought I would write a review about…My accutane treatment

I thought I would write a review about my experience with Dr Joshua and team. I started my accutane treatment at the beginning of the first lockdown. After suffering with adult acne for years I thought I would try an alternative to the nhs. As we all know you have to wait quite a while to be seen in regards to acne. I emailed Botonics for my first consultation, which was via video the next day. Within 7 days of checking my bloods I started my treatment under the care of Dr Joshua. The process was straightforward, everything was explained about what to expect and any worries I had were put to rest. The care I have received with the Botonics teams has been impeccable. If you are struggling with acne and would like the best care in London I would highly recommend Dr Joshua. My skin now 6 months later is clear and glowing this has helped my confidence so much. Thank you Dr Joshua and the whole team.




Exceptional service for a miracle acne treatment

When browsing online to find out more about private services that provided Roaccutane treatment, botonics popped up, full of positive reviews – so positive (compared to the other far and few across the UK) that I was almost sceptical. Yet, 2 and a half months into treatment, the service has been as professional, pleasant and smooth as I had previously read.

First, I would have gone through the NHS. But, in absolute desperation, as I’m in my late 20s, my scarring is significantly more severe and waiting for 6 months+ just for an appointment was not feasible. Also, when I tried this treatment over 6 years ago (it really is a miracle drug, flawless clear skin for 5 years), the NHS give you a month’s worth of the prescribed drug per monthly appointment. If they can’t see you within a month (happened a couple of times), and there are gaps in-between the medication (which is really not good), you experience all the early unpleasant side effects of the medication again and again (dry skin and bone aches). Botonics avoid this ordeal by sending it all at once, covering all the months – perfect for lockdown covid-times when our appointments keep getting postponed!

So, saving face (quite literally), I emailed in, and within a few days, they had already booked a non-pressurising (and free!) consultation to go over treatments and whether Roaccutane was the best course of action. As it was, Bill very kindly explained payment approaches (IUD saves you money), and patiently waited for my transfers and the information that I had to provide upfront. Under two weeks later I had already begun the medication and my skin has improved dramatically over the last two months. My face is now completely clear, just cystic acne on my neckline and neck to go – but you can visibly see the gradual transition to clear skin almost daily!

Over the last couple of months, Bill and the team have been extremely kind, accommodating and patient despite my own shortfallings as a customer/patient (messing up blood test kits as I live on my own and mainly my slow replies due to large workload). 10/10 would recommend.


Tom Shrive


Fantastic service, top results.

Seen Naruschka maybe 5 times and every time lovely to talk to you, puts you at ease instantly,

I hate needles, but honestly not a problem, the results of my under eye filler are always fantastic and actually seem to be lasting longer and longer.

Highly highly recommend


Aisha Hussain


My Roaccutane journey

For months I have been researching different clinics to finally start my roaccutane treatment. After having many years of disappointment from dermatologists and being on the NHS waiting list which was never ending I finally opted to look into it myself as it was something that affected me in my day to day life. I found botanics on my search and was amazed by the good reviews. I put my enquiry in and was contacted on the same day, which I did not expect at all. I was then able to have a free consultation with Dr. Joshua who has been so amazing throughout this process. I explained how I felt and what it meant for me to start this treatment. He was very understanding and assured me that we can do something about my acne.

My whole life I hated looking in the mirror due to my acne, I have tried everything you can think of! To topical treatments and antibiotics which did nothing for my skin. I knew going with botanics was the right step to take and although I was hesitant, I know this has been the best decision I have made!

I spoke to Bill on the phone and he answered any questions I had regarding the process. Once the free consultation was set up, I had my blood test and pregnancy test. Within days I was sent the roaccutane tablets and started my course straight away. I was so happy with how quick everything was set up.

The team are botanics are very organised and friendly. Emails are sent when I need to go for my bloods etc. They also reply very quick which is always a plus!

I am currently on my 3rd month of my roaccutane process and my skin has never felt better. Everyone around me has noticed how much happier I am and how confident I am in my own skin now. I’m so glad to have chosen botanics and would recommend them to anyone who asked!

A big thanks to Dr. Joshua, Bill, Cassie and Michelle.
Such a wonderful team!




I chose to go with Botanics for the quality service

I chose to go with Botanics for roaccutane to treat my acne as I had tried multiple other treatments at the GP and nothing worked. I found the process to be really easy and clear. I firstly made an inquiry and very shortly afterwards I was speaking to a specialist free of charge. Within a week of this I was having my blood tests and then on the medication. I have also received regular check ins with the dermatologist and from the people that work at Botanics. They are incredibly helpful and very organised. This made the whole process a lot easier. I am glad I went through Botanics and it was so much quicker than I expected and very easy.

Further, the care and attention that they provide is excellent. They clearly focus on you and make sure that everything is as you expect and address any concerns. They ensure that they follow up with you as well after every appointment which is great.

Overall, it is a personal service which is transparent throughout with no pressure on you. I am so glad I went with Botanics and highly recommend them.


Clara Gibbons


If you're considering Botonics for roaccutane treatment, do it!

I have suffered with moderate acne pretty much most of my teenage and young adult life. By the time I was 25 I decided I didn’t want to waste anymore of my life feeling unhappy with my skin. I went the NHS route i.e. antibiotics, topical retinoids and a 38 week waiting list for a dermatologist!! I did some research and I came across botonics and the great reviews it had. Not only that, it was a a fraction of the price of some of the dermatologist’s I was coming across plus you get a free (video) consultation, winner!

From the first point of contact with Botonics and Bill it has been an incredibly positive experience for me. I felt listened too and I felt as though they really saw me as an individual and my story.

Everything is super organised, easy to navigate and understand. The team are very understanding to individual’s circumstance and needs. It (can be) all from your own home which, given the times we’re in, is just an added bonus. The treatment can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

It is a fuss-free, simple and to the point service and that is something that can be difficult to find in the beauty/dermatology world. Everything is as it says, there is no hidden meanings or agendas behind anything. It truly is the best investment I’ve made and I am so glad I picked botonics.

Roaccutane can be a scary prospect and it can be a difficult journey, but when it’s made so easy and smooth like It is with Botonics it really makes it a whole lot easier. I couldn’t recommend Botonics, Bill and Dr. Joshua enough!





I have been going to Naruschka for over 6 years now and I wouldn’t trust anybody else. When starting to think about using fillers, like most people, I was very worried about going to the wrong person. I spent a huge amount of time researching numerous clinics and practitioners in London and found Botonics very quickly as Narushcka’s name came up time and time again for her artistry, skill, bedside manner and reasonable cost. On meeting her in person and getting my first treatment, she did not disappoint. I have a tricky lip shape to manage, but her work has always been extremely natural and subtle and many people close to me have been very surprised when finding out I had had ‘work’ done. On branching out to filler in other areas of my face, she has always had expert precision in the ‘natural look’. She always knows what to tweak and what to leave well alone, often turning me down for treatments I thought that I needed when I didn’t which has helped me build up a huge amount of trust in her. The whole Botonics experience is extremely professional and well oiled by Bill and the rest of the bookings team. Naruschka is medically trained, an expert at what she does and always up for a good chat! I always look forward to my appointments 🙂




Great customer service

Great customer service, always reply instantly which made it very easy and efficient to communicate with the staff. Ready to help anytime, couldn’t really get a full experience in the clinic due to covid so instead i had video calls with the doctor. Overall very happy with my results and treatment.


Diane G


Fantastic service

Fantastic service. Very happy. Trustworthy. Recommended.




Roaccutane treatment

My experience receiving Roaccutane treatment with Botonics has been excellent. The staff have been incredibly helpful and responsive, arranging appointments and medication very quickly. After my initial free consultation I decided against treatment and then when I did eventually decide to proceed staff were very accommodating. A lot of effort was put into getting all of the tests and appointments done remotely during Covid which meant medication arrived by post a week after I decided to go ahead with Roaccutane. Overall I would strongly recommend Botonics.




Non-surgical nose job

A great experience. I initially only wanted a very small change in the appearance of my nose and I was worried that a specialist would over do it and I’d be left with something I didn’t want and was not comfortable with. Naruschka was very caring and listened to my every word. I was amazed at how subtle the treatment was but it made all the difference in my confidence. The aftercare was fabulous. I had a phone consultation and a final face to face one to discuss the final results. Very pleased. Will be using Naruschka again! 🙂


Tracey Wilson



No faults to give! Had an outstanding service


Happy Customer


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty!!!

From the first moment I met Narushchka Henriques I completely trusted her. She is a consummate professional and helped me achieve a – changing result!

I booked a non-surgical nose job based on positive reviews I read about Botonics.
It was difficult , it was a nose reshaping after wrong surgery to get more symmetry to my nose and tips. I cannot thank her enough.
I recommend Botonics 100%


Happy customer


Non Surgical nose job - amazing results

I have attended the Botonics Clinic quite a few times for the Non-Surgical Nose job procedure with Naruschka Henriques. I had been unhappy with the bump on my nose ever since I was a teenager and had considered a surgical rhinoplasty but decided it was too extreme for me. My first Non-Surgical nose job was not at Botonics and I found it did not meet my expectations, however I decided to try again with Naruschka. I can say that the results were amazing! I could tell that Naruschka has an eye for balance and facial harmony. Naruschka was warm and friendly and I could tell I was in good hands. Because I trust Naruschka so much with this procedure, I travel from the other end of the country to get it done. The procedure itself was not painful because of the numbing cream. I feel like my confidence has increased so much because of this, I get compliments on my nose all the time!




quick results

I suffered from deep hollows and dark circles for a long time. They run in my family but mine were worse. They had been significant from a young age, I become more conscious of them when I was about 12 and entering high school. Having explored different methods to remove/reduce them I realised I wasnt getting anywhere. I had tried natural remedies and home treatments, drinking more water and sleeping more, using castor oil/peppermint oil/lemon juice/aloe vera gel. I lost hope until I came across the tear trough treatment, I had doubts that most people have, like I was scared of putting a needle so close to my eye. I was assured by Bill the co-ordinator of Botonics and the skilled Naruschka that did my procedure that it was safe. Having researched the procedure and looking at the results of others that had gotten it done I decided I too wanted to do it. I don’t regret it and I am happy with the results. Straight after the treatment you can see the hollows beneath your eyes plump up so it is effective. I feel more confident in my appearance and want to give a huge thanks to Bill and Naruschka for guiding me through it!




Just want to express my incredible…

Just want to express my incredible experience at Botanics with Nauruscka Henriques. First of all the staff are extremely friendly and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout your treatment process the free in depth consultation really puts you at ease, Nauruscka gives a very personal service and explains what she is doing step by step throughout the treatment. She’s very professional and caring which I truly value and I always leave feeling uplifted and looking my best.

I decided to have tear trough filler and cheek enhancement due to being concerned that I looked much older than 28. My house mate had been a client of Nauruscka for many years and always had perfect results, so I came for the treatment and I was blown away by how natural and perfect my treatments looked. I received numerous compliments from friends and family.

I loved the results so I’ve been returning for maintenance for over two years now. I highly recommend Botanics I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else.


New customer


Filler treatment...

Was not too sure what to expect on the day of my treatment with the new norm. After having an execllent consultation with Narushka prior to treatment ,I felt rest assured my treatment plan was to go ahead and my safety was imperative.
Day of treatment, execllent care felt extremely safe, and well looked after with regular checks made by Narushka to ensure I was comfortable throughout the treatment, thank you. Love the results. For anyone who may feel a little reluctant booking due to being safe, I cannot Express how good the team were with PPE and looking after clients.


Ameerah Amman


I have suffered with mild to severe…

I have suffered with mild to severe acne for all of my adult life. It began when I was in secondary school and has haunted me ever since. I have exhausted all medications possible, those prescribed by the NHS and even medical grade skin peels and facials. None of these have had any long-standing effect on my skin and if anything, have just left me feeling more deflated, like nothing would ever work. This took days, weeks, even months from my life which I cannot get back and would have continued to do so if I didn’t decide to take matters into my own hands and take the plunge with Roaccutane. I have had both the branded version (Roaccutane) and unbranded, Isotretinoin, prescribed to me and have seen no difference between the two, it is down to personal preference. I have heard about other people’s skin journeys and have researched the success rate of Roaccutane/ Isotretinoin.
Just when I felt hopeless and was about to give up – I found Botonics. After researching so many clinics, I decided Botonics was the right fit for me. After filling out the online application and having a follow up call the very next day with Bill, I soon felt more encouraged than ever to begin the process. I found the efficiency of the Botonics team to be brilliant, especially during the times of the lockdown. The clinic has adapted efficiently and have ensured any gaps in my prescriptions are minimised. They have done this by posting out my prescriptions the very same day, allowing me to receive it the next working day. They have also posted out all my required pregnancy tests and have a system whereby I can send a digital image of my results. All this has minimised my time spent outdoors and has saved me many hours on travel.
Dr Joshua has monthly video call appointments with me where we discuss my progress or concerns of any side effects. Although my journey has been slower and steady, I have seen physical improvements in my skin texture and my breakouts have been disappearing within a couple of days.
If you are thinking about trying Roaccutane, and like myself have exhausted all avenues and have been an acne sufferer for over a decade – I would highly recommend Botonics as the clinic to go for. As with this medication, its important you have the right support, and the team at Botonics have been so supportive and approachable with any of my concerns. I am excited for the remainder of my treatment and cannot wait for the final results!


Farida Miah


I've suffer with acne for 7 years since…

I’ve suffer with acne for 7 years since being diagnosed with PCOS. I have tried so many antibiotics through the NHS over the year as that’s all they would provide. I’ve also spent thousands on topical products including Obagi, anything that was recommend to me I’ve tried. I was always worried about roaccutane with all the negative reviews on it but over the last few years it’s been more positive so I did more research and decided it was time to go on roaccutane and say goodbye to my acne for good. I spoke to my GP who was reluctant but referred me to the dermatologist I had to wait 3 months for the appointment to meet someone who wanted me to go on more antibiotics and use more topical products from Boots. I was not impressed with this! And decided it time I take matters into my own hands.
I started to look for private clinics that offer roaccutane, looking reviews and location over processing what was on offer before I commuted, during this lockdown was implement. This is when I came across Botonics.
The process was so simple it almost didn’t seem true. I put in my enquiry the following day Bill got in touch to arrange an appointment with Dr Joshua with whom I was comfortable to discuss my acne journey who actually understood me, finally didn’t feel judge by a doctor! Within a week I had filled out my forms online went to Harley street for my blood test and was ready to go the whole process was seamless.
The blood results are available in a day and the prescription is sent out that day, yes there has been a delay is receiving my prescription but we’re living in challenging times, where we’ve all been effective by royal mail delays. So Botonics brought in a new service where they would send out the medication to reduce delays in the medication course.
I’ve also been having monthly consultations with Dr Joshua to discuss my progress, his been attentive and ensured all areas have been covered answering even the silliest of questions.
I’m 4 months into my 6 month journey and I’m the happiest I’ve been with my skin since the start of my acne journey. I can’t wait for the remaining stubborn acne to clear out and finally have perfect skin.
I couldn’t recommend roaccutane enough to those who are suffering with acne and Botonics should be your chosen clinic, if this is their service during lockdown imagine how good they’ll be when we go back to ‘normal’


Victoria Johnson


MOST convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane!

This is the most convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane! The thought of not being able to access medication during lockdown made me really panicky, but with Botonics:

– Prescriptions, forms I needed to fill in (with return envelopes including free postage) and pregnancy tests were sent to my door.

– Two private blood tests were included in price meaning I was able to have the consultation for my new prescription the following day if I needed.

– I was able to pay over a few months meaning I didn’t need LOADS of savings.

– WhatsApp video call consultations mean I can still speak to my doctor without having to take time off of work or travel.

– They always email in advance with available dates and times and reply quickly if you have questions and to confirm appointments.

They’ve helped me so much when so many other places had failed me. Please read below to hear what I wish someone had told me:

I have tried everything to get rid of acne. TCA face peels, creams (Duac, Differin), all of The Ordinary’s recommendations etc. EVERYTHING. I’ve wasted thousands of pounds before considering Roaccutane.

I know some people have horrific side effects. My sister struggled, however mine have been absolutely fine. Some dryness and heightened emotions around the time of the month – that’s all. It’s different for everyone.

This time last year, I was on my third try of Tetralysal (Lymecycline), prescribed to me by my GP. Every time I went on it, it was less effective and every time I came off of it my breakouts were worse. The spots on my face were large, swollen, red and painful. And frankly, awful to look at. Even though I tried not to touch my skin, ensured I had a different pillow case and washed my make up brushes after every use, they still came. By October my self-esteem had hit rock bottom and looking in the mirror would cause me to have multiple break downs throughout the day. I would avoid social events so no one could see me, I would position myself with my back to my boyfriend whenever I could so he didn’t have to look at me and I would wear make up to bed if he was there (only making it worse, of course).

I went to my GP and asked to be referred to a dermatologist. There was an appointment available in the next 28 days (taking us into November). I went to my appointment, but only saw a nurse who made me take off my make up and took photos of my skin. In a week or two, I received a letter which told me that I was being discharged back to my GP and they prescribed a cream. A CREAM. I was so angry and upset, I went back to my GP (taking us into December) and they didn’t know why I hadn’t seen a dermatologist when that’s who they referred me to. They said there was nothing they could do except refer me again. This time, the quickest date I could get was over 3 months away (end of March). So I decided to go private. I’m a teacher, not the best paid job, but it was really important as I was really suffering with my mental health at the time. And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

After Googling loads of dermatologists, I decided I wanted to do this properly so I thought the best person to see would work in a private hospital. I went for an initial consultation for £275 (this is FREE with Botonics) with a lady who worked for HCA healthcare. She put me on Roaccutane and after one month of using it, I came back to her and she told me how good it was that the “volcanoes” had gone. I laughed along, but inside I felt humiliated that she talked about my skin like that and it upset me thinking that other people saw my face as “volcano-like”. She also told me the hospital where she worked didn’t do pregnancy tests but “Boots will probably do one for you” and gave me the prescription. I went to Boots, they did not do a pregnancy test for me. This woman also did not weigh me (which is standard procedure that I found out from Botonics). She kept me on a low dosage of 20mg for longer than necessary (meaning I now have to be on these tablets for longer than required – which I also found out from Botonics)!

When lockdown happened I was frantically Googling where I could find someone to help, I was just beginning to feel comfortable in my skin again and was scared I wouldn’t be able to access Isotretinoin for the foreseeable future. I contacted Botonics and a few other companies, however they were the ones to get in touch and reassure me they could help, and what’s more, they told me I had not been treated properly previously. As I had already began my Roaccutane journey, they lowered the total price which was kind, and I haven’t had to worry about my skin ever since. All in all, an effective and amazing service!




Botox treatment - frown lines

I have been going to Naruschka for several years now for Botox injections to my forehead and the results have really helped my confidence by turning back the years, and the treatment is done in such a way that the result is always subtle and natural! Over the years Naruschka has noticed my needs change slightly too and so she’s gradually adapted my treatment to make sure I still get the best result. And with minimal discomfort!

Naruschka is also great at giving advice and reassurance if I raise an observation on anything. Last year my Botox felt like it was wearing off faster than normal and when I asked about this she mentioned I might have low zinc levels. I started taking zinc supplements and this solved the problem! It coincided with a big change I had made to my diet and I hadn’t realised the effect it had on my zinc! Narushcka always takes the time to listen and advise in every single appointment and so I’ve been very grateful for her expertise and knowledge!


Phoebe Henry


Great treatment

Great treatment
Very friendly and professional.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!




A positive Roaccutane treatment experience

I’ve had problem skin since my late teens (I’m now heading towards 50) and have tried everything over the years: lotions, potions, antibiotics. They worked for a short time, but then my spots came back. I approached Botonics a few years ago for a free consultation and was advised to use the Obagi Clenziderm skincare range (which they provided). It was the first time I had seen a medical professional who I felt really ‘got it’ and actually cared about finding a solution – rather than fobbing me off with a generic prescription.

The result was transformative – after just a few weeks I noticed a change, and my skin completely cleared up. It was amazing! However, after around 3 years the spots started to return. I tried a salicylic acid peel, which worked for a while, but the procedure wasn’t for me. I don’t have the kind of lifestyle where I can hide away for a few days while my skin peels away!

After that, the consultant who I had been seeing throughout (another bonus – it’s great being able to see the same person each time), suggested I try Roaccutane. I was then transferred to a Roaccutane specialist for my treatment. My first consultation with Dr Joshua was free, to check whether I was right for treatment. He was knowledgeable, supportive and very down to earth – again, I felt like he understood what I was going through and wanted to find a solution. At no stage did I feel pressured. The process and costs were made very clear upfront, so I knew exactly what to expect.

I’m now entering the final week of my Roaccutance treatment and my skin is incredible – I haven’t had a single spot for 4 months! I’ve seen Dr Joshua every month for a check up (via video during lockdown) – to see how I’m getting on medically and emotionally, and Bill at Botonics has been looking after the admin side diligently – organising my prescriptions and even sorting out an ‘at home’ blood test during lockdown, which was easier than I thought it would be.

I would 100% recommend Botonics for this procedure – throughout they have been knowledgable, professional, caring and easy to deal with. The result we’ve achieved is great – I have a new-found confidence now that my skin is clear.




Choose Roaccutane at botonics - 5 stars, highly recommend

I previously had a course of Roaccutane about 9 years ago when I was in my early 20’s. I was free of acne for years but it had started to return to my face, arms, chest and back. Knowing that the NHS would be a slow, arduous process, I came to botonics and they were able to organise a consultation for me within a few days. I then had my blood test the next day and was on the medication in less than a week. Once Coronavirus lockdown came into force my treatment continued uninterrupted and botonics was even able to organise delivery of my medication direct to my door. My treatment is roughly 90% complete and I’m very happy with the results.

I cannot recommend more highly the staff – Dr Joshua and my coordinator, Bill. The service was personal and the process was transparent. More people should be aware that there is a private route to treat acne and they should choose botonics.




Botonics have been amazing: Roaccutane treatment

Botonics have been amazing in helping me from the get go with my Roaccutane treatment. I was previously on a course of Roaccutane through a private hospital, however it was stopped because of coronavirus, just one month into my treatment. Not wanting to stop my treatment I contacted botonics for help. My video consultation took place within 2 days (on the Friday). I was then sent to there lab to get my blood test done on the Monday (as they are shut at weekends) and they had the results the same day ! As all my results were clear, I then had my prescription sent out to me the next day. All within less than a week. The process was so quick and simple and I felt 100% confident in Botonics the whole time. I was also given credit off the price for the treatment I had already received, as I had already taken 1 month of tablets.
Communication with the Botonics team has been so helpful and whenever I have a question about my treatment they are always responsive via email or phone as well as being super friendly. Thanks to Botonics I am able to continue your treatment without interruption, which has been so important to me. I have got my second video call to check in with my treatment in a few weeks and I cant wait to continue working with Botonics for my roaccutane.


Lizzie Hughes


Nice clean and easy to find facilities…

Nice clean and easy to find facilities on Harley St and the treatment itself yielded the perfect result, exceeding expectations.





I visited Botonics for the first time a few years ago and to be honest I did not know what to expect, I had never had any plastic surgery/procedures done before, particularly on the face, and therefore undoubtedly I was very nervous and confused as to what to expect, despite doing as much research as I possibly could. Once I arrived, the atmosphere was very professional and the staff extremely friendly. I initially chose Botonics after seeing all of the good reviews online and wanted to be sure that I was in trusting and professional hands. I did not actually realise at the time that I was able to complete the procedure straight after the consultation, which was very good news to hear, as I wanted to address the insecurities with my nose ASAP. The procedure itself took no longer than 10 minutes and the pain threshold I would say was approximately 3/10 (and my pain threshold is not that high). The specialist Dr. Narushchka Henriques was extremely professional and reassuring; answered all the questions/addressed all the worries that I had with honesty, and assured me of all the ins-and-outs before proceeding with treatment – it was clear for her that this was not a money-making scam and that she genuinely cares for her patient’s and would like to be as open and as honest about the outcome and potential side effects of bruising etc. (which for me did not last long at all, maybe a few days). Overall, the procedure was quick, relatively pain-free and once I saw the outcome in the mirror, I was extremely pleasantly surprised at what had come of my nose. For the first time in my life, the hook had gone and it was straight and I couldn’t remember a more self-esteem boosting moment if I tried (for people whose nose is their insecurity, trust me you will be able to relate).


Helen W


Non-surgical rhinoplasty with Naruschka

The primary reason I went to see Naruschka was to discuss non-surgical rhinoplasty. I underwent rhinoplasty 20 years ago and it was not successful – the asymmetry in my nose which had been less visible in my larger nose was now very pronounced in my smaller nose (tip and nostril asymmetry was left particularly exaggerated) and too much had been removed from my bridge. I was very disappointed but just learnt to live with it. As my face has aged (I am now in my late forties), it has been looking even worse however and I decided to explore a filler solution. Naruschka had great reviews and I am really pleased with the results of my first treatment session with her. She really took the time to understand what was bothering me most about my nose and my face. I decided to go ahead with the treatment there and then and my nose definitely looks better. Replacement of some of the bridge is transformational for me and makes me feel a bit more like my “old” self. The asymmetry, including nostril asymmetry, is still there to some extent but I trust Naruschka that some further refinements can be made (my nose was so traumatised and had so much scar tissue that it will require enhancement over time) – I accept complete perfection is unattainable as my nose is just wonky, but I am feeling a lot happier with it. I only wish I’d had this treatment sooner.

I also had cheek fillers with Naruschka. I have had them before from different therapists but I am really pleased with what Naruschka has done – she assessed that I was missing more volume on one side than the other and tailored the dose accordingly. No other therapist has done this and, needless to say, the result is a lot better. I found the overall treatment took a little longer because Naruschka takes her time to get to know your face properly. She was also very sensitive to my desire not to look dramatically different and to take things slowly. I would recommend Naruschka full stop, but particularly if you are apprehensive about having these sorts of treatments and worried about being seen as having lots of work done.

The one thing I would say is that there is a short recovery time required after non-surgical rhinoplasty (Naruschka has a great video online about this online, I discovered!), as you might expect with an area as delicate as the nose. If you are likely to be self-conscious, I would recommend that you plan your treatment so you don’t have to go to work or a social event for 48 hours (the day after is the worst day – even if your nose looked ok immediately after treatment, it will be very swollen the next!). Bruising was actually very limited and easily concealed; it was the swelling that was more of an issue. Since the first two days, some residual swelling has remained (particularly when I first get up in the morning), but it it is liveable with and it gets better every day as my nose settles back down to more refined contours. I would always definitely have treatment a good few weeks before a big event.

Even if you are worried about anything, the other great thing I have found with Botonics is the personalised interaction from an administrative perspective – Bill was my coordinator and he sorted out all of the procedural aspects and followed up by email the day after my treatment to check all was well and encourage me to take the various supplements designed to reduce swelling etc. Again, I have not experienced this level of service elsewhere.




acne journey

i suffered from acne for over 5 years, i had tried everything from topical creams to antibiotics but nothing seemed to work.
i came across botonics online where i did thorough research.
i booked an appointment and was seen by a specialist very fast.
the consultation was free, my face was examined and i was asked a series of questions. i qualified for accutane which i was so happy about as i had seen amazing results from others.
i was on accutane for 6 months and i cannot express how happy i am with the results. i had very few side effects(dry skin and eyes), however i was seen every month to monitor my side effects as well as blood test to ensure every thing was ok.
the staff were super friendly and answered any questions i had and eased any worries i was experiencing.
i work full time but they allowed to book appointments to suit my convenience.

if you are suffering from acne i 100% recommend this service. i saw amazing results, had a smooth journey, was given advice on how to ease side effects, and received very helpful aftercare.




I had a few different procedures…

I had a few different procedures through Botonics, the results are exceptional, best surgeons and specialists and most importantly a friendly personal approach, the team at Botonics will hold your hand throughout the whole process, can’t recommend highly enough!




Dermal fillers

I’ve done a few dermal fillers at Botonics and had excellent service level and results. Naruschka is very patient at explaining the procedure throughly, she made me feel very calm and confident with the process. She has fantastic attention to details, very thorough in her work, and extremely skilful in sculpting to enhance your natural feature/ look.
I have been visiting Naruschka for a few years now and the result has been consistently great. No one noticed that I have had anything done, but all my family and friends are amazed about how young and fresh I look. I’ll be following and using her service hopefully for a very long time and keep looking like I were always in my 20s!


O. Fontana


Highly Recommend for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty!!!

I rarely take time to write out reviews, but the professionalism and quality of the service and care I have received in my 3 procedures at Botonics have been truly exceptional, and I would highly recommend Botonics to anyone seeking a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The results of the procedures have been impeccable every single time due to the meticulous work ethic of Naruschka. She adapts the procedure to your features and proportions to make your nose as aesthetically pleasing as possible from every angle, and is very responsive to what is most important to you and which aspect of your nose you are unhappy with. I explained to Naruschka in my first appointment what bothered me about my nose from the front and side profiles, and she was very attentive and was able to lift the tip and straighten the bridge. I could not be happier with results. It is so much more convenient than a surgical rhinoplasty as well; it takes 20 minutes and involves almost no pain. Naruschka always takes time to explain everything involved in the procedure (side-effects, after care, recommended products), and is always happy to answer any question to ensure you feel informed and comfortable. Booking appointments is also extremely easy as Botonics is very quick to respond. I am so grateful for Naruschka and Botonics and would not seek any other professional for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.




Great servise

I am very happy with the professional care I received at Botonics clinic. Customer servise over the phone was great and consultation with plastic surgeon was very professional . I wanted to do fat transfer operation to breast but doctor gave his honest opinion that I was not a good candidate for this as I was too slim, he advised about alternative ways. Also consultation was offered free of charge which very nice .




Non Surgical Nose Filler @ Botonics

There are lots of people offering dermal fillers in London but it’s hard to find someone who is as understanding of your expectations as Naroushka. I was conscious as it was the first time I had ever had any dermal fillers so I did my research and Botonics came up over and over again. I booked a non-surgical nose job based on other positive reviews and was not disappointed. I had seen a few other practitioners but was unsure of what they were offering and if they truly understood my concerns. From the very beginning with Botonics I was made to feel 100% comfortable before and during my procedure which I am very appreciative for as it was my first dermal fillers. I met with and had a consultation with Naroushka and what immediately impressed me is that her technical knowledge and skill is superb. On top of that Naroushka calming, patient and very easy to chat to and she made me feel secure about what was happening during the procedure. The whole process was simple, from booking and discussing with Bill over the phone (who managed to make appointments fit in accordance with my needs) the consultation and the treatment and aftercare – everything was spot on. After the procedure Naroushka advised me how to treat and care for the nose and to be in touch for a follow up. I have since been back for check ups which were very helpful and help to get the exact results that I wanted. Even at this stage Naroushka was very patient and wanted to achieve the perfect look that I was after. I will be visiting again when I need to. I couldn’t be happier with my nose now and I would be quick to recommend this clinic, and practitioner, to anyone.


Miss nose from Wales


I wanted to share my experience of non surgical rhinoplasty

I wanted to share my experience of non surgical rhinoplasty to help others in the same situation. I had a failed rhinoplasty and the results were not only unfavourable cosmetically but emotionally I suffered greatly.
The heartache of a revision rhinoplasty was something I didn’t want to consider. I did have many consultations regarding revision surgery but due to the unpredictable results, possibly more scar tissue, over a year healing time and the possibility of further emotional scarring I chose to look into the possibility of non surgical rhinoplasty using fillers. I had many consultations with practitioners regarding nose fillers. Every consultation was at least a 7 hour round trip as I live in Wales but I didn’t give up hope I kept searching. I didn’t feel confident with any practitioner until I met Narushka.
Narushka instantly made me feel comfortable. She listened to my concerns and she could see and understand what I’d like to correct. She explained what she could achieve with nose filler and how she would preform the procedure and why she would use the particular filler she used. Narushka’s understanding of nasal anatomy is honestly more advanced than some ENT surgeons I consulted with. She kindly made a plan for my nose explaining the whole procedure and aftercare to me in fine detail. I never felt rushed or silly for asking the same questions 2 or 3 times. Narushka was the first person I met who genuinely wanted to help from her heart and doesn’t treat you like it’s a business. Her artistic eye and skill is phenomenal. The actual procedure didn’t hurt and the result was so beautiful. Finally a nose that fitted my face. I actually cried with relief that my nose nightmare was over. I thought filler would add bulk and make the nose bigger and wider. Not in the hands of Narushka – my nose was refined, elegant and gained the much needed projection. I’m happy for anyone to message me and I will share my pictures. I don’t write reviews but this was so important to me because after my rhinoplasty I discovered so many others that were also out there suffering with unfavourable results afraid to have further surgery and really not knowing where to go or who to trust because so many websites use fake pictures they have taken from the internet or modified themselves I felt a need to help others. Botonics was the only website that was super informative and showed results from every angle with before pictures. Please don’t give up hope. Narushka is amazing and she will give you the confidence to live happily again being able to forget about your nose and the emotional scarring that it causes. The best thing of all is the nose only better with time. I will be forever grateful to Narushka the Fairy God mother of healing noses. Bill was also wonderful, he too is very informative and organised.




Roaccutane Experience

I have suffered from severe facial acne since I was 12. I have tried every treatment possible from peeling, birth control, laser, etc, but nothing seems to work. I have thought about taking Roaccutane before, but I was too scared about the side effects. After a few years of suffering, I finally decided to take Roaccutane treatment with Botonics. I am now into my 5th month of treatment with Dr Zokaie and I can’t be more grateful that my skin has now fully cleared up and haven’t been having any active acne for about 2 months.

For me personally, other than dry skin, the side effects of Roaccutane is not that bad as Dr Zokaie always make sure that I am coping well with the side effects.

My experience with Botonics has been amazing. Since I am a university student in Manchester, it is hard for me to fit in the monthly blood tests, pregnancy tests and check ups in my schedule. However, Botonics is very flexible, they enabled me to do my blood tests and pregnancy tests at my convenience and later be assessed by Dr Zokaie. This, of course, makes me easier to continue my Roaccutane treatment whilst being a busy university student.

The staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They always reply to my email and enquiry very quickly and always make sure that I am satisfied with their service. I highly recommend Botonics to anyone who is suffering from acne.




My experience with Botonics

I had suffered with severe acne on my face and back for 4 years. During these 4 years I made many trips to the GP to find a solution for my acne. I was given antibiotics and topical creams to help cure my acne. These worked for some time but were temporary as when I would come off the pills and creams I would notice my acne return. I knew i needed to find a permanent solution. I tried many lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and I even bought and tested some other creams and pills which unfortunately didn’t work either. After a lot of research I came across something called accutane which many people were seeing amazing results with and completely clearing up their acne I tried to get an appointment through the NHS however through the NHS I was told that I would have to wait a minimum of 6 months to be seen.

I decided to research some private dermatology clinics and came across Botonics. I read their reviews online and they offered the best package and price for the treatment I wanted.
I called botonics and they offered me an appointment on the same week to be seen by Dr Zokaie. The consultation they offered me with Dr Zokaie was free and there was no pressure for me to decide to proceed with the treatment on the day.

My experience with Botonics has been amazing. I was so pleased with the results I had just after 2 months on Accutane. I had always been self conscious about my acne and scars and wanted to treat is as soon as possible.

In my case I agreed on the same day to start treatment and on the same day I done a blood test which is required to start this treatment and on the next day my prescription was ready to pick up. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything had been sorted and I was finally on my journey toward getting clear skin and getting my confidence back.

Thank you to Bill from Botonics for being very friendly and professional with everything. From booking my appointments, taking correct payments and always being available to answer any questions or concerns I may have.

I am now on my 7 month of accutane and completely free of acne on my face and back. I still have some scars on my back due to my acne being so severe but this can also be treated through Botonics which offer a wide range of treatments for acne scar removal.

I highly recommend anyone who is also suffering from acne to look into botonics and see what they have to offer. I am really happy with my results and would recommend botonics to anyone suffering from acne.
I wish somebody had told me about botonics sooner !!




non surgical rhinoplasty

I visited Doctor Naruschka and was initially quite anxious as this was my first time getting any form of cosmetic treatment or procedure. Doctor Naruschka made me feel very comfortable from the moment I entered. She explained the procedure in depth, went through the aftercare and ultimately put my mind at ease.
The booking process was smooth and efficient and I managed to get an appointment in good time. I was able to ask any queries prior to visiting and was also able to gain an insight into whether I’d be a suitable candidate for the treatment before attending by sending in pictures to be reviewed. This was very helpful. My point of contact was Bill who was also excellent. He was very easy to reach and responded swiftly throughout the process which was reassuring.

Even after reviewing my pictures and booking the appointment, the consultation was free and there was no pressure for me to decide to proceed on the day. I explained my concerns in the consultation and mentioned that I was always self conscious about the symmetry of my nose. Doctor Naruschka listened attentively and then performed an assessment for herself. She then advised me of what she felt would benefit me most in achieving a more balanced profile. I was conscious of not wanting my appearance to chance too drastically and was anxious in this way but she kindly settled my concerns.

The procedure itself was pain free and the results were excellent. She initially applied a numbing cream over my nose which took around 10 minutes to take effect so l barely felt a thing! Doctor Naruschka was very skilled and had good placement of the filler to give a more defined symmetrical profile after the treatment wad completed. She explained that I would possibly require a top up appointment once the filler had settled in order to obtain the best results but I was very pleased with even just the one treatment.

The recovery was very easy. I had very little bruising or swelling and had only a few marks on my nose of the needle incisions which were easily covered with concealer and faded within the next few days. I was back to my normal routine almost immediately and besides a little tenderness in my nose for the week , there was largely no other discomfort. The results where immediate and I was very happy. I will definitely recommend Doctor Naruschka. She is very competent in her work and definitely makes you feel like you are in good hands. I will be returning for further treatments with her.


Ms Frank


My experience with Dr Joffily and team…

My experience with Dr Joffily and team is none other than first class(royal).
I had a vaser fat transfer to buttocks.
Consultantion with Bill was very proffessional and yet warm and very reassuring. Quotation and patient information was drawn and communication was prompt with all questions satisfactory answered. My Procedure was done on proposed date of 19.10 19. The efficiency in the team and patient care was on top norch. Environment was the cleanest nicest and warmth in staff eased my nerves. Results of my procedure is outstandingly impressive. This is day 2 l went for 30min walk. Almost back to normal. After care sessions are being done proffessionally as home visits.I highly recommend anyone to confidently use Dr Joffily. Oh l won’t forget my Anaethetist who smiled through out excellent service that stand above rest in my life. Its a glowing experience that l couldnt wait to share.Thank you to the whole team.
Ms Frank




Great treatment

So pleased with the treatment and the result and all the support. I will definitely come back in 6 months time.
Trust it’s crucial when it comes to your face.
I felt very comfortable. Great job.


Faris Rai


Cheek, jaw and chin fillers + fat removal injections.

As I’ve aged towards my late 20’s and have a job which involves being in front of camera, I have noticed things about my appearance which have decreased and become personal insecurities of mine. I was physically in better shape during my younger years and my face had become more circular, losing definition and structure around my bone areas. I was really struggling to accept the consequences of aging and tried taking better care of my health, fitness and nutrition. Due to my busy schedule it has been hard to maintain consistency and discipline therefore I haven’t been getting the results that I desire. Botonics fixed my problem. They offered me a safe and comfortable solution with fillers and fat removal injections. This is something that I have never thought about and didn’t even know exists. The thought of plastic surgery is extremely daunting and most people would be too afraid to dare go ahead with such a thing…However, they also all have personal insecurities which they would remove in a heartbeat if found the opportunity to do so. Non-surgical fillers helped bring back the shadow, tone and definition which I thought that I lost in my younger years and made me happy with my appearance again which I haven’t been in the recent years of my life. They are incredible at what they do, are well educated within the industry with experience and knowledge. I couldn’t recommend them any more if I tried. I felt like I was in safe and secure hands during the whole process right from the first consultation right to the final procedures. Thank you Bill, you and your amazing team gave me the confidence to embrace myself and be more comfortable in front of camera.




cheek filler

I have been seeing Naroushka for over 4 years now. I recently got a cheek filler and I am over the moon, my face looks refreshed and the hollows under my eyes disappeared.
The procedure was painless and as I had the procedure done during lunch I could go back to work straight away! No bruising the next day either.
Thank you so much!




First Class customer service

First Class customer service; very pleasant surroundings and efficient management of my case throughout.

I will definitely use again, and would recommend to friends and family without hesitation.




Narushka is brilliant at what she does

I think Narushka is fantastic. A real artist. She takes her time and meticulously plans the surgery to get the best results for your face. The outcome is a natural but enhanced look. I have had non-surgical nose surgery and lip enhancement and I wouldn’t now go to anyone else. She is a perfectionist.


Miss T


A hidden gem!

I am usually quite sceptical of excellent reviews and ratings left time and time again however in the case of Botonics they TRULY are justified. I decided to make an appointment with Naruschka for a consultation on fillers for my tired and washed out look. Bill and his team immediately sent me a list of available days and appointment times which made it quick and easy for me to choose which one best fit into my schedule. My initial consultation with Naruschka was a great mixture of extreme professionalism with a large degree of warmth and understanding. She took her time to listen to all my concerns and had a very realistic and grounded approach which I welcomed as I was after a subtle and very natural look which she delivered 100%. I was so impressed by the results and my standards are high, having seen some of the top people in this industry. Naruschka is an artist who takes as much time as she needs, nothing is hurried. She is calm, reassuring, honest about pain levels, swellings and outcomes and she delivers what she says she will. I have been seeing her for close to a year and highly recommend her.
This is a genuine and honest review. Botonics is a hidden gem, rare to find these days.


F Ahmed


A completely 5 star experience in all areas!

Dr Naruschka has the perfect bedside manner and explained everything for my treatment thoroughly and concisely. My first time for a procedure like this so it was much appreciated.

Nice clean and easy to find facilities on Harley St and the treatment itself yielded the perfect result, exceeding expectations.

A completely 5 star experience in all areas!




Amazing experience of Roaccutane treatment

I had been suffering with acne for the past 3 years – within the 3 years I had made several visits to the GP and been giving a range of topicals and antibiotics such as benozyl peroxide and minocycline. Everything was a very temporary remedy – so I knew I had to try something with more permanent effects such as Roaccutane. However through the NHS the waiting time for appointments for Roaccutane was up to 8 months and I didn’t want to suffer for that long as my scarring and acne was getting worse by the day effecting my self confidence.
I researched many private dermatology clinics, but Botonics seemed to have the most clear and well priced package with a breakdown of prices, and appointments available within 1 week.
From the first appointment to getting prescribed Roaccutane was just under 2 weeks – Dr Zokaie (my dermatologist at Botonics) was so helpful and let me know exactly how much medication I will be taking, the side effects, how long the process will be etc.
Furthermore, when I had any queries I would email Bill at Botonics and get responses within less than one working day. The 1-1 support is great as it means I feel supported through out the whole process – the advice was also honest and straightforward which I greatly appreciated!
The monthly blood tests were also arranged via Botonics, and the process was very easy with minimal hassle.
Botonics were also able to accommodate for any schedule changes I had due to me working full time, and had a wide range of timings available for the appointments.
Overall the quick, streamlined and hassle free process really makes the whole treatment worth the money, and I would recommend Botonics to anyone looking to start their treatment on Roaccutane.


Jeremy Ho


I am currently undergoing a Roaccutane…

I am currently undergoing a Roaccutane treatment with Botonics and I would recommend it to others for a few reasons. Firstly, the Botonics admin staff make the booking process as easy as possible, both in terms of the doctor’s appointment and scheduling the blood tests. They similarly accommodated for booking changes due to my changes in my schedule. The blood tests were also really easy and convenient. Because it closes at 8pm, it gave me time to visit after work, which was very handy for me given by busy work schedule. Any queries or concerns I had was adeptly answered by the Botonics staff, whether that was by email or by phone call.

My dermatologist was also very friendly and experienced. He is a certified NHS Roaccutane consultant with many years experience with the treatment. After an initial assessment, he prescribed be Roaccutane after I passed by blood tests. He was also very patient in answering any questions or concerns I had regarding both the drug and the treatment (I had a lot of questions going forward with the treatment). Within 7 days of the initial assessment, I started by treatment, having easily filled my prescription at my local pharmacy.

Ultimately, this streamlined process was much easier and simple compared to the most other places. Not only was it fast, everything from payment to customer service was up to point. It was also great that the initial consultation and the first two blood tests were included in the initial payment. I would recommend botonics for those who are looking to begin Roaccutane treatment, and are hoping to get through it within a short period of time, as it would usually take much longer to undergo the treatment through the NHS. With the all inclusive treatment, botonics has definitely made what would have been a stressful process as stress free as possible.




I had a wonderful experience with…

I had a wonderful experience with botonics. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions and concerns. The treatment went very smoothly and after a week I had noticed that the results of the treatment were successful. I would recommend using botonics to anyone looking for treatment.




I went to Botonics for Roaccutane

I went to Botonics for Roaccutane, and they have been an amazing support throughout my experience!

Really professional, nice and helpful team. Seemingly always on call, and willing to think of ways to make monthly doctor check-ups easier and more convenient! I lost one of my prescriptions after meeting with the doctor (stupid, I know!) and the team promptly sent out a new one, very kindly waiving the charge.

I couldn’t have chosen a better company to do this treatment with, and can’t recommend them highly enough!


Carly Peach


What can I say Naruschka Henriques is…

What can I say Naruschka Henriques is just the best. I had been unhappy for years after a bad nose job (done by another surgeon) which had left me with a ski-slope and then sadly had further trauma to my nose which left it mis-shapen and so uneven and deformed looking. I was totally miserable saving for yet another nose job when I came across the non surgical option. I went and had a free consultation and after which I had my first treatment and was beyond over the moon. My nose was straight and defined and the best it had ever looked I was so happy. I came back after around 9 months for a top up and then treatment lasted longer and longer each time I had it done. I am due to get married and live in the Midlands and decided I wanted cheek fillers aswell as the non surgical nose job. I do not know what possessed me so close to my wedding date but I tried another clinic locally which had good reviews and were offering a deal on two treatments. This was the worst mistake I could have made. My cheek filler as ok but my nose was horrific. It looked like it did before I had ever been to Naruschka. Symmetry totally off, no definition I was devastated. My hen do was 5 weeks away and my wedding 8 weeks away. I gave it two weeks to see if it settled down which it did not and contacted Naruschka who fitted me in for an appt a day or so later. She gave me great advice and reassured me it would all be ok. I went back to the original practitioner and she dissolved it but I had to go back twice as she tried to fix it first but it was still terrible result. So after 3 lots of needles going in my face I ended up back to where I started before ever having any filler. Not only was it a stressful waste of time and money and caused me so much upset, I lost all the build up of old filler I had previously had in previous treatments. 2 weeks later I was in with Naruschka and now I feel like myself again. A week later I was at my hen do and nose was not quite settled but no-one noticed as had my makeup done. I know by the time my wedding comes round in 3 weeks it will be perfect and settled. So I never write reviews but my advice to anyone is dont be seduced by deals, you get what you pay for. In my case it nearly cost me looking my best on my big day, do not risk it. Noses are such an important parts of our faces, you cant afford for it too go wrong. I would never go anywhere else ever again.




Non-Surgical Nose Job

This was my first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure, so safe to say I was extremely nervous as to where to go and did extensive research as to which practice to go to for the non-surgical nose job procedure. I am so glad I came across Botonics, as the whole experience was amazing from start to finish. After booking the appointment/ consultation, I met Naruschka who couldn’t have been more reassuring and patient and I knew I was in safe hands when I underwent procedure. I am extremely happy with the results and will definitely be returning. Would like to thank Naruschka for her incredible patience and reassurance throughout, highly recommend.




Excellent service, thank you.

I contacted Botonics for specialist treatment of Roaccutane for 11 months. I received first class treatment, and staff were very friendly and courteous when servicing me during appointments or answering any of my queries.

Thank you Botonics it has been a pleasure.




Amazing Work and Excellent Customer…

Amazing Work and Excellent Customer Service! Highly Recommended!





Naruschka is friendly, professional and very calming which is very reassuring before going ahead with treatments. I found Naruschka to also be very informative and was happy to answer any questions I had. The procedure results were fantastic and exactly what I was hoping for. Aftercare was also excellent with Naruschka and she was happy to answer any concerns I had. I am a returning customer and will continue to go to Botonics for any future treatments.




Dermal Fillers

I had very good experience with Dr. Naruschka. During the consultation she understood what I was looking for straight away. After 2 treatments of dermal fillers, she helped me get my younger face back. A huge thank you to Dr. Naruschka.


Anon. Customer


Excellent experience of Roaccutane treatment

From the beginning my experience with Botonics has been straightforward, pleasant and efficient. I was really keen to start Roaccutane treatment as quickly as possible, after growing tired of waiting for a referral to the specialist NHS dermatologist. I initially contacted Botonics after reading the information laid out clearly on their website and attended a free consultation with the doctor. It was amazing to realise how quickly I would be able to start the treatment; after just one appointment with the doctor and a blood test a couple of days later. I started my first month of Roaccutane just one week after the first appointment – something that would not have been possible elsewhere.

The clinic where I attend the monthly appointments is very professional, staff are very friendly and the doctor is extremely helpful and explains everything very clearly. I have had lots of questions about the medication itself, how it works, and what other products I should/shouldn’t be using at the same time, and the doctor has always taken the time to answer my queries even in between appointments via email. Having this 1-1 support is great.

Similarly, Bill at Botonics has been very accessible and easy to contact when it comes to arranging appointments with the doctor, making payments, and has taken the time to explain the process to me which I really appreciate. It has helped the whole process to run smoothly so far. I work full-time in East London and was initially concerned about how I would manage to attend the monthly check-ups as well as semi-regular blood tests. However thanks to their flexibility and good communication, I have been able to attend appointments before work or during lunchbreaks.

For these reasons and more, I would definitely recommend contacting Botonics to discuss your Roaccutane treatment for acne.




Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and…

Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and I highly recommend it.
My procedures have been tear trough, I have also had fillers and dermabrasion and I have never been disappointed.
5 stars!




I am new to London so when choosing a…

I am new to London so when choosing a cosmetic practitioner to fix my nose asymmetry, I naturally googled. I found loads of positive reviews about Naruschka’s work so I booked an appointment. Thank you to everyone for their reviews, because I am more than pleased with my experience at Botonics. Naruschka was absolutely not in a rush and took her time to make sure I felt comfortable and that the treatment of my nose was perfect. Which it was! Not painful at all, and exactly what I wanted – a natural looking result with a slight lift. As I am very happy with my first treatment, I am returning for additional treatment of my malar groove. Here again, the booking process is delightful with a very friendly and helpful team, Bill and Michelle. Thanks, everyone at Botonics for your great work!




I decided to visit Botonics for a…non-surgical nose treatment

I decided to visit Botonics for a non-surgical nose treatment. As I get older I felt my nose was looking larger in proportion to my face but do not want to go as far as surgery. The treatment itself is amazing. Whilst, of course, not altering the size of your nose the line of my nose has changed and looks a lot better placed. The best way to describe the results is that my face overall looks a lot more balanced / even / symmetrical.

The treatment itself is painless but expect your nose to be tender for a week afterwards, the worst being the day after. Your nose looks swollen and red for a few days, like you have a cold but makeup easily covers it. I did not go to work the next day but you could if you do not want the downtime.

The team who looked after me – coordinator Bill and specialist Naruschka Henriques – were brilliant. Everything was explained and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. Nice and relaxed atmosphere and there was no pressure to proceed with the treatment if I did not want to.

Natuschka also noticed sagging round my jawline which had happened due to recent weight loss and pointed out that my overall aesthetic could be improved by improving the transition from my jaw to chin. A couple of simple and painless minutes later and all sorted.

As you can see I am really happy with my experience and the great level of service I received. I will be returning.


Louise Bonner


Fantastic service and results

My consultation

I had been unhappy about the bump on my nose for a long time – for as long as I could remember. I had considered rhinoplasty but was too nervous about the long-term results and, to be honest, couldn’t yet fund the large cost of it. When I learnt about non-surgical nose jobs, I began watching online videos and couldn’t believe how quick and effective it seemed, so I decided to reach out to Botonics clinic, book a consultation and find out for myself.

My specialist, Naruschka Henriques, was professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable. We spoke about the risks of the procedure and what she would do to prevent those from happening. She looked at my nose and told me how much filler I would need and the type of result I could expect. When I decided to go through with it, she also prepared me with after care information and things I could do to minimise bruising, such as apply bruise cream I bought from Superdrug.

The procedure

They weren’t joking when they said this could be done within a lunch break. It was incredibly quick. This was my first procedure of this kind so I wasn’t prepared for the sensation of having fillers inserted, but all it was was mild discomfort and the sensation of needing to sneeze! Although it was quick, I could tell Naruschka very thorough and made sure my nose was even from the side profile.

My skin around the treated area was sensitive and hard to touch for a few days. I also had mild bruising, but that was easily covered with foundation. Today my nose feels like my nose. It looks so, so natural and I’m incredibly happy – and definitely having it again! Friends of mine who I had told about the procedure also cannot believe the difference. My nose is now straight and although it’s technically bigger, it looks smaller!




Non-Surgical Nose Job

Naruschka is very professional and extremely talented at what she does. I underwent a non-surgical nose job with Naruschka and she was able to correct several areas of my nose, whilst still producing a natural and subtle look, exactly how I had wanted. I am very pleased with the results and will be back to see Naruschka in future. I recommend the procedure and botonics to anyone considering a non-surgical nose job.




Non surgical nose job experience

I had grown to just live with the fact that I really didn’t like my nose . As I got older and pursued a career in acting I hated it more and more especially having to have profile shots taken at auditions . My mother and sister had both had surgery on there noses but I was always way to scared to go under the knife and people assured me ‘ it wasn’t that bad ‘.
All this changed when someone mentioned to me about a ‘non surgical nose job ‘ – I was all ears , but a little sceptical of how much of a difference it would make and would it be worth the money, pain and downtime. I started googling before and after pictures and was pleasantly surprised at the subtle but good results achieved by careful placement of dermal filler . The company botonics popped up a few times and I decided I had nothing to lose but to contact them to see if I was a candidate for the treatment . I received a response from Bill , the business manager whom encouraged me to send over some pics of my nose from lots of different angles . He came back to me and said exactly what I had wanted to hear , that they certainly could get rid of my bump , wonkyness and give the appearance of a much sleeker nose . I was excited and nervous but booked a date in . I was pleased to note that the payment options were reasonable with no hidden costs and there certainly was no pressure selling which I hate !i did feel worried before heading to London .I was scared that I would be one of the extremely rare cases where filler was rejected by the body , I knew I was being silly but still I was nervous – I needn’t have worried about anything at all . On the day of the appointment I arrived armed with my arnica cream feeling scared of just about everything. Naruschka was so professional , I felt assured and relaxed . She has Worked with dermal fillers for many years and she talked me though where she was going to place it and what corrections this would make . She took some before pictures and I sat on a revolving chair to get some good before and after videos and photos . I’m not going to lie I was very nervous whilst I layed there waiting for my anaesthetic cream to start working however I calmed down once she started injecting and it really wasn’t that bad I could hardly feel most areas . There was a bit of pressing it into place and one particular area was sensitive which I had already been warned about . I was glad when it was over but it was far from the pain that I had worried about . . When I was shown the mirror I was so happy because it now looked straight and sleek and my much hated profile had definitely improved !.
I got the train home from my procedure with little more than a red tip! that first night my nose was tender to touch and for few days after but I was able to go about my day the next day totally normally and didn’t have any bruising at all , the sites that had been injected just felt a little tender . Now I have completely forgotten I have even had the procedure done it’s so natural and subtle ! A few of my friends who knew what I was having done have commented that they would never had noticed as the results only when I show them the before pictures so they agree that this is a big improvement . I wish it didn’t wear off !! I’m
Pretty sure I will be back every year for Naruschka to work her magic on me ! Special thanks to Bill for always getting back to me so quickly and offering me a very personal service and Naruschka you are so clever with what you can do ! See you again soon !! But hopefully not that soon 🙂




Recently I had my first ever experience…

Recently I had my first ever experience of cosmetic treatment with Botonics. I had heard of the non-surgical nose jobs and wanted to look into it as I have never been happy with my nose. Having looked into Dermal Fillers it was definitely something I wanted to try out not only on my nose but my chin and lips to help soften the overall appearance of my face. I spoke with Bill, my coordinator, over the phone who was so friendly and we arranged my free consultation with specialist Naruschka who would be doing the treatment. I was very nervous going in as I really had no idea what to expect but they were both so lovely. I sat down and explained what I was unhappy about with my face, how it was affecting my self-confidence and how it was really important that the changes looked as natural as possible. After taking before photos, I was made comfortable and Naruschka applied numbing cream to my nose, lip and chin and left it to kick in for around 15 minutes. The treatment took around 30 minutes all together and was less painful than expected, it was definitely uncomfortable but bearable. Naruschka was talking me through it throughout and made me feel at ease. They had been hugely informative about aftercare and what products they recommend to assist the healing process beforehand which was so helpful. My lip was swollen and bruised, and there were little bruises on my nose but all coverable by makeup and healed within 4-5 day. The results have been much better than I had ever expected, I have had comments from people saying they can notice something different but cannot put their finger on what. One of my biggest worries was how natural it would look, and I am so happy with how its turned out and would hugely recommend anyone considering treatment going to Botonics.


Henrietta Rance


Professional - Swift - Great results

The staff at this practice we’re friendly, approachable, discreet and extremely professional.
My therapist Naruschka Henriques made me feel very comfortable and confident in her ability to give me the perfect nose. Five quick injections – of which only one caused slight discomfort- the hook had disappeared.
I’m very happy with the natural appearance of my non-surgical nose job and the speed of recovery – a very little bruise on the tip of my nose – which is important for me as an actress as I’m constantly attending castings at very short notice.
I will certainly return for a top-up when needed.




Botonics - separates itself from the rest by going the extra mile.

When undertaking my research and due diligence for the treatment I desired – non surgical nose job, I made contact with a number of reputable cosmetic surgery’s in London. I found that in each step botonics went the extra mile summarised below:

– friendly and knowledgeable staff
– free review via email after sending photos which were assessed
by the clinician and botonics gave you honest, clear feedback
about what was possible
– free consultation with the actual surgeon or specialist
– no pressure-selling
– a very personal service
– transparent and fully inclusive pricing

After having nose surgery five years ago to resolve functional issues it left my nose looking aesthetically displeasing with scar tissue and asymmetry and am hoping to improve this with non-surgical treatment. I plan to undertake a non-surgical nose job at botonics in the near future, Bill has been coordinating with myself and has been most helpful.


Ryan H.


Suuuper Happy Botox Customer

I’m a 36-year old gay man, so getting Botox was inevitable. Being brand new to it, I was sure to do as much research as possible, especially because it’s literally someone jabbing you with a needle (and in the face, of all places). After lots and lots and lots of reading, the reviews I found for botonics gave me the confidence to make my first booking, and holy crap, I’m so glad I did.

From the very first moment I reached out to botonics, I was greeted by a warm, friendly voice (Bill, who’s awesome). I immediately felt comfortable, and I booked an appointment for later that week.

When I arrived for my appointment, I met the incredible Naruschka Henriques. Okay, so. Naruschka Henriques looks like a person you would want to be doing your Botox. She’s arrestingly beautiful, like she made a deal with Isabella Rossellini’s character in Death Becomes Her. It’s insane.

We started chatting about what brought me there, and I instantly felt completely at ease. This may have been my first time getting Botox, but it was Naruschka’s billionth time doing the procedure. She was a pro who knew exactly what she was doing; we discussed everything that we would be doing before I moved to the treatment area in great detail, calming any lingering nerves I may have had.

The treatment itself is so minimally-invasive that Naruschka and I usually have a lovely, uninterrupted conversation whilst she does her thing. The pain is barely noticeable, and no worse than getting a tight little pinch. It goes away immediately, and the results will last months.

I’ve now seen Naruschka three times for treatment, and she worked on a new area during my last visit (closer to my eyes, where I have bags that I’ve always hated). The day after treatment, I looked in the mirror and literally said “Oh my god!” out loud in my flat. The lines under my eyes were already fading, and within three days or so, they would be completely gone. It was an unexpected result, but one that has helped to give me tons more confidence, which is part of the reason I started getting Botox in the first place. It was amazing, and the follow-up from Bill is always great; it reminds you that this small team of people really do care about their clients.

Long story long, I highly recommend botonics, and Naruschka Henriques in particular. If you’re worried or nervous about it at all, just go in for a (free) consultation and you’ll immediately feel at ease. Have fun! You’ll be super glad you went 🙂




I have been a client for over 6 years

I have been a client for over 6 years . They are extremely professional and I would not go any where else. The consultations are in depth so you get treated with the right products .. giving you the best results. There is a lot in the market today but this clinic offers you products/treatments that work and give you results .. follow the recommended treatment plan and your results will be outstanding.. I have done these treatments for over 15 years .. this is the only place to go .




Nose enhancement fillers by Naruschka

I really couldn’t be any happier with my results. They have way exceeded my expectations! I was a little nervous and skeptical at first, as I’d had nose fillers previously at a different practice, but not got the results or follow up service i’d hoped for. The second I met Naruschka I felt at ease. I could tell she cared and listened to every detail. 100% as skilled as she is at reassuring. I felt relaxed throughout the whole procedure and she explained what she was doing as she was doing it. I suffer from bruising so I did get a bit of swelling but the tips and pointers given difinitely helped. My follow up was completely free and we used the last of the filler to touch up after the swelling had gone down. Not only was it an over all better experience, the results were perfect and the peredure and follow up were a considerable amount cheaper than the surgery I had been to before. Definitely use Naruscka if you are considering non surgical fillers 🙂




Naruska Botonics

I have be seeing Naruska for nearly 3 years, she is a lovely lady who makes you feel totally at ease. I actually look forward to my appointment. I have received Botox, Tear Trough Filler treatment and a chemical peel with Naruska, she has always explained what the treatment would involve and what the record and results would be. Naruska is an artist, she will tailor the location of the Botox and the amount to what she feels you need, your look will be natural and amazing. I have recommended many people to Naruska, I have had so many compliments over the years and it is really thanks to Botonics.
Botonics is a great company and Bill who has arranged my appointments has been accommodation, kind and friendly.
I love the location as I work in London and it is very easy to get to.
I would recommend Naruska and Botonics to anyone, they are professional, reliable and most of all the results have been amazing.




Excellent service

Excellent service. No hidden fees and great follow up.
Everything went really smoothly and I do not regret this decision at all. It was well worth the money.
Monthly visits are flexible and well organised as well as visits to the laboratory for blood samples.
The results have been amazing and I wish I had done it sooner!




Choosing botonics for a fast track…

Choosing botonics for a fast track private procedure of eradicating my acne was one of the best choices I made in my life!

From the start of the procedure up until now and the very end, the dermatologist was quick in responding all my enquiries. I was prescribed Roacctuane since I had acne on my back and face. It wasn’t anything severe, you could just say mild. However, I wanted to get rid of it as soon as I could and experience what it would be like to have clear skin!

Botonics helped me achieve what I wanted and so much more in such a short time frame. If you’re looking for a dermatologist whether it be for acne or another skin condition, you can put your trust in Botonics for a first class experience. It’s said you get what you pay for and I am a sceptical person myself but at Botonics you really do get what you pay ror!




Fantastic Non- Surgical Nose Job (no bruising no blood)

Nerushka is amazing at non- surgical nose jobs. She is so good, that even if you pay to get one done (top ups) every year you don’t mind paying whatever just to avoid going through the painful experience of getting a real one done. She can make your nose look suttle, dramatically different, more feminine (or masculine and symetrical just with a few injections! Most people can’t tell I’ve had it done but i get alot more attention (from same sex and opposite) and compliments to say i look really good (even my pictures on Facebook get more likes). She listens to exactly what you want and this is probably my 4th time going to her and wouldn’t dare go to anyone else even if they charged half the price. Going to Botonics you have peace of mind you will feel and look beautiful when you leave her consultation room, you don’t get that awkward anxiety you normally would thinking “oh my god what the hell am i going to look like after” you feel excited everytime you go back. You get used to the image she creates for you that you’ve always wanted and she helps maintain it by remembering what you always want to achieve when you visit her. Nerushka is also very fun to talk to and bubbly, so if you have a fear of needles or blood etc you will probably forget about that as soon as you walk in 🙂 Bill is also very helpful and will do anything to accommodate your availability if you are a busy person! Xx




Recommend Botonics for all acne sufferers

Botonics have helped change my life in regards to my acne.
Botonics professionalism and support assisted me in my roaccutane journey towards clear skin.
I have had troublesome skin since I was a teenager, after it clearing up in my late teens/early twenties, I thought it was something do the past, however when I was 23/24, it came back and really affected my confidence as an adult. I tried everything and decided to look into roaccutane as my next option. I researched into accessing roaccutane through the NHS, however I was told I would have to wait at least 6 months until I could even be considered to begin. It was a horrible feeling and I felt lost. I began researching into private options and discovered Botonics. I read amazing reviews and a clear website addressing the questions I had in mind. After contacting to inquire, I learned that I could pay for a course, if I was able to undertake, in instalments. This was even better and I was excited to have my initial consultation and get underway.
I was contacted promptly by Botonics after inquiring and they were really helpful in providing me with everything I needed and wanted to know.
My first consultation was fantastic, I felt supported and almost excited to begin the course on my way to clear skin. Throughout the months I was replied to promptly whenever contacting Botonics and the process was made as simply as possible.
Now months into the course and almost to the end, I cannot express how much happier and confident I am in my own skin. I am thankful for botonics support when I was going though minor side effects- albeit all worth it!
It was all very easy, monthly check up consultations to see how my skin was going and then if all ok, a prescription of roaccutane for the next month. Initial two blood tests were included which was really helpful as they are required just to check that all levels were ok. I had no problems at all and it was great to know how closely everything was monitored for my overall health. It was made clear to me that I could contact them at anytime which was lovely to know.
I can not recommend them enough!
Thank you Botonics!




Naruschka and Botonics for tear trough fillers.

I had been considering tear trough fillers for a while because I was unhappy with the hollowness under my eyes. After doing some research I decided to go to Botonics for a consultation. Naruschka is excellent and very professional. Naruschka answered all of my questions and explained the procedure and possible risks involved. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and it made a real difference. This was almost 1 year and half ago so I think I may be due a top up now. Despite this I would definitely recommend Naruschka and Botonics for tear trough fillers.


Felicity Fiander


Lips with Narishka

I have now had two appointments with Narishka for lip enhancement.
My lips have always been thin.
I am now over 45 now and fine lines have begun to appear around my lips.
I had not ever had the procedure before so the experience was entirely new.
Narishka is highly professional and very gentle and kind. She was very patient in the consultation and I did not feel at all pressured to go ahead with anything.

The first treatment I had was very subtle and I received many compliments ( although nobody could identify that I had had anything in particular done!).

I returned about 6 months later to top-up my lips, and on reflection, this may have been a little hasty, as after the second treatment the effect was noticeable, and people commented that I looked looked like I had had my lips ‘done’.

I am very very happy – thrilled really – with my lips.

However, on reflection I would have returned for the second treatment after twelve months, rather than six, so in future I shall be seeing Narishka annually to have the treatment as it lasts longer than I had realised.




3 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare…

3 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare skin condition known as Morphea. This caused some asymmetry and a cleft to form on my chin. This made me feel extremely insecure, so much that I would avoid taking pictures because I was so embarassed. After reading a few reviews online I decided to get in contact with Botonics. I was offered a Free consultation with my coordinator Bill and specialist Narushka Henriques. After explaining my condition, Narushka explained in detail what she felt she could to do help me. She was extremely knowledgable and Not once did I feel pressurised to make any decisions. Narushka made me feel at ease and reinsured me with all the many questions I had and made the entire process a very positive and relaxing experience. So pleased I decided to buck up the courage to go ahead with my chin augmentation, I’m not a massive fan of needles but can honestly say the treatment was far less painful then expected. My results are incredible and so natural looking. Overall I had a very personal service the follow-up aftercare was excellent with transparent and fully inclusive pricing. Thankyou so much again for everything Narushka and Bill. You have honestly changed my life.




I was very pleased with my experience…

I was very pleased with my experience on my appointment with doctor Nourushka. I can be a hard critic of beauty clinics, care places and the people employed by them. Combine that attitude with an innate crankiness when I’m not feeling at all well and the result can be much less than pleasant. This time at my first appointment with Nourushka was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I was in safe hands and she even made me smile when I left, then you can believe she is the best. I am truly grateful and appreciated willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to doctor Nourushka!




I’ve always been scared of surgical…

I’ve always been scared of surgical operations and going through the process of an actual nose job was terrifying – what if the results wouldn’t be as good as I wanted and what if after the operation I would end up hating it. Because of that, I started browsing the web in search of a lighter solution which could help enhance the current look of my nose…I read many things about many clinics doing ‘non-surgical nose enhancements’ and among the selection of these clinics was ‘botonics’. I must admit that was seduced me about them was the reviews and Naruschka mentioned many times as being THE expert for this specific intervention. Because of that I’ve decided to contact the clinic via email and must admit that the professionalism used to answer my questions was faultless. I really value responsiveness and they didn’t let me down on this. They’ve identified what could be done when looking at the pictures I’ve sent them and booked me in for a consultation to get the enhancement done. I would definitely advise you to follow the pre and post care advice for optimal results and will keep you updated on the progress and how long the results last for!


Taylor Wasylyk


Lip Enhancement with Naruschka

I had such an amazing experience with botonics! Naruschka was incredibly helpful in answering any and all the questions I had about my appointment. I am a young female who has always been self conscious about my small lips. She was very thorough is talking me through the procedure as well as my reasoning for wanting them done. I put my full trust in her and I am so completely thrilled that I did. I have never felt so confident with my lips and I will definitely continue treatment. I spent years over-lining my lips and no longer have to worry about that. Highly recommend Naruschka to anyone considering this treatment. I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted, she asked tons of questions and she made my vision come to life! As for the actual procedure itself, she made sure I was as numb as possible before beginning treatment. I didn’t feel rushed at all as she wanted me to be as comfortable as possible. She also explained post-care very thoroughly to ensure that it was comfortable afterwards as well. I felt comfortable with her for the entire procedure and when asking her questions as well, which is very important to someone who has never gone through treatment like this before. Thank you Naruschka! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.


40 year old now feeling more like a 20 year old!


A massive thank you to Dr Joffily and his team!

Having met with Dr Joffily for my free consultation I felt confident I had chosen the best cosmetic surgery group and surgeon for me. Dr Joffily and his team, including Patient Coordinator Bill, are consummate professionals who succeeded in making my service feel very personal.
Pre-procedure everything was explained thoroughly and my questions were answered patiently by a friendly and professional team.
Carrying and breastfeeding my three amazing children had taken it’s toll on my body. Dr Joffily, with his years of experience was able to offer me guidance and advice to help me to decide how to achieve the best results. I decided to go with three areas of Vaser Lipo, upper and lower abdomen and flanks plus breast augmentation.
The costs were inclusive of aftercare garments, massage etc. and were set out clearly, without pressure to proceed.
On the day of the surgery I met with the surgeon and his surgical team who made me feel at ease.
Post theatre care was adequate.
Recovery in the weeks following the procedure was straightforward and less painful than expected. I met with the surgeon once more. He assured me I was recovering as well as expected and that my results would only get better.
Two months down the line I couldn’t be happier with my results. The decisions I made, including implant size and areas requiring lipo were spot on and have made a world of difference to my overall shape.
The confidence this has given me, both in and out of clothing, is priceless.
A massive thank you to DR Joffily and his team.


Sindy taylor


It has been over a week since my non…

It has been over a week since my non surgical nose job with narushka I couldn’t be more happy with my nose I’ve been coming to see narushka for the last 2 year and I’m extremely happy with my results prior to the treat I was looking into getting a rhinoplasty as I disliked my profile as the hump on my nose stuck out and made my nose look bigger not only has narushka made my nose appear small she also straightened out the hump with her expert knowledge she has created the nose I always wanted but better. It’s still amazes me that the before and after picture was achieved by derma filler. When I first had my very first procedure I was a little nervous as I didn’t know to much about the non surgical nose job but immediately narushka makes you feel relaxed and provide you with every information you need to know also including the after care. I always look forward to see narushka she is very skilled and a genuine person which makes my experience with her all the more pleasant. She is honest with what she can do to your nose and every procedure my filler stays longer and my nose looks amazing. She is truly amazing at what she does I could honestly not recommend her enough. If your thinking about the non surgical procedure book a consultation with narushka. I am very grateful to the way she transformed my nose and helped me love and feel confident in myself. There is no one else I would go and see but her. I have moved abroad and I will travel just to see her that’s how amazing she is.


Chloe Arnold


I’ve been very impressed with Botonics…

I’ve been very impressed with Botonics so far. I booked a consultation a while back, confirmed my attendance but cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Based on the customer service and professionalism I’ve received, I will be following up with another appointment to go through with my procedure. I’m looking forward to meeting the team.




I got dermal fillers done at Botonics…

I got dermal fillers done at Botonics for the first time when I was 18 years of age. I was unhappy with how my nose looked as there was a small bump and the tip of my nose pointed slightly downwards when I smiled, I was also really self-conscious about my nose to mouth lines as it was genetic and I inherited it from my family. So I got fillers done and now I feel much more confident and I loved the results which is why I have been visiting many times since last year, I am now 19 years old and I visit botonics every 9 to 10 months to receive treatment. I live all the way in Bath which is quite far from London. The reason I travel a distance just to get dermal fillers is because botonics from my experience is one of the best clinics in London for dermal fillers and Botox. I am pleased with every treatment that I received with Naruschka Henriques. She is very lovely and consistent and made me feel comfortable which helped with my nerves. My coordinator is Bill Green who is very helpful and reliable when it comes to booking appointments and asking for advise, as he replies to the emails quite quickly. The timing and the service of the clinic is great, the staff are really friendly. The price of the treatment is also reasonable which is great. The consultations with the specialists are free, and the actual treatment involves minimal pain, only a slight discomfort which is good. Everyone will react differently to the treatment, but the clinic provides really helpful and useful pre and post treatment care advice such as applying arnica cream and taking arnica tablets which really helped me with the process of healing. After my first treatment I had some bruising and swelling as my skin is quite sensitive, so the cream and tables were beneficial for me. Overall, I am pleased with every appointment I had with botonics and I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is planning to get dermal fillers.




Brilliant service

Brilliant service, great communication and professionalism. Always a 5 star service so I am a return customer for good reason.




Non surgical nose job

So its been a week since i had non surgical nose job done. When i saw Narushka she was really informative and put my mind at ease as she explained everything perfectly. When i told her what id like it to look like i was nervous how it would look.

Its like she read my mind as to what i wanted my nose to look like! She got it just the way i wanted it. Truly an expert ! I was delighted with the results and would recommend her to anyone looking for a comfortable and effective treatment.




I have seen Narushka a couple of times…

I have seen Narushka a couple of times to have fillers injected and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Narushka understands beauty and knows exactly what to recommend for the best outcome without overdoing it. I will definitely be back!




For a safe pair of hands and professional care

Have been a patient with botonics since 2009 for a variety of services including surgery–there are many plastic surgery offices between my house in Northants and Harley Street but I chose Botonics and have been very happy with the consistently courteous and professional care. Very scared of blepharoplasty surgery but wanted to at least try it. Dr. Joffily was very reassuring and explained the procedure thoroughly, nurse also was the best; on the day the procedure went smoothly from beginning to end. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Joffily for any of the plastic surgery procedures they offer. As for botox and fillers, Narushka Henriques is extremely knowledgeable and professional, in many ways an artist. She stays current with any changes and improvements in her field to offer the best advice on products that enhance your individual look. I high recommend this service, especially for anyone with reservations about plastic surgery or other enhancements. You will be in safe hands at Botonics.




I havent had the treatment yet but the…

I havent had the treatment yet but the consultation was extremely professional and reassuring. I was immediately put at ease and feel confident to go ahead witj the treatment. The risks and results were clearly explained.




Tear trough experience

Naruschka is excellent and very professional. I had been unhappy with the appearance of hollowness under my eyes for some time and had been contemplating tear trough fillers. Naruschka explained the procedure and associated risks to me, in an honest, no pressure environment. I’m thrilled with the appearance of my eyes now. She is truly an artist.




I had a great experience at botonics I…

I had a great experience at botonics I had cheek filler on one side to correct ay symmetry and Naruschka fully understood exactly my vision and how best to correct this and it looks completely natural. Naruschka also straighted my nose both hump and deviation using filler, she’s an expert. I also went back for tear trough filler to correct the deformity I had which made me look tired even if I wasn’t. Amazing results on every occasion, Naruschka is a true expect in her craft. 100% would recommend her and botonics to anyone. Very professional service. These treatments have given me so much confidence.




Wonderful treatment and results at Botonics

I first visited Botonics in the summer of 2017 to inquire about a non-surgical nose job. I had just discovered the procedure and felt so relieved that there was a reversible and non-drastic way to alter my nose, one of my biggest insecurities. I have always had a dorsal hump, and after injuring my nose it became crooked which bothered me greatly. On researching venues that offer the procedure, Botonics was consistently on top of my list due to the multitude of 5-star reviews – so many that I was dubious at first! However, as soon as I met with Naruschka Henriques I understood the reason for all the high praise. I was able to receive an appointment quickly following email correspondence with the very helpful staff – special thanks to Bill! – and was reassured that the consultation would be free regardless of whether or not I went through with the procedure. In fact, the very first appointment I had with Naruschka I didn’t receive the treatment; I wanted time to think about it and Naruschka couldn’t have been more understanding, ensuring me I was welcome to return whenever. A month or so later I did return, this time intending to receive treatment, and Naruschka took me through everything – risks, expectations, etc. – making sure I was fully comfortable before undergoing the non-surgical nose job. The procedure itself was almost painless and entirely less nerve-wracking than I was anticipating. Naruschka chatted with me the entire time, and it was done in less than 15 minutes! When I was given a mirror to view my nose I could hardly believe it, and I was incredibly pleased with the result and grateful to Naruschka for her help in tackling one of my biggest insecurities. I paid the exact amount I had expected to (there were no hidden fees) and received excellent advice on aftercare. I have since returned to Botonics and received another treatment, with even better results, and intend to visit again soon. I want to give a big thank you to Naruschka and all of the team!




I had always been self conscious of my…

I had always been self conscious of my nose and always said to friends and family that one day I would get a nose job. However, after researching what the surgery entailed and finding out how invasive the procedure was I decided that it wasn’t for me. I had seen horror stories of surgery going wrong and didn’t want to dramatically alter my face!!

I happened to come across the great work of Botonics and absolutely fell in love with the results. The fact that it wasn’t permanent, was cost effective and required minimum recovery time hooked me in at once! I always contoured my nose and just wanted the tip to be narrower and the small bump on my bridge to be straightened out. After looking at the results online I realised that this procedure was a much better fit for me than an invasive nose breaking nose job!

I would definitely recommend researching thoroughly what the process involves- i did just that and was guided by the lovely staff at Botonics. I asked questions focusing on my concerns- what if I don’t like it?! What actually is a ‘non surgical nose job’?! Is it going to hurt?!”. I even sent photos to my surgeon ahead of the procedure to make sure that he definitely thought he could make an improvement to my appearance. I didn’t want to go all that way to the clinic to be told there was no hope for me and my not so little old nose! All of the staff I spoke to were more than happy to listen to my queries and sometimes ridiculous concerns- “will my nose drop off?!?!”- I was met with a professional yet personable service. Not once did I feel like I was being sold anything or being coerced into something I didn’t want. Having that line of communication really eased my concerns and made me more excited and less fearful of it all!
Once I had all of my questions answered and had my mind put at ease I went ahead and booked a consultation with the aim of getting the procedure done on the same day.

I was VERY nervous on the day but my surgeon was kind and patient and put my mind at ease. He even gave me the option of thinking about the procedure and returning another day but after hearing the wonderful things he could offer me I bit the bullet and went ahead with it!

The procedure itself lasted a few minutes and was very uncomfortable- mostly because I’m so used to breathing out of my nose which was being held, shaped and moulded into something new! Remember to breathe through your mouth and take gentle breaths. However after 10 minutes or so everything was done! The pain after was more of a bruised feeling but luckily I didn’t swell too much nor did I actually bruise. I would highly suggest in investing in all of the the precare and aftercare that is mentioned in your medical pack. Arnicacream was a god send and really soothed the area that had been injected. In comparison to the pain involved with actual nose jobs the non surgical option was a million times better!! No one likes injections and that’s all it really is! Yes it was painful but it was tolerable and really didn’t last that long.

I absolutely loved the results! Immediately afterwards I was shocked at how different it was but after Dr. Goyal explained what he had done I quickly became familiar with my new nose! He had straightened out the bump and lifted the tip making it pointer. It was better than I could have ever imagined- i now had a contoured nose minus the contour and fake looking effects of surgical nose jobs. After an hour or so when I was out shopping and looked in the mirror and was more shocked at how normal my nose looked- I had adjusted to my new nose within a matter of minutes. Aside from two red dots where I had been injected you couldn’t see that I had had any work done. What was even better was that no one noticed until I pointed it out. I still looked like me but more of a contoured version! I could have been born with this new nose and that’s exactly what I wanted.

It might be a somewhat subtle change and noninvasive procedure but the confidence it has given me is staggering. I find myself not focusing too much on powdering my nose to keep it matte and therefore “less big”. Im happy to have my photo taken from straight on and no longer have to position my face to my “good side”. In terms of makeup I simply highlight the tip which is something I would never have done before and just rock that! It looks so natural that it looks like I’ve been born with it which is something I find was harder to find with nose jobs. You know if someone has had invasive surgery because they look completely different!

My new nose is perfectly balanced and I now get compliments on it which always make me laugh because I spent 25 years feeling embarrassed and self conscious of it! I had my procedure done in feb 2018 and have been happy with the results since. I am now booked in to have the procedure done again as I’d like the tip to be a little more lifted. This time around I just want it to be more of a maintained nose as opposed of making it any smaller. I didn’t go back after the recommended 2 weeks to use the extra filler so I would 100% recommend anyone who has this procedure to take the surgeon up on that offer! I certainly will be this time around!

I think that Dr. Goyal and his team are amazing. His work was subtle but made such a huge impact on my confidence and how I viewed my face especially my side profile. You can’t put a price on confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin. I feel like the best version of myself which I think is a great feeling to have albeit vain but hey, I embrace it!

I’d like to extend my thanks once again to all of those who work at Botonics. The work these guys do is truly outstanding and their service is beyond 5 stars. I put my trust and my nose in their hands and they did not disappoint!




Amazing experince

i cannot recommend botonics enough. As someone who have been suffering with moderate acne for about 5 years and having tried every other medication before , i felt like it was time to see if i qualified for Roacutane. After having a pleasant chat with DR Goyal who put me at ease and explained everything step by step, it made me feel very confident in starting the treatment. Everything was sorted very quick and within 2 weeks i had my medication. There is constant communication between me and botonics and they always ready to help when i have any questions.




Tear troughs, cheeks, hydration lips

I booked myself in via Bill to see Nurushka to address my tired looking eyes, sunken cheeks and dull lips! Prior to going to Botonics, I saw 2 people local to me about tear troughs, the first practitioner said that due to having asian skin I would not be suitable and recommended PDO threads instead. I had alarm bells ringing. The other was a surgeon and said that he would not attempt tear troughs on me as iit has its risks. I was left rather confused? !!!!
I then came across Nurushka, what can I say, she is the most competent person I have come across with a needle in her hand. She wasn’t pushy, she gave me a lot of her time, I didn’t feel rushed. It was money well spent and I am delighted with the results. Please look no further if you are new to fillers, Nurushka will leave you very happy and content.
Thank you Nurushka




Non- Surgical nose treatment

I had first got my nose treatment done in 2016 from Nerushka, i had a very weird shaped nose you could say a typical asian nose? It almost looked broken. I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror and was not able to get rhinoplasty due to cultural and religious reasons. I came across nerushka on youtube where I listened to her video on the non surgical nose treatment, how she explained which types of noses couldbe treated (almost all) and she seemed so nice in the video I immediately felt like i could trust her. After my first treatment i could of cried! My nose looked so lovely i looked like a new person,my pictures looked better my confidence was better , i started to go out more and helped me in my personal life as well. I then went again in 2017 which was fantastic the second time money well spent. The third time i came across a Dr close to me who had his own private clinic and was actually myGP so i thought i could trust him as he was local and i knew him. He absolutely ruined my nose! I looked awful i was crying for weeks! I relied on a contour kit to allow me to have the strength just to leave the house, i didnt recognise myself and i had spent so much money. I decided to allow the filler to dissolve naturally rather than paying to have it all removed (which would have worked out more expensive because i still had filler in my nose from the year before). After 15 months i came back to Nerushka and im soo happy now! My nose is almost back to normal, no droopiness, better side profile, better shape and it will look even nicer contoured. I really cant express how fantastic she is, shes an artist. You dont even need to tell her or show her pictures of what you want, its like she can read your mind and knows exactly what will suit you. She is very honest and will never pressure you into anything. I also have bad skin, so she always made me feel comfortable, if you are nervous you shouldn’t be! I wish i had done this years ago rather than being unhappy with my nose and hating myself. Bill is so very helpful when trying to accomodate you with your availability and is very understanding if you need to re schedule or move appointments. Overall, thank you! X




Roaccutane 5 *s

I was nervous about beginning my Roaccutane treatment. I had perfect skin for years and suddenly in my mid twenties I began to get acne and couldn’t understand why. I was really suffering and unhappy, I lost my confidence and just felt low and depressed. Roaccutane gets a bad press for the side effects, but I would happily have these side effects because it really works. My skin is totally clear, I feel like myself again and have lost all the worries that I previously was plagued with. Dr Goyal has kept me informed every step of the way and has shown genuine concern and happiness for me on this journey – I think he’s great! I would recommend anyone who is experiencing troubles with their skin to take Roaccutane, you don’t need to feel miserable and down because there is a cure out there!




Wish I'd discovered Dr Henriques sooner

The entire process from booking to the appointment + follow-up, was seamless. Great care and attention was taken and I was made to feel at ease by Dr Henriques. She is also extremely personable and thorough- a true expert. Having been dissatisfied by the results of a rhinoplasty, I was heartened to discover that there might be a way to rectify the situation via nose fillers. Dr Henriques attention to detail is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering injectables.




Tear Trough

I’ve been seeing Naruschka for a couple of years for my tear trough treatment. Initially I was apprehensive to undergo the procedure (with any clinic), but after discussing at length on a few visits with Narucschka, she made me feel at ease and comfortable! she really takes the time to explain in detail whats best for you and why. I can’t thank Botonics enough for wonderful experience and great results, I’ve also just recommenced a friend!




My experience with botonics !

The shape of my nose has been a slight insecurity my whole life in which I thought that a rhinoplasty was the only option until I found out about botonics. On arrival, I felt extremely comfortable and the procedure was explained to me in detail, with the intention for me to have no questions before proceeding. The procedure was painless, and the results were amazing as I no longer had any bumps on my nose ! Narushka was so helpful and supportive and counselled me through the whole process which made it a lot easier. I didn’t expect such a friendly experience and was honestly blown away. I was able to go home feeling a new person and would recommend it for anyone who wished to slightly alter there nose shape !




Botox at Botonics

I have had Botox at Botonics several times and been very happy with the results. I completely trust Naruschka to give honest advice and really appreciate that she applies the ‘less is more’ approach – no frozen foreheads here!


no name


treatment less painful than expected

treatment less painful than expected
excellent results very happy will defiantly return to Botonics.




Filler by Naruschka is the best

I had filler done under eyes by Naruschka. There was no marks after the treatment and the doctor made me feel so comfortable as I was so nervous since it was my first time. She is very genuine and will set realistic expectations. Definitely I’m coming back to see her for more treatments.





I've been coming to Naruska for my non …

I’ve been coming to Naruska for my non surgical treatment for a few years. She’s helpful and is professional with her time and service. Good knowledge and understanding of her work too. Well recommended company botonics.




Very friendly and professional

Very friendly and professional. I was given sound advice, and felt Narushka had my best interest at heart in advising me and helping me achieve my desired outcome.




I hollow eyes and cheeks

I suffered from sunken eyes as well having a sunken cheeks. although having a healthy lifestyle I just couldn’t put any weight on my face or bring out my sunken eyes.i initially came in just for cheeks enhancement and was so impressed with the amazing cheekbones work naruschka did that I decided to go for year trough treatment. My face looks much healthier and bright and awake. I have some further treatments to my jaw that I’ll be booking with botonics as the results are super natural which is important being male. Great place totally recommend




Look no further than botonics!

Narushka is a true professional!!! As a newbie to cosmetic enhancement world, I was scared out of my mind of what to expect and how it would all go, but once I met Narushka really felt put at ease and comfortable. She has such a warm nature and its clear straight away that she has a high level of expertise. I had the tear trough treatment done, I’m still in my 20s but I had quite prominent eye bags (which I tried to cover with glasses for years). The treatment was noticeable instantly and I had a MAJOR boost in confidence – honestly if you have eye bags you understand how self conscious you get about them. My swelling lasted no more than 3 days. I then came back for a non surgical nose job which I LOVED! I really underestimated how much a nose can change the whole appearance of the face, It looked sleeker and gave me such a beautiful profile.It was a painless procedure with barely any swelling for me. If you’re trying to decide whether to go to botonics or not, I would say do it!!!! Seriously, The staff that deal with bookings (I had Bill) are super friendly and co operative aswell.
I highly recommend this clinic.




Botanics gave me the best advice on how …

Botanics gave me the best advice on how to proceed with my treatment, many places will want to just take your cash, but at Botanics i felt they had my best interests in mind at all times, even advising me to wait a while before treatment.
Very caring and understanding




Non-surgical Nose Job - Dr Naruschka

My experience with Botonics was great. I went there for a non-surgical nose job and I was really scared to start with, I’ve always been frightened when it comes to any sort of intervention however this has totally changed my view and my life altogether.
Dr Naruschka was great, she was extra gentle and the job ended up being totally painless. I am so happy with the results and so was everyone around me.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering any sort of plastic/cosmetic surgery. Everyone there was lovely and very helpful.




I have had mild acne for much of my …

I have had mild acne for much of my adult life but it was never bad enough for the NHS to prescribe roaccutane for me. This is why i went private with Botonics. Yes it is expensive but the results for me have been nothing short of amazing. For anyone who suffers from acne, you know how much it means to have clear skin and not worry about waking up and wondering how many new spots you might have developed over night. I know the drug doesnt work for everyone but it has for me. My only hope is that it stays away. Dr Goyal was friendly and knowledgeable. Bill was an excellent co-ordinator. The treatment included a blood test at the beginning. It wouldve been nice to have one at the end for a bit of peace of mind as you hear a lot of horror stories. Booking appointments was organised and responses were fast. Would use Botonics again. Thanks all!


Lynsey Braines


filler cheek/tear trough. best thing Ive done for my self confidence !

I have had 3 filler cheek/tear trough area over the last three years. I can honestly say from that day, it really did change my life! I used to be REALLY self conscious about my “dark circles” “hollow eyes/cheeks” to the point where it really affected my life. I would avoid nights out so I didnt look tired and make them look worse. I would go to the mirror each morning, look at my face , feel down and not want to go out to meet friends etc. This may sound over dramatic but anyone who is looking for this treatment will understand.

I was super nervous of course, but can honestly say I loved the difference it makes immediately. Couldn’t stop looking at my face the following day , the difference a tiny little bit of the filler makes. I had 1cc between both cheeks/under eyes. No one at all would ever know I had anything done, but I definitely receive comments on looking “fresh” which I can assure you did not happen before.

Each treatment has looked fantastic and I would not trust anyone else with my face! I actually travel from Durham to Botonics after doing my research of whom to go to for treatment.

The treatment itself doesn’t take long, it is a strange feeling but really doesn’t hurt that much. I am a wimp and it really doesn’t bother me! I never write reviews for anything and have been intending to do this for a long time. I have felt completely comfortable the whole time, never felt rushed , a great treatment/clinic. Worth every penny.




Chin Augmentation 5***** Review

Chin Augmentation 5***** Review.


I was so worried going into this treatment. Chin augmentation is not something that you hear much about, but what difference the results can make to your face!

I have never really liked by side profile, and I put a lot of this down to my chin shape. The whole of my family have the same sort of chin and it is almost a bit of a trademark. However I have never been a fan.
I contacted Botonics to see if something could be done about this, and they let me know that it is actually a pretty common and simple treatment.

When I arrived at the clinic on Harley street which is a very convenient location for me, I was immediately welcomed and explained everything in very thorough detail. This calmed me down immensely!

The treatment was quick and painless (which I didn’t expect) and the results are amazing! I no longer have the chin I hated and I much prefer my side profile, especially in photographs. I didn’t realise the difference it would make. But I will defiantly be having this done again!

Thank you Botonics!


francesca martin


I recently visited the Botonics clinic …

I recently visited the Botonics clinic for the first time to undergo the start of my Facial Feminisation treatment. As a transgender woman i am in the process of having my face feminised through a series of Dermal fillers.

As soon as i entered Narushka’s practice i was made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable which really helped to put me at ease. I had a consultation when i arrived where we discussed the options for feminising my face and what i wanted. Narushka explained to me: exactly what she would be doing, What to expect during and after the treatment, the fillers she was going to use and how/where she would be using them in order to feminise.

Once the consultation was over we then began the treatment which lasted around an hour and consisted of Dermal Fillers being injected into my fore head and brow bone in order to “round out” my head shape and soften any harsh lines created by my prominent brow bone and temple bones. She used a numbing cream which meant that i didn’t feel much and there wasn’t much pain at all.

I was instantly amazed by the results and so happy! My Forehead is now much rounder and “feminine” and my brow bone is so much softer and no longer casts a strong shadow. Following in the next few days there was no bruising or pain and only a slight amount of swelling. In the next few months i will be re-visiting Botonics to further my treatment and i am so excited to see my results.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I’m so excited for the rest of my treatment as i am already a much happier woman! Thanks again to Narushka, a beautiful lady who made me feel so comfortable and who is so unbeliveably amazing at what she does!




I've been going to Botonics for five …

I’ve been going to Botonics for five years now and can wholeheartedly recommend Narushka without reservation. She has made such a difference to my life!

I suffer from TMJ, which means that my jaw muscles lock up to such a degree that the pain is debilitating–I will wake up in the middle of the night with my face hurting because I’ve been clenching even in my sleep. When I read that Botox to the jaw muscles could relax them and stop them from clenching, I started looking into practitioners who performed this procedure. I remember the first time I saw Narushka I was actually fairly terrified because I had never gotten Botox before and was secretly petrified that something would go wrong and I would end up with a frozen face, unable to move my mouth etc. But, Narushka put me completely at ease not just with her warm and sincere personality, but the focus and dedication she put into her treatment. She took the time to really assess my jaw muscles carefully to mark out where the injections would go, to make sure that the right points would be targeted. The results were great–for the first time in my life I could go about my day without my face and neck in pain, and without dreading the onset of a migraine because of the tension. It also made my jawline slimmer, which I love as it makes me look more feminine than before! No more man-jaw!

These days I see Narushka every 4-6 months, and she remains just as friendly and committed to her practice each time. She still takes the time to check me over and think about what injection method would work best depending on how my jaw is doing, and she will also schedule in follow ups to see that the treatment is going well. Basically, it’s clear that Narushka cares about her patients getting the best results. It will never be automated, factory style processing with her–she is dedicated to such a professional standard of work and driven by such a genuine concern for her patient’s wants and needs that you will never feel anything but safe and confident in her hands!

Booking is also always super easy and Bill is amazingly responsive. On my most recent appointment, I realised an hour beforehand that my meeting would run over and I wouldn’t be able to make it to Harley Street in time. I emailed Bill, because I couldn’t make or take calls since I was stuck in the meeting, and he managed to arrange for me to see Narushka in the evening, during what was supposed to be her dinner break! I felt so terrible–she’s always booked back to back–but when I saw her she was just as friendly and wonderful as ever, telling me not to worry, and cheerfully and competently knocking my pesky jaw muscles out once again.

Thank you Narushka and Bill! You are both amazing!




Naruschka is amazing!!!

After relocating to the UK from Texas, I was on the search for a clinic as good as the one back home. I checked out about 5 or 6 places before finding Botonics. Naruschka is literally AMAZING, and her work is like no other. She has an eye for aesthetic undoubtedly better than most “Cosmetic surgeons”. I highly recommend going to see her, she is absolutely excellent. I really wish there were more people like her that care about their work like she does. Naruschka and the team at Botonics are almost certainly ahead of the game. i’m so glad I found them.




Happy Black Customer!

I’m a black woman, my nose is naturally flat and wide due to my ethnicity and it also lacked definition as well as having a bulbous tip and bending to the left which was very noticeable in photos.

Over the years I considered getting cosmetic surgery and travelled as far as the US to consult with top rhinoplasty surgeons and nearly spent a fortune to get my nose done but I’m so grateful I didn’t!

I discovered Narushka (who is beautiful and talented) through a popular make up YouTube channel, I didn’t know much about the procedure but a few days later I called Botonics clinic and booked a consultation with her and possible procedure.

When I arrived Narushka explained in detail 1. each step of the procedure 2. what to expect 3. what type of fillers she uses in the nose. I decided to go ahead with the procedure the same day, which took about 30 mins in total including numbing cream and injections.

The procedure didn’t hurt too much but I initially had visible bruising on the top of my bridge and I could feel swelling in my nose the next day.

Narushka built up the bridge of my nose, particularly in between my eyes and even upon first sight I could see how it has given my face a more structured and balanced appearance.

I had the procedure about 6 weeks ago and I’m still floating! My nose has healed wonderfully and what I have come to understand is the structure of your nose is central to your face just like a good pair of eyebrows and a small amount of filler can completely transform your whole look!

My nose is straight and my face is more symmetrical and beautiful esp in photos while staying true to my ethnicity. Narushka’s work looks natural, she is the best I have come across and the compliments from complete strangers have been amazing and are a testament this was well worth the investment, I would recommend Narushka to my family and friends and I will definitely be back. Thanks!




Highly recommended

An extremely professional and discreet approach and very knowledgeable in the field. Naruschka is fantastic, she will make recommendations but will never push you beyond your comfort level.
I have been extremely pleased the results and the overall service.




I am really expressed

I am really expressed by the work Dr Naruschka Henriques done by Dermal Fillers done , I will surely come back again.

From Rebecca


Donna Henry


Extremely impressed

As a professional artist, who previously appeared on ITV Stars In their Eyes, i came to see Naruschka and i was extremely impressed with her work. The procedures i had was with my nose and cheek bones, I am so thrilled with how it looks, that i will be going back soon.

Mrs Hunter




I had a fantastic experience when I had Dermafiller Treatment after having rhinoplasty 6 years previously, correcting asymmetry in my nose!! Truly fantastic service and wouldn't go anywhere else.

I had a fantastic experience when I visited the Harley Street clinic.
I visited the clinic because I was concerned about some asymmetries after having a rhinoplasty 6 years previously and I wanted to find out more about the dermafiller treatment being offered.

I met with the specialist Naruschka who answered every question I had and even provided me with a very personal and professional service, full of great knowledge, advice with years and years of experience regarding the treatment as well as the industry as a whole. She wasn’t interested in selling the product like other clinics but was more interested in why I wanted the treatment and how she could help, and what the best results would be for myself. She explained to me with transparent and full inclusive pricing and what methods I could go about paying for the treatment which was really useful and most importantly made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I visited the clinic twice, firstly to have a consultation and then came back shortly after to have the procedure as I wanted to make sure I had all of the necessary pre-care and aftercare products available ready for me to use, which Botonics recommend.

The whole experience was amazing and I am returning for further treatment as I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

The treatment was less painful than what I expected and the results blew my mind immediately after having the treatment, so overall the experience was worth it and I wouldn’t change anything.

Botonics also helped me when I needed to reschedule my appointment and I truly felt like they were so helpful with this.

Naruschka and Bill were fantastic and I truly believe that the treatment and the service provided here at Botonics in Harley Street London was truly a 5 star service.




Excellent service

I have been using them for many years always very professional and I would recommend this company to anyone.




In calm hands

I was very very pleased with the work I had done at Botonics! I did not know if I would go through with getting dermal filler for my nose and tear ducts, but their emailed newsletters greatly motivated me. When I finally made an appointment, I was very impressed by their kind and thorough communication that helped me be fully prepared for the consultation and procedure.

Dr. Goyal is who did my procedure and I was glad I was in his hands for this. He was very calm and worked smoothly. The thing I liked best about him is that he would double and triple check the injections to make sure they were even and produced the effect I was looking for. I can tell his aesthetics are very important in his decision making and that they were a great benefit to improving my face. He had steady hands and communicated well which made the procedure very easy (even though I was very nervous).

I bruised a bit afterward, but it was not very noticeable, and quickly went away after using a hot compress (as they suggested). It now feels so natural and I am so pleased with boost in confidence I now have!




Vaser Lipo abdomen

The result of the Vaser lipo was absolutely wonderful, they have supported me during all the phases of the process.
Garment and aftercare have been essential.




Excellent Naruschka! Excellent result!

At first I was very nervous though am decided to go through it. But, when I met Naruschka, I was overwhelmed with her kindness and excellent professional approach. I can tell straight away that this lady knows exactly what she is doing and as we were having a conversation I can see it from her that she knows what I need and what result I want to achieved.

Today, I can see the true transformation of my nose as the swelling has totally gone down and I all I can say.. am blessed to know her and her lovely team who had been very supportive from day one and am so glad I have chosen Botonics.

Based on my experience, total healing takes time. So, I suggest if you have a special occasion to attend to, please have it done a month before that occasion for a perfect look. However, it depends on the person.

For those scared of pain, well, I felt nothing except a little bit on my nostril but it’s alright. Naruschka will see to to it that you are at your most comfortable condition.

I had a long journey with the annoying underground train noise, etc, however, my effort was worth it.

It’s a fulfilled dream for me.

Thank you Naruschka for doing the best for me and my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team. And, I shall see you again very soon. Xxx




Non surgical nose job

Im extremly happy with the results of my nose. Naruschka is very professional and was very honest about how the results would turn out and told me exactly what to expect. Overall my experience was amazing.


Louise Elliott


Non surgical nose job

I am absolutely delighted with the results of last week’s treatment for nose asymmetry. I felt in very safe hands with Naruschka and under no pressure during our initial consultation.

40 years of hating my nose was banished in a 15 minute, virtually painless, procedure. I always thought I detested my nose because it was too big but that was a red herring; it was the asymmetry – which has now been corrected. It looks so much prettier both face on and in profile and I feel more confident as a result. Highly recommended: my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.




Went in for a non-surgical nosejob

Went in for a non-surgical nosejob. My Dr – Dr Goyal – was very friendly during my free initial no-strings-attached consultation and answered all my questions – no ‘pressure sales’ tactics at all! I left saying I’ll mull it over and Dr Goyal was completely fine with me deciding not to have the procedure if I didn’t feel comfortable. The free consultation was VERY helpful for me, as I probably wouldn’t have bothered at all if it hadn’t been free. Before the consultation I was probably leaning towards not having the procedure, as I was very sceptical, but after Dr Goyal answered my many questions I began to consider it more seriously.

I thought it over for a while and I ultimately decided to go through with it as I really appreciated the respect and time Dr Goyal gave during my consultation and felt I could trust him. The procedure was very quick and exactly as he’d described – and the results were great! 2 weeks later I went in for a follow-up appointment and was again very happy with Dr Goyal and the aftercare provided. I had forgotten to take before/after photos and Bill and Rosalie (my points of contact) kindly sent me the photos Dr Goyal had taken. They were also quite quick in getting back in touch with me and helping me booking my appointments.

Overall, a very good experience, Dr Goyal was friendly and professional, and completely understanding of my hesitance to have the procedure and I never felt ‘pushed’ into making a decision, and Bill & Rosalie were very helpful in setting up my appointments and answering any ‘over-the-phone’ questions I had. Professional, friendly, and great results.





I have had treatments at various clinics in London, however none of them compare to Botonics. The level of skill, knowledge and care goes over and above any I have ever previously received.

Naruschka is kind, calm and an expert at what she does. All my treatments have been perfect and achieved exactly the results I hoped for.

The most recent treatment I have had is a non-surgical nose job. I now have a perfectly symmetrical nose following the treatment. I have also previously had botox and will continue to do so at botonics.




Non-surgical nose job

I had my non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure back in November.

I was absolutely ecstatic with the results and I could not believe how something so simple had altered my appearance so dramatically.

I had quite a prominent dorsal hump in my nose and this now looked completely straight. Naruschka did explain to me in detail that a lot of this would be swelling and that the appearance my alter slightly as the healing process took place.

One week later I will still overjoyed with the results of my nose. The swelling had subsided almost completely and although a tiny (I cannot stress how tiny) part of the bump was visible again, it was such an improvement on my original nose that it did not bother me in the slightest.

That was until I received a negative comment from somebody who I had thought of as close to me and a supportive friend. They told me that they could see the bump clearly, it was a waste of money and that it didn’t look any better.

Suddenly, a wave of insecurity hit me and I took this persons words literally. What I was seeing in the mirror was not matching the comments they had made, but in my own head their words rang (unrightfully) true.

I therefore contacted Bill and Naruschka and made a formal complaint about my nose. They tried to explain and address each one of my issues in a calm and professional manner, but at this point I was unwilling to listen and was feeling very insecure. I can admit that I was not the easiest client to have. They asked me to send pictures of my nose, which I sent and they then sent these back to me along with the pictures of my original nose before the procedure. By this point, I had taken steps to remove the negative person who initially commented from my life and I could now see that the results were undeniably good.

It has been almost 5 months, and even though a minimal amount of filler has dissolved my nose still looks so much better than it did originally.

I am going back to the clinic on Friday 7 for a second treatment.

Everyone has told me my nose still looks so much better that I do not even need to go back! But I think that I am a bit of a perfectionist and I am confident Naruschka can take my nose to the next level for me personally.

I cannot stress enough how comfortable I am to be going back to the clinic, even after the way I initially reacted, they accepted my apology with grace and were very understanding and supporting of the situation when I finally explained to them and were more than happy to welcome me back. Bill explained to me that it can be quite common for friends/family to give negative feedback after somebody has undergone a cosmetic procedure, and this made me feel a lot better and willing to share my experience to hopefully help others who may experience the same thing!





I had a lip enhancement with narushchka henriques (it was not my first visit). My lips look very natural and exactly how I wanted them, I could recommended her more!




It's all in the detail - highly recommended

I have been seeing Naruschka Henriques for many years now and I definitely wouldn’t trust anyone else to give my face this level of care and attention.

Naruschka is nothing less than outstanding when it comes to delivering the very best results every time I have a treatment with her. Without fail, I have always been well taken care of and completely reassured every step of the way.

She’s absolutely amazing – especially when it comes to detail. She’s always attentive to my every need.

I can’t recommend her enough.





If you are looking for an outstanding experience all round, then look no further. The beautiful, gentle and intuitive Narushka is the best cosmetic artist that i have ever come across. In my 20 years of trying all of the top doctors to apply botox, i have finally found the hidden secret to achieving a fresh youthful and natural look! Huge thanks to team Botonics. xxx




I've had many, she's the best ;)

I have had many filler doctors (always subtle) but am constantly dissatisfied and looking elsewhere
I saw the reviews online about Naraushka and wanted to book, she’s constantly unavailable (I soon came to know why) but I managed to get an evening appointment.
I was astounded by the time she took, I’ve had at least 4 different doctors and her focus, patience and thoroughness was really quite surprising. She also has a great eye, and really does know how much should restylane should be used in each area.

She’s very hard to get, but I hope I don’t have to ever see anyone else for fillers again.




Lip enhancement

My experience at botonics was excellent. I got my lip enhancement two months before i was really scared but after i got it i want to get it again because it all went smoothly . the process is painless and takes around 30 mins . Bill’s been so supportive and helpfull throughout my treatments at botonics . Highly recommended to everyone .




Service was excellent from start to finish made me feel special.

I felt unhappy with myself for a lot of years now after having children putting on weight etc, so I decided
To do something about it after reading all the good reviews about botonics online I decided to take the plunge. I spoke to bill who was great and made an appointment to see dr nurein. Dr nurein put me at ease straight away and was very informative.I decided to go ahead with my fat transfer and liposuction
Procedure and can honestly say I now feel like a new person I feel more confident Than I have done for a lot of years. I cannot thank bill and the team enough . Rebecca




Non surgical nose job

I first came across Naruschka when I was researching non surgical nose jobs online. On the botonics webpage there is a lot of informational aswell as reviews for this procedure and before and afters of Naruschkas work which concreted my decision to go to her for my treatment. I am from Northern Ireland and I could not find anyone here with the skill to do this procedure so I flew to the Harley street clinic in London to meet Naruschka on December 12th 2016. I was obviously very nervous but I had no need to be. Naruschka is the loveliest woman you will ever meet! and she puts all your worries to rest. Not only was her bedside manner so good but I could tell straight away that she is an expert in her field which really put my mind at ease. We took our time and nothing was rushed, I was able to show her pictures of what I wanted and she listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and told me if this was possible. I had a bump on my nose that I wanted straightened out but Also wanted to look incredibly natural because I didn’t want my friends or family to notice anything. After the procedure was complete Naruschka told me there would be swelling and bruising etc for a few days. This is where you should really take heed of botonics aftercare advice. I was extremely unprepared and had not purchased the arnica cream or anything. I also should mention I had a cold and had to travel on a plane later that evening to get home to Northern Ireland. With all of this combination, when I woke up the next day my swelling was very bad. This is not to say that anyone else will have the same experience but if you do plan to fly over to see Naruschka then just take into consideration all if the pre care and after care advice botonics give you, as I believe the flying did make my swelling worse. So when I woke up the next day I panicked and gave Naruschka a call. Again, she was so incredibly lovely and put me at ease. She calmed me down and told me what to do, insuring I kept hydrated, used heat to help the swelling and to take anti inflammitorys. She asked me to send pictures of the swelling to make sure everything looked normal. Again I just wanted to mention this part because even after you have had the procedure this clinic and its staff will all take care of you even after you leave. After 3-4 days my swelling reduced dramatically and I could then see that the result was exactly what I had asked for. I was over the moon! My confidence came back and there are no words to describe how good it feels to have been self conscious about something all your life and for it suddenly to be gone! Naruschka is a true artist. My nose was so cute! She has honestly changed my life!

Another reason why botonics are so good is that if you have anything left in your syringe they will keep it for you for a few weeks in case after the swelling goes down you will need a top up. Unfortunately because of work commitments and being in a different country, I couldn’t pop back in a couple of weeks later for my top up. So I decided to go back and see Naruschka yesterday, 6th march 2017. My Result was good and the filler had remained the same but had just went down a little after swelling on the tip of my nose which I wanted to add too. Naruschka remembered me and was just so lovely to me. She remembered my nose and knew exactly what I wanted done. She gives you such a personal experience, I couldnt believe she remembered our conversation from when I first met her and what I wanted. She filled my nose once again I am back home now recovering and after being more prepared this time round my swelling is barely noticeable. This has honestly changed my life. I will continue to do this procedure for as long as possible and I will go to no one else except Naruschka. The experience was so brilliant, her team Bill and Rosalie are both so lovely to deal with and if you have any issues they are willing to bend over backwards to help you. The service is exceptional and I am so so happy. You will not regret going to botonics that’s for sure!!




Top up by Dr Goyal

I have to say Botonics team are outstanding! Dr Goyal’s work on me amazing! My top up was mid-face, temples, botox brow lift. No pain, no bruising. My face slightly marked with what looked like insect bites, which went down within a day! I had the work done beginning of February and over the time until today writing this review (12 days), the look is softer, I would describe it as a ‘soft focused lens’. Being totally honest for the review, in my words, it is really really nice. I did have a little bit of a ‘wobbly’ moment; Naruschka was still on holiday, and Dr Goyal was not available, when I noticed around 4 days later, it appeared that I had lost volume, (I probably had) and it seemed to me like my brows had not lifted as much as I would have liked. I contacted Rosie who explained they were both out at the time I had, (my time was limited as I had to get back overseas for work) however, I see this as a God send, because in the following few days, the work Dr Goyal had done, blossomed…. and the lift and volume took place! So in hindsight, patience is a virtue. Thank you Botonics – you are highly, highly recommended!!!




Non surgical nose job

I came for a non surgical nose job. At first I thought it was a great outcome as I believed the bump left on my nose was just bruising as I was told by Naruska, however as time went on I still noticed a bump on my nose. I just had a better bump than what I already had. Waste of money as now I have to have the treatment done again elsewhere. After voicing my opinion to Bill and Naruska I was told to come back earlier and pay for the procedure again. I should not have to spend more for another procedure if it was done correctly in the first place. Although Naruska was friendly and very gentle the result of the non surgical nose job was not at all what I had hoped for.


Miss Kaur


Tear trough treatment and non surgical nose job

I would like to say a big thank you to Naruschka Henriques and all the team – Rosalie and Bill for the excellent service I received from Botonics. After doing some extensive research over many months this was the company I chose to have my procedure. I lacked self confidence after suffering from a very terrible incident over many years which left me with a damaged nose due to a fracture. I explained my circumstances to Naruschka who was compassionate and give her honest opinion in what was possible through treatment. I also have suffered for many years with hollow and dark eyes and was keen to address this also. After a lengthy consultation (which was free) I decided to go ahead with both procedures and had filler in both my nose and tear trough. I was talked through the whole process and only felt a slight pinch after being numbed up well!

Well all I can say is the results left me amazed. My nose looks straight and the area under my eyes full and fresh. My confidence has been boosted and I’ve not felt this good about myself in a very long time. I traveled from Leeds and it was so worth it

In comparison to all the other companies the prices were more than competitive and the service 100%

Thank you all at Botonics and I’ll be seeing you very soon


Jacqueline Adomako


Nice Nurse...but a waste of money

Quick Summary:

Pros of Botonic service
– Procedure uncomfortable during “sculpting” but not painful overall

Cons of Botonic service
– Gave me a filler I didn’t ask for for a higher price
– Complete migration of filler away from eyes
– Side effects on both eyes
– Extremely slow to reply when reporting these side effects
– Receptionist somewhat patronizing

Hi, I am a young woman (early 20’s) who wanted a fresh look so had my tear troughs done in November. My oh my, disaster from the go! I called around a few clinics as I wanted to use Restylane under my eyes – a known safe filler with minimal migration. I made this known to Bill (receptionist) and he gave me a quote for this filler. I agreed based on the idea that I’d be using this filler. After all, something which is known to be safe is what i’d want to start with. FF to the consultation. Naruschka was nice, friendly, talked me through the procedure. What she didn’t mention is that she would be using an alternative filler in my eye – Perlane. In fact, I wasn’t notified about this until I was hit with a bill that differed from the quote given. I emailed Bill asking why this was and he proceeded to tell me that Naruschka had decided to use Perlane under my eyes. I was horrified – I didn’t know what this filler was and should have been known that what I had requested may or may not be what is used on the day. He emailed me back saying “Perlane IS Restylane” just that it was a different type.
They are different fillers with different properties otherwise they wouldn’t be a different price. Quite frankly I found that insulting.
As the weeks have gone on, I noticed my left eye had a deeper ridge (which I was told by my Ophthalmologist was due to over filling in the upper eye) and I developed deeper pigmentation and a swelling/ bags under my right eye. I emailed the team about this and received a VERY delayed response. My eye was feeling dull and SWOLLEN months after the procedure, this could have been an infection (Read up on this) or worse and I received a reply around a week later!!

I’m now 2 months in and my eyes are worse than they were before the filler despite paying for a “longer lasting filler”.

Honestly, Go to a well known Ophthalmologist. If they get something wrong I’m sure they’d respond quick enough to fix the problem. I’ve had to fix this with Sabrina Shah but should have started here anyway.

I wasn’t going to write a review but the ones on here are misleading I believe.




Lip enhancement with Ms Naruschka Henriques

The whole experience with Botonics has been a totally positive one from scheduling the appointment to the fantastic results Naruschka produced on my mouth!
She really listened to what I wanted, the fact that I was going for a very natural look, and she managed to achieve just that!
I would definitely recommend!





Honest advice

I went to office twice after hearing the advice I got from Anushka and her personal opinion. I decided not to go ahead.

The advice I got from her was honest and non baised. Even thou I didnt go ahead I would still recommend this company.





I choose Botonics after some research and needed an urgent appointment As I don’t live in London and decided on nose fillers a week before my arrival.
My appointment came through and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed right from this very first stage.
Naruschka was patient,polite and thorough but most importantly extremely professional and knows her work.
I left grinning ear to ear and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect result!
Highly recommend Botonics!




Best decision!

The area under my eyes started to look bad in the past few months (even when I had enough rest I still looked very tired). Naruschka reviewed some photos of me in advance and confirmed that I appeared suitable for tear trough. It was a 3 week wait until my appointment. I had lots of questions and was corresponding with Bill and Rosalie were a great team who were more than happy to answer all my questions and put my uncertainty at ease. I had tear trough treatment with Naruschka Henriques 3 weeks ago. The treatment itself was not painful, just uncomfortable. I had very minimal swelling and slight bruising only on one side. Naruschka was very professional, as soon as I met with her I knew she was the right person. When I went back to work, everyone mentioned I looked “fresh”, like I’ve been on holiday. I can say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made – going to Naruschka and getting tear trough treatment.




I highly recommend botonics

After weeks of research for the perfect clinic to get dermal fillers, I came across botonics. I noticed they had excellent rating and reviews. I also looked at the before and after photos which further convinced me that this is the perfect clinic. So I decided to give it a shot and booked an appointment with Naruschka. Im so happy with the treatment i received from her at botonics for the nose to mouth lines as well as the non-surgical nose job. She was very reassuring throughout the procedure and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. The results are amazing, it’s such a relief to finally feel confident with how I look. I was very self conscious about my nose especially how it looked from the side. Now it’s smooth and straight and appears smaller. Similarly, my nose to mouth lines are no longer visible, it’s great to smile again without worrying whether my lines show or not. For this reason, travelling all the way from Bath to London was worth it.




Perlane under eye area

I am so happy with the treatment I received from Naruschka at Botonics a week ago. I had been feeling really conscious of my under eye area for a few years. It looked hollow and saggy, especially when I smiled. I desperately wanted to improve the area, but had been very reluctant to have anything done as I was worried I would end up looking fake. After reading the many fantastic reviews on here, I felt confident to go ahead and book and appointment with Naruschka. After the consultation I was happy to go ahead and have the treatment straight away. Naruschka suggested a treatment of 1ml perlane in the area beneath the tear trough (rather than in the tear trough itself). I didn’t find it to be particularly painful, Naruschka was very reassuring throughout telling me what was happening and answering my questions.
I had my treatment on a Friday afternoon. I did have some swelling and bruising over the weekend. I was quite conscious of it and was pleased that I had no plans to see anyone, but I kept applying make up and my children didn’t even notice. I was fine to go back to work on Tuesday. It has improved every day since then and now, one week on, I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely have the same treatment done again when I need it. It looks completely natural but I feel so much fresher and less tired looking.
The only thing that may put me off is if it doesn’t last very long as it’s not something I could afford to have done really frequently. If I get 9-12 months out of it I’ll be even happier than I am now!





I heard of Naruschka after doing extensive research a few years ago for very minor amount of fillers. I am young and involved in the media, but absolutely not in the side that looks ‘ done’. Subtlety and a natural looking ‘fix’ was so important and I have now been going to Botonics for over 3 years. The appointments are quick, nearly painless and never a big deal. Naruschka is the first to say no if I have lost sight of what I think I need realistically, and has turned me down for top ups once or twice when I didn’t need them. She has also completely transformed longterm skin issues I was having with a couple of recommendations for products that I imagine I will now be using for life. She is completely trustworthy and knows exactly how to get the results you want. Additionally, over the time I have been seeing her, she has become more and more difficult to get an appointment with which is a very good sign! In such a scary industry, Naruschka is like Goldust. Find her and keep hold of her! I can recommend her and Botonics 100%




Excellent service

I would like to thank you for the great care and service received during my treatment and after care.
Bill was really helpful and easy to talk to, Dr Nurrein was very helpful and honest about the results of the treatment.
I was also referred to Helen for after care massages session which was amazing.
Helen is brilliant , I definitely will be using her again.




Lip enhancement

I was really scared before coming to botonics to get my lips done. I didn’t wanted to look like my lips were done .I wanted them to look natural .I would recommend Naruschka to everyone. She really takes time to listen to the patient what they want. In my experience she was very helpful to advise me what will look good on me and what not. I didn’t wanted to go to a plastic surgeon who would suggest me to get different things done and look like i got fake everything done. When it comes to my experience with her she really helped i feel i am much more confident with my looks now. I love my lips .




Tear trough treatment

I was so impressed with Naruschka – she is very friendly and makes you feel at ease when discussing and completing procedure.
I have always had hollow tear troughs and I can honestly say that I looked brighter and fresher, (not to mention younger!) immediately after my first treatment. I am now a regular at this clinic and would highly recommend to anyone. Bill who works with Naruschka books you in and he responds very quickly to any queries you may have. He is excellent & always very cheerful! I would never go anywhere else!


Mimmies mama


Efficient and safe.

I have been to see Naruschka twice for cheek, nasolabial fold and undereye fillers.
Naruschka is a confident and very experienced aesthetic nurse practitioner with an excellent bed side manner.
She also has a good aesthetic eye and is aware of her limitations. She errs on the side of caution thus ensuring you end up with a natural and not overdone result. She is familiar with a range of fillers meaning she is able to suggest what may or may not be suitable for an individual and provide an alternative.
The bookings team are also brilliant, Rosalie and Bill have superfast response times are very efficient and friendly.
Like all things with aesthetic medicine word of mouth is very important. I have no hesitation in recommending Botonics and Naruschka for filler treatment.




Excellence in Practice

I came to Botanics after over one and a half years of research seeking advice regarding non-surgical tear trough and naso-labial fold treatment. I also wanted to see what could be done to safely lighten hyper-pigmentation marks left behind by years of acne in younger years & dark skin under my eyes, without damage to my skin (African/Caribbean).

From first email contact with Bill through to the appointments with the amazing Naruschka, I found a totally professional and sympathetic organisation.

Naruschka’s detailed explanation of the various fillers available, the pros and cons of each one, the possible negative side effects, how long the fillers were likely to last, were unhurried and thorough, and any questions were answered fully. I did not sense any compulsion to take up any procedure either at that first appointment or, indeed, at any later time.

I went ahead with the treatment with the recommended filler & there was little to no pain, for me. Naruschka even ensured that I did not have a needle phobia. She took the time necessary to make sure that the treatment was administered well – she even told me about the slight differences in the bone structure on each side of my face that required slight differences of approach from one side to the other. It felt like I worked on by an artist!

After the setting up follow-up appointment through the lovely Bill to ensure that all was well with the fillers, I made another appointment to address the darker marks on my face. Again, Naruschka’s explanations and advice in the use of the recommended products were exemplary. I am now into the second week of using these products, and, so far, so very good indeed!

The appointments did not feel rushed in any way. Naruschka gave all the time I needed to understand everything and address any concerns and questions I may have had.

Very highly and unreservedly recommended.





Every single botonics staff member involved in my procedure, from the surgeons to those who helped me in both my preparation and recovery from the surgery itself, were absolutely outstanding. They helped me feel happy, calm, and made the whole process as smooth and as stress free as it could possibly be. Would recommend to anyone. Excellent.




Amazing service!

I had botox and dermal fillers treatments with specialist Naruschka. A Very personal and professional service, procedures less painfull than expected. Received many compliments from friends and other people about my lips after having fillers. So greatfull.




Flawless, natural results!

Firstly, I must say that since my first contact with them, I found the Botonics team to be friendly, patient and professional. This first impression was very important, in that it enabled me to establish trust in the clinic. I’ve had the non surgical rhinoplasty treatment done by Narushka a few times, and I’m so happy with the results each time that I usually smile all the way home! At this point, I don’t think I can ever trust anyone else to do my maintenance when it is due. The work is subtle and natural looking, while at the same time gives me a fresher, and more youthful look. Simply perfect. And so, based on my personal experience, I would recommend Botonics highly. As I stated earlier, I will definitely be staying with them for the foreseeable future.




Highly recommend

I’ve been visiting Botonics for over 2 years now! I would recommend their services to all…very professional but personable at the same time! Naruschka listens to your concerns and always advises on the best course of treatment. Bill responds to all queries very efficiently and is always very informative! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Keep up the great work and service!




Amazing treatment & service

I was really happy with the entire experience right from first contact to the treatment itself! Customer service is top notch and Narushka is fantastic; she had a very caring/gentle approach and I felt totally safe in her hands. I’m very pleased with my results. Highly recommended!


Sally Hampson


Brilliant service

Naruschka and Bill are a wonderful team. Bill responds immediately to any questions, queries and requests regarding treatment, making you feel welcome and secure from the get go. Naruschka is an extremely talented clinician, as well as making every treatment a relaxed yet highly professional experience.

I have had non-surgical treatments in other places and when I met Naruschka for the first time I had had some really unhelpful treatments elsewhere which had resulted in my face not looking like me at all! Naruschka has worked with me for a while now, allowing my natural features to come through, and enhancing those. I think she is an artist in the way she works with fillers and has an overall sense of a person’s face, keeping everything in balance.

I would not go and see anyone else at this point, as I trust this team completely, it is rare to find such personal service and artistry in this field.




Naruschka is my fairy godmother.

As soon as I entered Botonics, I was personally welcomed by Narushcka. She’s the most professional and loveliest person you’ll ever meet! She’s literally changed my life and boosted my confidence to great extent. Naruschka applies any type of dermal filler with confidence and immediately grasps your vision on what you’d like to have done and how you want the results to look like. She always makes me feel relaxed as I hate needles and applied generous amounts of tropical anaesthetic to relieve the pain – plucking my eyebrows feels more painful! I’ve recently started a fashion blog and I feel so confident when I’m on set during photoshoots. If you’re researching for the best filler practitioner then look no further! Botonics will forever be my go to place to get my injections. They offer free consultations, give the best medical advice and the best prices in London!




Tear trough

This is the second clinic I have visited to have tear trough treatment, after having a bad experience first time round and the filler being visible. I was so sure that this time round I had to find someone I was 100% happy with and trusted completely to make me feel confident.

From the moment I stepped in the room I felt at ease, as Naruschka talked me through the process and gave me her honest opinions on how we should proceed.

I’m already booked in to go and see Naruschka again and I would recommend if others are thinking of doing the same then she is definitely the right person to choose.




Reputable service

I first visited Botonics a number of years ago. I wanted to opt for tear trough and a nose enhancement procedure. Initially I was very nervous as I am not the best with needles but Narushka put me at ease straight away. Her knowledge and advice around the procedure was great and made me felt reassured. The procedure itself was fairly painless- i was left with a small amount of bruising under the eye area but that cleared within a few days. Overall I would highly recommend Narushka and botonics, as I have been going for a number of years and have never had any problems.




Satisfied result

Despite of a higher than average price, the results are rather pleasing! I am very happy!




Facial Feminisation procedures

I began to transition back in September 2014 and I’ve been looking of ways to feminise my face. I decided to look for someone with artistry and experience who will really understand what I am trying to achieve. The team at botonics are really lovely and Naruschka makes you feel so at ease. I have now had my lips corrected and my cheek bones built up. i am so so happy with the results and we have a treatment plan to further help my look. I have received many compliments since but they haven’t been able pin point exactly what has changed because the results are so natural but effective. I have already recommended friends!


Ms Martin


Tear trough treatment

I did a lot of research before embarking on tear trough treatment and decided to go to Botonics after reading about their procedure, and the excellent reviews. I was still nervous and apprehensive, but Naruschka put me at ease and explained everything, and answered my numerous questions, with a free consultation and no pressure to go ahead. I did go ahead, and am so pleased with the result (although I do need a little follow up treatment as Naruschka wisely advised to do it in two stages as my tear troughs were so deep). I believe she is a perfectionist! The treatment itself was far less painful than I expected. I did have some swelling the following day (no bruising though), but I think this was due to the fact that I didn’t follow their pre treatment advice of taking arnica tablets a few days before – so please do follow their advice! However, after the swelling subsided a few days later, the result is entirely natural and my eyes definitely look fresher and less tired! Naruscka is lovely and kind, and very professional. Bill, who booked me in, is very efficient and friendly. I would absolutely recommend Botonics for tear trough treatment.




Lip enhancement

I am very thankful that I came across Botonics. I am a full-time model and always wanted to enhance my upper lip but was scared of looking fake and cheap.

Love my lips enhanced by Narushka; no one ever said they look fake and I received so many compliments.

I had the procedure done few months ago and my lips still look great.

Also have to thank Bill for being ever so helpful, informative and understanding. Because of my busy schedule I had to cancel few times and was offered alternative appointment.

Thank you 🙂




5 star service

I have been having fillers at Botonics for some time and I cannot fault them at all. The best in town


Teneh Hampden


Tear trough treatment

After coming across a couple of before and after pictures online, I decided to book a consultation at Botonics. My inquiry was followed up quickly, professionally and friendly by Bill. My consultation with Narushka was great as every inquiry I had regarding the treatment was explained to me in great detail. During the consultation, Narushka talked in depth about a range of other procedures I’d had a look at, and unlike other consultations I’d had previously, I did not feel there was any rush or pressure to have anything done on that day. Narushka was very professional and I felt very comfortable in deciding to go ahead with the treatment at Botonics. Narushka let me know what she was doing during the treatment and I did not feel uncomfortable or nervous at any point. Again, I could tell that there was no rush and the treatment was done extremely well – I was more than happy with the results and saw a big difference immediately! I will definitely be going to Botonics again!


Mr Soma


Fantastic Service from Start to Finish!

I have always felt slightly insecure about my nose shape and after a bit of research on the options to correct this I found the company Botonics. I contacted them and spoke to Bill who scheduled in my appointment for my initial free consultation. Not only was Bill friendly and knowledgeable he has always been great at scheduling the consultations around my busy schedule as I own my own business and live quite far up North so he was very understanding about that and I always got the consultations to suit me. He also explained the pricing clearly so there were no nasty surprises later on. My specialist Naruschka Henriques was an absolute star and I have nothing but praise for her. When I met her for my initial consultation I felt no pressure of time or that she really wanted me to go with the surgery etc. It was extremely relaxed which gave me the confidence to move forward with the treatment. I was shocked as the treatment was not as painful as I thought but it helped knowing I was in good hands and I felt completely at ease from start to finish. I can’t recommend Botonics enough as not only did they help me get my dream nose without having to go through plastic surgery the whole team have always remained extremely professional throughout my dealings with them. Even a year later they contacted me to see if I was happy with the results and if there was anything else they could do. I look forward to my next treatment with them and have written this in depth review as a business owner who feels that when you have received good service it is important to let other people know. Thank you once again to the Botonics team.




Lip enhancement

I have had fillers before at a different clinic, which I wasn’t very happy about because you couldn’t tell I even had anything done. 4 months later I decided I wanted to get fillers again, I did my research and decided to go for Botonics.
I have spoken to coordinator Bill who arranged for me to see Haruschka Henriques.
What initially attracted me to Botonics is that on their website it says exactly how much a syringe costs, so there are no unexpected costs. I went to see Naruschka for the free consultation, where I was told exactly what to expect – nothing was exaggerated nor was there amny pressure for me to go through with the treatment. I decided to go ahead with it, and Naruschka advised I get a bigger syringe this time to give me a fuller effect. I was numbed in advance so that I could feel no pain. To be truthful, for me, I am very sensitive and although I was numbed I could still feel the needle which was unpleasant but it’s manageable. There was a little blood involved and swelling!
previously, because I had less filler injected I was hardly swollen, but this time it was a nightmare as I had to get the tube home! I can laugh it off now though! but it’s normal and I was warned that this is a likely side effect. The swelling and bruising dramatically reduced in the 24 hours and with a little makeup, I could go outside.
The procedure went very well, and I love Naruschka’s technique. I attended the follow up appointment, which not many clinics offer so it’s a really good idea to attend! Naruschka checked my lips for symmetry and to make sure everything is ok.
I love the service I have received at Botonics. With something as intimate as someone injecting fillers into your skin, you really need to do your research. I strongly recommend Botonics and I will definitely be going back soon!




Superb personal service and very pleased with results!!!!

I found out about Botonics through my daughter as she was considering a rhinoplasty, and after her experience I decided it was time to do something for me. I was very impressed with the overall service received by clients. Bill (coordinator) is especially very professional and accommodating, his service is second to none. After my first meeting with Naruschka Henriques, I felt very comfortable in telling her my concerns about the lack of volume in my face. Naruschka is highly skilled and is able to give you a very personalised service. She listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and also guided me through other procedures that would be the most effective. There was no pressure selling and the treatments (Botox, tear trough, lip enhancement, mouth lines and cheek enhancement) were all safely administered with the upmost care and precision. I have become a regular client of the Cosmetic Dermatology division. As a 46 year old woman, my confidence has never been so high, I love my appearance, I still look like me but better. If you are thinking of having any botox or dermatological cosmetic procedures I definitely recommend Botonics. They are the only clinic I trust!!!




Nasal dermal filler

I recently had dermal filler to correct a prominent dorsal hump. The service was excellent throughout, both bill and narushka were very professional. I needed a top up after two weeks but this was included in the initial cost. There was almost no pain during the procedure but some swelling for around one week afterwards. Even with the swelling, nobody noticed that I had the procedure. The result is subtle but makes a big difference to my profile. The initial consultation was very useful, all of the risks were explained and I was in no way pressurised to continue the treatment. I would recommend this clinic for anyone thinking of having this done.


Very Satisfied Client


Non-surgical Nose Job & Lip Enhancement

I had always been conscious about my profile as I had a bump on my nose and felt like it was the most prominent feature on my face, which I hated. I knew of people who had Rhinoplasty surgery and was seriously considering to also go down that route, however felt a little apprehensive as this would be an invasive procedure and was worried that if it was not completed properly I may be left with a permanent crooked nose.

I researched non-permanent/non-invasive surgery and found dermal fillers would be the most suitable for my needs, as it was not permanent and if I did not like the results after a couple of months my nose would go back to its original shape.

I researched so many companies over several months, but Botonics really stood out for me, although more expensive the literature contained on the website in addition to before and after pictures, videos and client reviews really helped me to make a decision to where I was going to get my treatment. I was struggling to find a provider with great testimonials who were able to evidence the work they had completed with previous clients, whereas Botonics had everything a potential client would want to see and read before booking a consultation. To be quite honest I was a little uncertain with the reviews I read on the Botonics website as each review was so positive and all clients expressed what a great experience they had and the exceptional service they received, so I was a little weary that maybe Botonics were actually writing their own reviews to entice potential clients to choose them.

I finally made a decision that I wanted to go ahead with the dermal filler treatment, so made contact with Botonics. I received a call back from Bill who was extremely pleasant and very helpful, he was able to answer all my questions (no mater how stupid I sounded) which really put me at ease and made me feel more confident in choosing Botonics.

Bill booked a consultation for me at my earliest convenience, and was able to get an evening appointment (due to personal commitments), which suited me brilliantly. Once the consultation was booked Bill sent me information regarding the treatment and also guidance on before and aftercare e.g. products required to take before and after the treatment.

The day of my consultation arrived, I was a little anxious but Dr. Naruschka Henriques made my nerves disappear and was very thorough with her approach making me aware of all the risks associated with dermal fillers etc. She listened very carefully to what I wanted, the results I wanted to achieve (a subtle change that people will not notice) and answered all my questions. I was also not happy with the shape of my bottom lip and mentioned this in the consultation, Dr Henriques expressed that she would also be able to amend the shape of my lips so they looked more symmetrical.

Dr. Henriques asked if I wanted to have the treatment on the same day, there was no pressure if I did not want to go ahead with the treatment on this appointment, but I decided to go ahead with it. I thought this would have been the approach because in the client reviews I had read previously clients had mentioned getting their treatment on the same day as their consultation and I had already prepared myself by taking Arnica tablets (helps reduce bruising) prior to my appointment.
Dr. Henriques prepared my face with the anaesthetic cream (to help reduce the pain of the procedure). Once I was numb she started to inject me with the filler, on some parts of my face I could not feel anything at all, but on the more sensitive parts it did feel a little uncomfortable and painful, however bearable. It took about 30 minutes to complete my nose and lips and the results were instant! I was so happy with the way I now looked.

Dr. Henriques did explain that I will bruise for a few days but to continue to take the Arnica tablets and to use the Arnica cream to reduce the bruising. The first night and day of the procedure it was a little uncomfortable (feeling pain due to the bruising and swelling), I was a little concerned as I did not expect this, but within 2 -3 days the swelling and bruising had reduced, and I still continued to use Arnica tablets and cream. Even though there was swelling and bruising no one could notice. It took just over a week for the bruising etc. to completely go.

Its now three weeks since having the treatment and I can honestly say I am over the moon with the results. I feel so much more confident and less conscious about the way my nose looks. The results are so subtle and natural no one notices that I’ve had any treatment unless I tell them. I only had one friend that noticed (shes had rhinoplasty surgery) and she was really impressed with the results she had to go and research Botonics herself and said the results seen on the website are amazing.

Overall I am so happy with the service received from the Botonics team, I will be returning in the future for maintenance treatments and will definitely be recommending Botonics to everyone I know. My experience with Botonics has confirmed that every review on the website is genuine including my own!




Nose enhancement

Not got much to say but great service, brilliant results and bill and naruschka very helpful and very professional, after having the nose enhancement its changed my life I’m more confident thanks to the treatment and Bill and naruschka, I recommend using them to anyone😀




non surgical rhinoplasty

I looked into having a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure as I have been unhappy with my nose for years – it is naturally flat, wide and bulbous and seems to have got more so as I have got older and had children (I am 39). I discovered the botonics group online and Bill was very helpful in slotting me into an appointment as a convenient date and time. Naruschka carried out the procedure and was very professional and pleasant and answered all my questions clearly and honestly. She felt I could benefit from the procedure and I decided to go ahead at the appointment, though I was not pressurised into anything. I was nervous about the procedure and how I would look afterwards, but Naruschka put my mind at ease and the procedure was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. My nose started swelling pretty much straight away but I could tell there was a difference. The next 24 hours my nose continued to swell, however I had been warned about this so was not overly concerned. You do need to be prepared for this though as it did get pretty big! Having said that my children did not even notice anything so I was probably more aware than others would be. I followed the aftercare advice (arnica and hot towel|) and the swelling gradually went down, so by day 3/4 my nose had really taken shape. I am thrilled with the results! Naarushka has given me a bridge, defined my tip and brought in my nostrils, so it looks exactly as I was hoping it would. The result is natural looking and subtle, and though I can tell a huge difference (and so can my husband who is the only person I have told about the procedure) others don’t seem to have noticed or questioned anything, which is what I wanted funnily enough. I feel so much more confident and happy with myself and would not hesitate doing it again.




Bruxism relief treatment - very effective

I have had a very pleasant experience from the initial contact and inquiry stage with Bill who coordinated my appointments, right through to the free consultation with Naruschka, the specialist who reassuringly went on to perform my treatment. She took plenty of time to ensure I understood the procedure and gave me realistic expectations. Results were moderate to begin with but have since proven to be very effective over time and my clenching and the subsequent migraines it caused have reduced dramatically. As my over-developed jaw muscles have reduced my face has slimmed accordingly which is an added bonus. My only hope is that this continues! I am extremely grateful for the highly responsive service I received and would recommend Botonics to anyone suffering from this condition.




Good, reasssuring service for nervous mind

My experience having a breast enlargement (under the muscle) with Dr. Joffily through Botonics was great. I was very nervous beforehand, and Bill was a reassuring comforting voice throughout the process. In particular I am grateful for the fact that they could arrange my surgery very speedily. It is now more than three months since my enlargement and I am very pleased with the natural result. Dr. Joffily did a good job, and the clinic in Harley Street was comforting and nice to wake up to after the full anaesthetic. I definately recommend Dr. Joffily and Botonics.


Lisa D


Undereye Filler With Naruschka - A Great Review!

I was thinking about having fillers for a few years but kept putting it off as I was so worried it would go wrong. I looked around for a long time to find a practitioner with good reviews and Naruschka’s reviews were great which gave me the confidence to go ahead with it and I wasn’t disappointed!

The guy I booked the appointment was so friendly and helpful, it was a really easy process. I believe the next appointment they had available was in a week and a half but I was put on the wait list as I was eager to get the procedure done! I did actually get an earlier appointment offered which was great. I turned it down in the end as I made dinner plans but was really good to have the offer.

I love that the practice is in such a gorgeous building on Harley Street. It makes it all the more exciting being in such a grand place! The waiting room is gorgeous and comfortable as is Naruschka’s practice room.

And now for the most positive part of the experience, Naruschka herself. She is just lovely. So warm and friendly and completely sympathetic to your concerns. It was a leisurely appointment I didn’t feel rushed in any way. The whole process was explained and I had more than enough chance to have any queries and concerns answered which was very reassuring. We talked about what I hoped to achieve and how much product it would take then once we were both happy it was time to start!

It was painful. More so that I expected actually but completely bearable and absolutely worth it. Once one side had been completed I got to look in the mirror and the difference between that side and the natural side was amazing. I knew straight away I would be happy with the results!

There was no bruising at all. I took Anica for the weeks prior as recommended and bought Anica cream but didn’t even need to use it.
There was a bit of pain where I moved my face for a couple of days but it wasn’t bad at all and just made me feel excited whenever I got a twinge as it reminded me I had FINALLY had it done.

There is a great follow up appointment available as part of the service too which I don’t think is available with all clinics.

I look way younger and so much fresher and more healthy. It’s very natural looking, I don’t even think anyone would notice what has changed but I look way better.

It’s been about 4 months and the filler has dispersed by about 25% I think. I actually cant wait to go back and would definitely recommend Naruschka to anybody.

Thank you Naruschka!




Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Having done this treatment for the first time i was nervous as I did not know what to expect. However Dr.Naruschka explained the whole treatment in-depth and what to expect, also answering any questions that I had. I had the procedure done on the same appointment and it didn’t take very long, and there was hardly any pain at all. Dr.Naruschka was very calm and talked to me throughout the whole procedure and kept me informed of what she was doing. I had some minor bruising on the bridge of the nose which took couple days to go, however the treatment was very good and the results were very satisfying. She told me that the first treatment will not last too long as its the first time filler is being used in my nose, however future treatments would last longer as the nose would get used to the filler and results would look even better. Overall I felt really happy with the results and how I was treated my Dr.Naruschka and Bill.


Leanza Sekhon


Excellent tear trough treatment!

I just want to reassure anyone thinking of having a tear trough treatment with Narushka at Botonics.
I was super concerned about undergoing the treatment and took a long time to consider if it was right for me and to think about the possible associated risks, In fact I re-scheduled twice until the day I arrived at the Harley street clinic ready for the procedure.
Narushka is quite unique in her ability to perform this treatment and there by reducing risks and getting right to the individual problem areas.
I only felt minor discomfort through out my treatment, and in Narushkas expert and well practiced hands I could even relax. In fact she had a great calming influence on me, so much so that I was able to feel completely at ease even though I’d been deliberating for so long!
Instantly I could see the benefits and positive effects on my problem areas, and was so pleased with the targeted result.
Very wisely Narushkas approach was to see how I got on with the first treatment and then return for a follow up where we agreed I needed a little more product to get a perfect finish.
I will definitely be returning for another treatment with Narushka when the time comes and already have a reminder in the diary.
I can honestly say of all the rejuvenation treatments I’ve had this one has made the biggest difference to the way I look and feel…. With this treatment I lost that slightly tied look and just look fresher and feel brighter.




Finally, a solution I have been looking for my whole life!

I have suffered with acne and hypo pigmentation for my entire life and after trying so many different treatments none of which worked I thought that that was it until I found Botonics.I went for my initial consultation and the thing that made me choose them was naruschka didn’t make me feel bad about my skin or use pushy sales techniques to try and get me to go with them. I told her what I thought was wrong, and she recommended a totally different solution (Obagi) than what I went initially went in for which showed she had my interests at heart over pushing the most expensive treatment on me. She was so incredibly professional, diligent and caring that I have had several treatments with them. I couldn’t recommend them and their very friendly informative patient coordinator Bill any higher even if I tried.




A star service

From the moment I arrived to botanic’s I felt relaxed and comfortable. When I was seen by nurushka she was friendly and very polite I didn’t feel like I was being forced to get any treatment done and she was very honest with what I should get done and she doesn’t try to upsell which I appreciated! Definitely the place to go no doubt I can not fault them. Thanks to Bill also who has amazing perserverance and talent.


Lisa Hughes


Professionally perfect!

I live in Spain and researched my surgery options online. I was looking for a breast augmentation but a natural result, and a butt lift using vaser lipo. I found the Botonics website where both procedures were on offer. I spoke to Bill on the phone who arranged free consultations for me with the relevant surgeons. I decided to proceed and within 2 weeks I had undergone both procedures in Harley street and I was back in Spain and back to a normal life! The results are amazing, exactly as I hoped for, Mr Joffily is a genius! I would whole heartedly recommend Botonics to anyone considering surgery.


Victoria Jenkins


Very positive experience at Botonics Clinic

Having had treatments with 3 other cosmetic companies in the past I chose to have a consultation with Naruschka Henriques off the back of many other positive reviews and also the photo gallery available on the botonics website. I have now had tear trough and lip enhancement with Narushka and can honestly say that she works quite differently from other specialists in her attention to detail and natural artistic flair. I was keen to ensure that I didn’t achieve an overly fake look and she was able to soften and enhance what I already had revealing an overall more youthful look. I plan to now have lower face filler to increase volume and am very confident of achieving a good result.




Successful non surgical rhinoplasty

Recently I have had a non surgical rhinoplasty at Botonics and I am satisfied with the results. There were two things I wanted to change about my nose. First of all I did not like the dorsal hump I have and secondly when I smiled the tip of my nose used to “drop down”. During my free consultation Dr. Naruschka was very helpful in explaining the process to me and she answered all my questions. The second appointment when I had the treatment, did not last for long and I did not feel any pain. Dr. Naruschka was very careful and made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment. Three weeks after the treatment I had a free follow up appointment for Dr. Naruschka to check how is everything. Overall I am very satisfied with the results but it is very important for everyone who thinks of having this treatment to understand two things. Firstly, the results are temporary and secondly (for my case at least) this procedure cannot replace a surgical rhinoplasty. The filler can indeed make your nose look straight but the dorsal hump is obviously not removed. Of course, Dr. Naruschka explained all these matters to me and I knew what to expect. Now after having the treatment my nose looks much better and the dorsal hump can hardly been seen.


Sarah Cackett


I went to see Narushka Henriques through word of mouth, a close friend had been regularly visiting Narushka and highly recommended her. I went to see Narushka for Lip enhancement.

My experience was overwhelming but incredibly happy with my results. I am petrified of needles, Narushka was professional and calming. The process was as expected. I work in an environment where you are analysed by your looks so as a perfectionist I wanted to ensure I had the best care, and indeed it was. I have now booked my second visit to see Narushka for my lips. The after-care and follows ups were incredibly professional, I felt comfort that both Bill (co-ordinator) and Narushka made me feel like a loyal customer. Highly recommend both.


Sarah Clarke


Botonics Lip fillers - specialist Naruschka Henriques

Professional and friendly
Comfortable environment (definitely recommend Harley Street practice)
Realistic and provided full precautionary advice
Minimal pain
Good follow-up and no pressure to return more frequently than required to maintain look




Fantastic, from beginning to end

Even if I do say so myself, I look pretty young for someone who’ll reach 40 at the end of the year. The only thing that did let me down was the skin area around my eyes, where I developed eye hollows over the last few years. After trying out a lot of different creams and gels with no positive effect, I was becoming more and more bothered with my eye hollows, so started searching for cosmetic dermatology options out of curiosity. I think there’s still a bit of a stigma with guys doing this kind of thing (in my head at least).

I came across Botonics, and noticed a section of their website dedicated to men which, together with the universally high positive reviews, gave me the confidence to fill out the contact form to discuss my concerns. I got a prompt, friendly call back from Bill, my coordinator and decided to book a free consultation a few weeks later (well, I had nothing to loose). The clinic’s a nice comforting environment and I had an informal, honest conversation with Naruschka, my specialist. We first focused on why I was unhappy with my eye hollows and how I thought getting treatment would benefit me. Once we’d assessed that I had thought this through and was considering treatment for the right reasons, we then started to discuss tear trough treatment, where Naruschka carefully explained the procedure, the small risks involved and talk through all the questions I had. Following our discussion, I was convinced that tear trough treatment was what I wanted so decided to get back in touch with Bill to book an appointment for treatment. I booked a date that coincided with some time I was taking off work for a holiday.

On the day, Naruschka did a great job of explaining every step throughout the treatment and easing my ‘needle’ nerves (the sweet tea that had been prepared for me worked wonders!). After the treatment was completed, I was quite taken about by how instant the results were. I was seriously impressed and very happy! The initial bruising I had was minimal and I didn’t need any adjustment during the follow-up appointment that we’d scheduled a week after, which is included as part of the treatment.

For guys who are unhappy with their eye hollows and have considered, but have anxieties about seeking trough treatment, you really should book yourself a consultation. The experience I had with Botonics throughout and, even more crucially, the end result, has been fantastic.




Tear Trough Treatment

I first had tear trough treatment at the Milo Clinic. I was very concerned at the poor aftercare service I received. There was no follow up appointment just email reassurance that once the swelling and bruising went down all would be well. Unfortunately the result was disappointing too and definitely not worth the money. It was during this time of searching the internet for advice that I came across Botonics. I liked the look of their website and the patient reviews so decided to book a free consulation with Naruschka who was friendly and knowledgeable and took time explaining how she would carry out the procedure, what I could expect and how much it would cost. There was no pressure to go ahead but she’d gained my trust so I decided I would give the treatment another go. I’m so glad I did! The results were excellent, very little bruising, a free follow up appointment to check all was well and I was happy with the result. I have since had a couple of other treatments a cheek and chin augmentation and a little TTT top up as I wanted to look and feel my best at my daughters wedding. I can’t recommend this clinic highly enough. Naruschka’s skill and expertise and Bill the friendly, helpful coordinator make a great team. Also they let you spread payment over 3 months interest free – very helpful! I will definitely use Botonics for any future treatment required. Thanks Team


Louise Andrews


Non-surgical nose job procedure

I’m 17 years old and studying for my A levels, so not the typical client for these sorts of procedures. Nevertheless, after hating my nose and being self-conscious for as long as I can remember, I couldn’t recommend this service any more highly. I was lucky to have the full support of my mum, who came with me to an initial consultation with Narushka. I was amazed to know that this was free, as having extensively researched and almost gone through with a surgical rhinoplasty, I know that this is almost unheard of in London. Narushka was extremely welcoming and honest about what I could expect from the procedure, as well as the risks involved. She also gave me and my mum lots of information on how to reduce bruising and swelling before and after the non-surgical nose job (which really helped, as I had no bruising at all, and the swelling went down completely after 3 days), and we organised to carry it out after my exams. The actual procedure wasn’t too painful and lasted only about 15 minutes, and Narushka ensured that I was comfortable throughout. The pain after the procedure is also minimal, and Narushka is right in saying that only close friends/family will notice a difference – otherwise, people will just think it’s you on a really good day! Nevertheless, the results are truly brilliant. You have to be slightly patient due to the swelling, but I was so shocked that Narushka was able to achieve a change from the front, as well as my side profile. After going in for my free follow up consultation, Narushka told me that I should expect the results to last for around 7 months, and that the outcome will improve on the 2nd procedure, which is a great bonus! My mum was also incredibly impressed by Bill and how prompt and accommodating he has been in organising the consultations/procedure. So, overall I can say that this has been an incredibly positive experience, and one that has hugely boosted my confidence. I couldn’t recommend Narushka, or this particular procedure, more highly.


Mrs earle


Botonics is the best I have over 8 years experience

You only have one face and you need to think carefully about where you go. Yes dermal fillers have risks but not if you go to the right place. You need to be seeing someone who is busy therefore they have a lot of experience. Dermal fillers are best administered by someone with an artistic eye. The result you get is 90 percent down to the skill of the injector. Most places if you request lip augmentation will do this for you but don’t you want someone to look at all your features and offer you advice rather than take your money for a treatment that just might not suit you if what you really need is a cheek augmentation and botox? Botonics is the most professional company I have come across. Trust me I’ve been to a few with bad results and no aftercare. Botonics have helped me through a bad experience that I had for that I will be forever grateful . I am 45 people say I look early thirtys. Did this happen overnight… No .. But under the care of the Botonics team this is what I’ve achieved. If you want to go to a place that knows how to administer treatments safely and professionally with great results I can’t recommend Botonics enough. Please be careful when you choose where to go dermal fillers are everywhere even in a beauty salon with someone who probably sees 7 people a week . At Botonics there busy all day all week the experience they have and the service they offer is outstanding . Naruschka’s expertise cannot be matched and I know this as I found out the hard way by going to places that couldn’t offer the right advice and most of all the correct treatment. I hope my review has helped anyone who is considering Botonics. You will be in safe hands and you will love the results.




Highly recommended

Every part of the service has been excellent. Bill answered any questions and arranged appointments very quickly. Naruschka spend time talking through the procedure and answering any concerns honestly. The choice of times and locations for appointments, the free consultation and the concern taken at every step were also appreciated. Highly recommended, a great service all round!


Stuart Webb


Outstanding treatment, service and results (Non-Surgical Nose Job)

I have been unhappy with my nose for many, many years now and at the age of 35, I decided to do something about it. I knew that surgery wasn’t an option for me (point blank, I am too scared to go under the knife!) but when I heard about non-surgical nose enhancement, I got a free consultation with Naruschka at Botonics and she put me at ease straight away, explaining what could be done and what would be involved. The service was utterly fantastic and I knew immediately I was in safe hands. Even whilst talking to Bill on the phone, I felt immediately at ease (I am not someone who ever thought would be visiting a Harley Street Clinic!!).

So, I booked in for the treatment and I am still on the moon about the results. My confidence literally came back overnight and I almost burst into tears of joy when I saw what Naruschka had done. I still cannot believe it. Some slight bruising but this is to be expected (you are prewarned before your treatment to take Arnica tablets and have Arnica cream at the ready for any bruising which may occur) but the procedure itself was comfortable and the results smashed my expectations. I cannot stop looking at my new nose and very glad I chose Botonics. 🙂




Weight loss hollow eye fillers

Was very happy with the result. Exactly what I had hoped for. Great service and hardly hurt. I’ll be going back!


V Woodcock


Facial fillers

The care I had was excellent. My treatment was discussed and any questions I had were explained. The treatment happened over a few weeks and each stage evaluated. Naruschka but me at my ease and explained what was going to happen. She would not rush the treatment as she wanted to see what the result was like and she would adjust it on the next visit. So getting a better result. I will continue to see Naruschka when I need a top up. Also Bill who I liaised with about appointment was helpful and professional.
I would recommend having treament with her and her professional attitude to the work she needs to do, to enhance your appearance.


Clare Steward


So friendly and true professionals!

My face has been concerning me for a couple of years. Even though I do shift work I constantly look tired!
I saw Naruschka Henriques on tv and researched her online. She advertised the tear trough treatment but I was worried about filler in my face in case it went wrong. Bill the coordinator offered support and advise and booked me an appointment. I went for my consultation, and they recommended I defer treatment to sort out my dry eye condition, I returned 6 weeks later, had treatment and am so pleased with the results. It’s looks so natural and it didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t even bruise which I couldn’t believe as I bruise so easily. Will definitely go back for a top up later in the year when I save a few more pennies, but so worth the money!


Hanna Khan


Non surgical rhinoplasty and lip enhancement

I went to see Naruschka for the non surgical rhinoplasty treatment and also for lip enhancement. I have only good things to say about my treatment. Firstly, I had always had a c shaped nose as it kind of drooped to the left side at the tip. Narushka corrected this for me in my first treatment. She also managed to lift the tip which I was very thrilled about. I now have a very refined and straight nose. With my lips, I had received a lip enhancement treatment previously from another clinic which I was not completely happy with. Narushka fully understood my concerns and went ahead to correct the problem. It was amazing that she knew instantly what the problem was. I went back I see Naruschka two later for a free review. She touched up on my nose and lips a which again I was very happy with. She also gave me some botox treatment which I had previously told her I wanted. This was done on my forehead. I was shocked at how painless this was. All in all I felt very comfortable and relaxed the whole time. I also didn’t feel pushed into doing anything by Naruschka. In fact, she told me I didn’t need a lot of treatments that I actually wanted. She honestly told me what she thought would enhance my features and I really do value her opinion and time. I am looking forward to seeing her soon again for some more treatments!!! Love that I found Botonics!!! 😀


Miss Congeniality


Brilliant Company

I have been seeing Narushka for a number of years now . She never fails to put me at ease with my worries ,and carefully helps me understand what it is she is going to do ,whilst also listening to how i want to look -)

Very professional , always immaculate and compassionate -)

Bill also very kind to me on the phone when i am constantly ring up asking advice.. Very helpful also. I recommend you give them a try. You wont be disappointed




Excellent Advice, Excellent Results and Excellent Aftercare

As a late forties man pleased at successfully losing weight I found myself however with the unwelcome side effects of gaunt looks, deep tear troughs and sagging nasal folds.

I looked online at the possibility of correcting the problem and initially found a clinic on the continent that seemed to offer an answer with something called a feather lift.

The continental clinic scheduled me for a interview with the surgeon which was great- until I was advised that the only solution would be an expensive full mini-lift procedure. When I asked if there was any alternative, less invasive treatment I was told there was none suitable in my case. More worryingly, in my opinion, they seemed to grossly underestimate the recover time required.

I turned back to the internet and had the excellent good fortune to find the Botonics website. There was a number to call and I spoke to Bill who was superb and spent 40 or so minutes very clearly explaining the alternatives to surgery. Filler treatments, although not permanent, were minimally invasive, had minimal recovery time and could produce very good results. Having sent photos I was given a clear estimate of costs and subsequently booked a consultation.

Naruschka who conducted the consultation exuded professionalism and was more than happy to spend time answering all the last minute questions of a rather nervous potential patient. After our chat I was more than happy to proceed with the proposed filler treatment.

The results- I was delighted and best thing of all I was able to walk out back to the hotel looking improved- but normal- no scars, no significant swelling and no time off work.

Afternote: About a month after treatment I had cause for concern when I noticed swelling around my eye. I suspected it may be a mosquito bite (I work overseas where they are common) but was nevertheless worried it might be a reaction. Although very late afternoon I contacted Botonics urgently,

The response couldn’t have been swifter. Bill emailed back, Naruschka was consulted and full advice on a precautionary course of medication was given in case of a possible infection or reaction. Bill continued to follow up daily on my status and after a day or two the swelling completely disappeared. Maybe a false alarm- but I was truly impressed and indeed grateful for Bill and Naruschka‘s fast response, concern and help.

I would be more than happy to recommend Botonics to anyone.


Deborah Hammond


Sculptured Cheek bones, and fuller mid-face (Jamaican black women)

From the age of 42, (8 years ago) I had had a bottom molar removed from my left side. The dentist explained that due to this procedure, that my cheek would sink inwards. It did! This did not give me a nice facial frame. The look was sunken and with the addition of a long face by nature, made me look gaunt and haggard. After seeking to find a solution I came across fat transfer. I found a surgeon who is competent and passionate in his work, and confident and formed a good relationship attitude to me as his patient. So over some years with the imminent aging process with loss of fullness in the lower/mid-face I have visited my surgeon and always have had excellent results. The look I was after and he understood, was that of a more youthful, fuller face (goes without saying really who doesn’t want to look more youthful).

My face, I am happy to say, has never gone back to the gauntness I started with, however, I have had top up fat transfers every 18 months to two years. My last top up was September 2014, another excellent job, however, for whatever reason, the fat diminished like a balloon within 2 months, I was devastated. The fat loss was not completely diminished, but I lost a lot of volume, too much for my liking. I work overseas, so due to that reason another fat transfer and being so soon would be out of the question. I started to investigate a quick solution, as having another fat transfer would also mean downtime, which I did not have the time to take. At the time of investigating my solution, personal circumstances brought me back to the UK.

Just before I had had my previous fat transfer, I had come across Botonics, and that was due to watching a YouTube, blogger who is a makeup artist, he had recommended Naruschka, he mentioned that she had been a makeup artist. Due to that statement I listened intently to his review and knew that Naruschka having an aesthetic eye, would be able to deduce the procedure that would give me the results of what I would be looking for, (aesthetically pleasing to the eye). I emailed Botonics, whilst still overseas, and was surprised to get a telephone call from Bill, who answered all my questions. I was very dubious at the time, although I had read and heard the reviews. I decided to go ahead and meet with Naruschka as I was going to be in London.

An appointment was made, I meet with Naruschka, still dubious (I am being honest); she talked me through the procedure for dermal filler treatments, showed me pictures of clients (before and after) was never pushy, I liked what she said. She asked me, what do I think I need. I explained , and she caught my vision of how I wanted to look (which is essential for any client). However, I decided not to go through with the procedure and went ahead with my fat transfer.

As I said the after the swelling went down with the fat transfer, within a very short space of time I lost a lot of volume (2 months); it had never happened so dramatically in the past. I was back in London again in November for 2 weeks, and was able to schedule an appointment with Botonics. I meet with Naruschka again, confident in what she was telling me, and confident in her skills to make me aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I decided to go ahead with the dermal filler treatments. Naruschka, tells you when she is about to inject and talks you through the procedure, whilst she is doing it, I personally appreciate that. She sculpted my cheek bones, filled out the hollows and nasolabial folds, and some divits in my chin.

My personal experience. The procedure is not pleasant. Naruschka used a numbing cream on my face which helps (?!) well I do not know what a cannula feels like going in your face without the numbing cream. Leaving the cream on for around 20 minutes, the cannula is used to make a small incision for the injection of the dermal filler mixed with lidocaine although you start to numb, the feeling I can only describe as ‘irritating’. However, it is bearable (keep in mind the end results!). For me I took long deep breaths which helps the mind and body to stay relaxed. Naruschka explaining what she was about to do also helped.

Although very swollen, the end results where good. At the time I was overwhelmed with the look. To add I had no bruising, and after the procedure the cannula holes gave a look like bad acne. I did take arnica and zinc pre and post procedure. I am writing this 4 weeks post procedure and my sculptured look has soften immensely, and looks amazing, now I am immensely ecstatic!!

I have had great compliments, ‘you’re really pretty’ and the ultimate one was ‘are you a model?!’ wow at that time I think dermal filler wouldn’t cut it, my head was swelling!! LOL!! The main comment I get is, why do you wear makeup you dont need to….!!

Thank you Bill and Naruschka, you are a great team, highly recommended. If you are debating and pondering and unsure, don’t be you are in safe hands, go and get your procedure done, you will be pleased with the results!




Botonics - tear trough treatment

Hi 🙂
I wanted to share with you my tear trough treatment experience with Botonics in order to help those of you who are reading this review, contemplating tear trough (or any similar) treatments. 9 months ago I was in exactly the same position; I had seen a surgeon at TRANSFORM, hoping to have surgery to remove my bags but unfortunately I was told I was not a suitable candidate – I was told it would make my eyes look hollow and Ill. After being told I was not suitable for surgery, I saw the coordinator for the non surgical procedures. She recommended a treatment called derma-rollers (which she said she’d had done and showed me these before and after pictures of her bags disappearing). She explained that this would help even out the skin and reduce the sign of bags. Willing to try pretty much anything to look less tired (I was 24 years old, male and fed up with everyone asking me if I was tired), I opted to go ahead and arranged an appointment with the doctor.
When I came in for the appointment, the doctor told me that the derma-rollers wasn’t the right option for me and that I’d not be happy with the results. She recommended I have filler placed into my cheeks. This wasn’t something id given any thought to and I was apprehensive about having something injected into my face – as a result, I asked if I could go away and think about it and then book another appointment at a later date. Before leaving, the same coordinator who recommended the derma rollers began explaining that, as well as the derma rollers, she’d also had the cheek fillers and again reemphasised her before and after pics (which previously she’d attributed to the success of the derma rollers but now said it was due to the fillers).
I began to feel slightly uncomfortable with the coordinator but I was desperate to see an improvement so I went ahead and booked the appointment. A week later I went to the surgery ready for the filler – when I arrived I explained to the coordinator and the doctor that I had researched fillers online and that most sites recommended a treatment known as ‘tear trough treatment’ and that I wasn’t sure having fillers put into my cheek would help. The coordinator immediately stated that the tear trough treatment was like playing Russian roulette and that most of the time your eyes will become permanently swollen – she then (after having only met me twice) stated that my eyes were like hers and that my tear duct didn’t operate efficiently and as a result, my eyes would almost definitely swell up and that I should avoid the tear trough treatment. She then, surprisingly, showed me before and after pictures of her tear trough treatment; her eyes looked very badly swollen and puffy. She said it was taken months after the procedure and that it took 3 years to correct it. The doctor then explained that because it was so dangerous and because so many patients had experienced negative results, they no longer offered the tear trough treatment and cheek filler was my only option. Having set myself up for filler and having already left one appointment without any treatment, I decided to go ahead with the cheek filler.
The doctor was very quick putting two mls in my cheeks and only injected a couple of times and then used her finger to push it around (I’d read online that this wasn’t good and ideally you should inject each time rather than try spreading it out with your finger). The cheeks looked okay and the filler didn’t look bad however, it didn’t help with my bags. It didn’t reduce the appearance of my bags and I wasn’t satisfied with the results – I did leave around £750 worse off though. Furthermore, they never called or emailed at any point afterwards to check up on me or to offer a follow up appointment. I felt the service was extremely poor and I felt I’d been misssold a treatment I didn’t need.
Still determined to reduce the appearance of my bags, I continued to research this tear trough treatment. I’d read in many places that if you have the procedure completed by a qualified and excellent practitioner then the results will be outstanding; otherwise, the results can be devestating. I called up the hospital group and they explained that they did no offer tear trough treatment and recommended cheek filler, explaining the same dangers and concerns as TRANSFORM. Admittedly, this did make me nervous about seeking out the tear trough treatment however, I was determined to not look consistently exhausted at 24 years old!
Eventually I came across a review forum where people had named Botonics (specifically Bill and Naruschka Henriques) stating that they had received excellent treatment and the results were very good. I decided to phone and make an appointment to find out more about the tear trough treatment. When I called Bill sounded very friendly on the phone and so I decided to go ahead and make an appointment for that same week. I met with Naruschka in an evening slot (at around 7pm which worked well from a work perspective) and I asked many questions regarding the potential risks and whether I would be likely to suffer any or leave disappointment. She assured me that the risks were very low and that the patients she’d treated were all happy with the results. When I explained that I wasn’t going to have the filler injected that evening and that I would go away and think about it, she didn’t try and force me to get it done – unlike the previous company (TRANSFORM), I didn’t feel under any pressure or obligation (because I’d taken up her time) to have this procedure. I went away and I thought about what we had discussed. I had a couple of follow up questions which I emailed to Bill and he responded almost immediately – always being very helpful despite the fact I still hadn’t spent any money nor had I actually committed to having any treatment at this point in time. I decided to go ahead and book the tear trough treatment and arranged a second appointment. I went back a week later and had the filler injected under my eyes. Naruschka was a lot more thorough than the lady at TRANSFORM, spending four times as long injecting the filler and injecting in several different places. I had two mls worth of filler and the procedure was relatively pain free with very little discomfort. Over the coming days, I did bruise and my eyes did swell however, this went down quickly and the results after a week were fantastic!
My bags had completely disappeared for the first time in 6 years and the results far exceeded my expectations. I was so happy I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror – immediately friends and family noticed, commenting on how good I looked. Many described me as looking a lot healthier and refreshed. I gained back my confidence and I finally got my bags removed. Over the coming months, the results got better and better, with my closet friend stating that he didn’t think at first the filler was a good idea however now, given my bags had completely disappeared, he was glad I went ahead with it.
It’s now been about 8 since I had the tear trough treatment and testimony to the great results is the fact I have just booked to have them redone again. The results lasted about 8 months for me however, I’ve heard the more you have it done the longer each one lasts – so my first one at 8 months maybe shorter than you can expect after a few procedures.
Not only was the actual procedure carried out exceptionally well, the aftercare was second to none. I was invited back after a month for a review and my concerns I had at first (surrounding the swellig and brushing) were addressed immediately (they always responded to my emails quickly and returned my calls). They also helped address issues relating to my skin and have helped recommend treatments for this, superseding their role as part of the tear trough treatment. It’s clear to me that Naruschka has a genuine passion for helping others and that it’s not all about making money for them!
I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this review and thinking of having a tear trough treatment to go book an appointment. You can talk through any concerns you may have with them and they offer financial plans which means you don’t always have to pay the entire sum upfront. Trust me, the few hundred pounds you spend will be money very well spent as it’ll bring your face back to life and finally remove the appearance of those bags which are getting you down!


Olivia Woodbridge


5 Star experience start to finish!

I cannot rate Botonics highly enough, my experience with them has been wonderful! I recently had a lip enhancement procedure with Narushka it was pretty much painless. She talked me through exactly what she was doing and I felt totally relaxed in her capable hands. I have had a huge smile on my face ever since! She reassured me that she was only at the end of the phone if I needed anything.
As my skin needed a little attention I was also prescribed some Obaji products to help clear it up, Narushka could’t have been more helpful. She showed me exactly what I needed to do, wrote up a personalised plan, and made sure I was confident before I left. After a short use my skin is glowing and I feel so confident, everyone has commented on how well I look.
To anyone that is looking to have a procedure done I couldn’t recommend Botonics highly enough the whole experience has been phenomenal. So my advice to you, pick up the phone and call Bill, you will not be dissapointed!


Maria A


Genuine, friendly, professional

I was a bit nervous about the idea of having Tear Trough Filler treatment, I had never had any treatments before and so was full of questions.
The people at Botonics were extremely supportive, informed and honest – never applying pressure on me to have the treatment. They contacted me for a chat straightaway, immediately putting me at ease and were very accommodating when organising my initial consultation. All communication was highly personable, friendly and professional. While I may not be a great candidate for the treatment I was enquiring about, I would not hesitate to use this company in the future. An excellent service, thank you very much!


Lina N


Knowledge, skills as an eye for aesthetics.

I wanted to share my experience with Botonics with all of you who might have previously had bad experiences with other clinics, and are frustrated with never getting the results that you wish for.

I have for the past 5 years been using Juvederm for lip enhancement, of which I have tried 4 clinics, both in the UK and abroad. I myself always research both clinic as well as the practitioner that administers the treatment thoroughly. Therefore, I was very disappointed when I always left unhappy. The issue was not so much in the way that they administered the Juvderm. I always felt that it was their lack of an aesthetic eye, and the lack of ability to develop a ‘look’ for me as an individual, as opposed to having a “one mold fits all’ approach.

Finally, after having tried another clinic on Harley Street, which was known for its ‘natural results’, I was again disappointed to see that most of the product had been administered wrongly and I had developed a ‘shelf’ above my lip. Also, I used to develop severe swelling which at times lasted for over 2 weeks and once before a holiday, which was dreadful. The practitioner had not given me correct after care advice and after several failed attempts I gave up as I had developed a severe reaction and I had to simply leave my lips to heal.

When I first had my consultation with Naruschka, she was able to help me achieve the results that I wanted, adapting where she placed the injections based on my facial shape and mouth, giving me a personalised look which I was complimented for often.The shelf like effect has started to disappear (thankfully) and I am now gradually being able to have natural looking, plump lips without the duck effect. Furthermore, the staff at Botonics have been very helpful and accommodating when it comes to answering any questions, especially when helping me with aftercare, where I was given advice regarding several products that I could use, and for the first time I had very very minimal swelling which has been wonderful, as I for the first time in five years of having this treatment was able to go out in public the same day.

I would strongly recommend this clinic and can’t thank them enough for the amazing results they have helped me to achieve!


Salien Mansi


I fell in love with the results!

So I had a lip enhancement a couple of months ago back in my country and the results were terrible!! I was bruised for too long and none of my lips were symmetric I was so embarrassed of my lips even when the bruises faded away it looked like I got punched in one area of my lip! So I found out about Botonics clinic and I saw the before and after photos that’s where I decided I should go for a free consultation why not? I went and i felt so comfortable discussing my case and I decided to go for the treatment on the same visit! It’s been more than a week now and surprisingly my lips are back to normal and if I ever think of filling my lips again botonics will definitely be my first choice! One of my friends had a lip enhancement there last week and she’s very pleased with the results! Highly recommended!

Salien xox


Miss A. Hussain


Amazing defiantly recommend to everyone

I’ve been self conscious for quiet a while I wanted something which would be affordable but does the job too. Finally! A friend recommended Botonics to me with a reasonable price it all seemed to good to be true after receiving my treatment I couldn’t be more happier the staff are so helpful and caring. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone I’m amazed at my results still cannot believe it thumbs up 🙂




Excellent non surgical nose job

I contacted Botonics since my nose is crooked and not symmetric and I wondered if a non-surgical approach might improve it. I am a doctor myself and searched for different options and I found this relatively new technique quite interesting and not invasive. Botonics replied that they could help making my nose look straighter and therefore “smaller”, since it would fit better with the rest of my face. I took courage and did it. My nose was slightly swallen for 24h, with some small bruising that I covered with a concealer. Ice pack helps reducing these side effects. I am extremely pleased about the results: my nose looks straight without looking THAT different. My family did not notice anything abnormal, but interestingly while on holidays a new friend paid compliment to my nose and said I was lucky to be born with such a straight nose. That made me laugh really. So I can only be positive here because I got exactly what I wanted




Thank you God I found botanics!! Am african woman!

This is how it started. I was very unhappy with the darck circels under my eye and the hallow under it.

I tried a lots of creams that wore very expanceve and the once you can buy in super drags on tope of that many other facial tritments too but non of them wore helping or giving me the result I want!
I didn’t know there was something i can do about it apart wait to get older so i can have them surgically removed! although I’m 30 now to justify it i thought i had to wait…. I had the drake circles as long as i can remember thank god I did not wait. The rison i mansing that I’m African is that my English spilling is bad and no one in my family has ever do this but I did!

Mind my on bessines I was looking for my next under eye creme on the entrant searching for drake circle when i found Botonics! tear trough filler i could not believed that there was something i can do about it with out operation! so i looked it up as much as possible read a lots about it and finally i decided to goo and see Narushka! thank god i did i was nerves cause i never done anything like that before but after talking to here I felt i was on the right plays she was calm she did not try to sell it to me or anything like that she just explained whats what and tolled me to think about it… mad me more conforteble cause i was not pushed in to it. I couldn’t wait to make my apointement so i can have my treatment as soon as possible with the help of Bill i was able to make one in weeks time. thank you Bill!

It was not painful for me at all. I fillet the needle but thats about it! I was very swolen i guess that depends from person to person but no bruseing at all i was of work so when i want back my friends couldn’t tall what i did but they wore like u looking “great”.. complements coming from all over! I did not tall anyone about it. I don’t have to cause I don’t want to! Its my littel secrat but i mite if i see someone having problems like i did… ofter that i want see here in two weeks agin just to cheek. everything is great!!!!

I love the rustle my only regret is that i did not do it long time a goo.
I want to thank you to the people who wrote they are honst reviews or expirence cause it helped me find botanics I feel its only fair that i do the same for others!




amazing experience

I had a non surgical nose job and im soo surprised at how good my results are. The service could not have been better- super friendly and informative did not gloss over the risks was 100% honest and thats what makes them stand out to me! Definitely recommend to everyone !!!!!!!


Ahlam Yahya


Lip filler

Amazing love my lips was so happy to see my results 100% coming back for more for sure told my sister about this clinic and she got her lips done too she loves them




Tear Trough : look no further than Botonics

I have been seeing Naruschka for Tear Trough treatments for some time now. When I first started looking into this procedure I was daunted by the number of practitioners that were out there and I did the best online research that I could. It’s a bit of a minefield but I eventually opted for a clinic. Unfortunately my experience was not good, I was given a cheek enhancement by this other clinic because they did not know how to do a tear trough treatment. Obviously, at the time they told me I was having a tear trough treatment and I didn’t know any different. After the procedure I simply thought the results were the best I could hope for, but It actually didn’t look any different (although my face looked very puffy around the cheeks). Not content with the results I did some more research and that’s when I discovered Botonics and Naruschka. Naruschka is very calm and puts you at ease immediately, I was a little embarrassed at first especially being a male patient and I expect most to be female. Naruschka is very skilled and my results were / are fantastic. I only wish I had discovered Botonics from the start ! Highly recommended.


Rebecca Boyce


Friendly and efficient service at the highest level

I’ve been going to Botonics plastic surgery for the past three years at both the Harley street and Battersea practice. The service that they provide is exceptional. I have botox in three areas and the results are amazing. Narushka is highly professional and understands her client needs extremely well. I like movement in my forehead and this is what I get but without the horrid lines. The aftercare is also excellent and Bill is always contactable with any queries. I couldn’t recommend them enough.


Ewa Gaik


High quality,experienced with understanding client needs

I love this clinic! Always best understanding of my needs and best service.I have done my lips and the result is absolutley amazing.


Dean Lawes


I couldn't believe my eyes LITERALLY!!

I had a great experience from start to finish a painless procedure and expertly done by narushka, you’ve kinda gotta feel right with a person especially as they’re working on places that are very delicate, I felt totally at ease with her immediately such a nice lady great conversations between the tear trough treatment.

If you asked me would I go back to narushka at botonics? My answer would be YES I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
and I can’t forget bill whom arranges everything appointments, before and aftercare calls etc the man is as pleasant as they come.

My advice would be make the call you won’t regret it.




Amazing results and care from Botonics!

I had been thinking bout having a breast enlargement for a while and had never had plastic surgery before. After having my 3 children I wasn’t happy with my boobs and was recommended Botonics. After initially speaking to Bill from Botonics he booked me a consultation with Dr Joffily and I decided to go ahead. I explained I wanted a full look but natural and I have to say I am so happy with the results , it is exactly what I wanted and I feel so much more confident and happy in my clothes I haven’t looked back and wished I had done it ages ago! I found Botonics really professional always on hand to answer any questions or worries Straight away just a great service with fantastic results and great aftercare. I would 100% recommend Botonics.


Holly Searle


Honest and knowledgable!

I saw Naruschka for the Tear Trough treatment and am very happy with the results. Naruschka is very calm and has a way about her that instantly puts you at ease.. Naruschka was very honest and advised me that the tear trough treatment was not ideally be the best treatment for me as I had herniated fat under my eyes and that she has had patients that it has worked but others it hasn’t and that I should really think about it. I decided to go ahead and I’m glad I did as I’m really pleased with the results. Considering I was a difficult candidate for the procedure shows how very skilled she is. I would recommend botonics to anyone who is looking into having something done. I would also like to add the Bill the coordinator has been very helpful from arranging my consultation to checking up to see if everything went ok. Thank you.


Laura Bridger


Top class treatment all round

I have been visiting Botonics for a while now, and have had both botox and dermal filler treatments with Narushcka.

I am a nervy patient and have always had lots of questions about my treatments and Narushcka has always been very patient in providing me with all the information I need to put my mind at rest. She is not pushy at all, and if she doesn’t think a treatment is for you, she will tell you, rather than just see the £ signs.

She is calming and professional during treatments as well and really puts your mind at ease. I was very nervous when I went to have tear trough fillers, but she made me feel at ease throughout the whole treatment and was always at hand with any follow questions that I had after the treatment.

Bill is great at organising appointments and always keeps in touch with you to ensure that things are scheduled properly. Great customer service all round from him too.

I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment as I know I am in the best hands possible with the guys at Botonics.


Seeta Daniel


Perfect Lips

I had lip hydration done with Naruschka and its brilliant!!! My lips are so smooth and naturally fuller which is exactly what I wanted. Naruschka talked me through the procedure step by step which made me feel even more comfortable. I felt no pain what so ever and I have very sensitive skin. I would definitely have more work done with Naruschka and would recommend her to anyone wishing to have anything done.


Damilola Balogun


What else can I say, it was so worth it!

Like honestly, I’m not going to blab on about the whole procedure (fat transfer to buttocks) because at the end of it all, it was worth it! This procedure is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, not only because I hated my love handles (flanks) but cause I wanted to feel like I could wear anything without having to worry. The doctor was amazing and made me feel safe and stress free. The therapy sessions were amazing, to tell the truth, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I recommend that anyone who wants to do this should contact Botonics. I’m 1 month post op and I have healed up pretty quick and friends have already commented asking me what do I do at the gym? But that’s my little secret hahaha. Bill who helped me through the process of fees and booking was great and really polite even up until now. Kudos to Botonics in making me feel great and amazing again.


Isabel Nieves



I had tear through treatment at Botonics a couple of weeks ago. I strongly recommend Naruschka. The results are amazing and very natural, which is exactly was I was looking for. When I first contacted Botonics I spoke to Bill, who deals with appointments and payments and he is not only professional but lovely to talk to. Meeting Naruschka made me totally at ease and sure I wanted to go ahead with it.
It has been totally worth it!. Today I had my follow up appointment where she checked that everything was ok and also we discuss future treatments without any kind of pressure. I highly recommend Botonics, it is fantastic!


Alexa Willis


Absolutely amazing, every time!!!

So, I’ve been going to Naruschka at the botanics client for roughly about a year now. and i highly recommend her. She understands my requirements 100% and never fails to deliver. I’m always so happy with my result. If i ever need advice on my lip shape or what looks good for me she has always got the best advice to give and just makes me feel so relaxed on every visit. I know they are always very busy and obviously have a high demmand but whenever i need to go in for a check up or just a consultation to discus my next appointment they always do there best to fit me in as i have a very busy lifestyle as well. So happy i have found botanics, Naruschka and the team are just fantastic.


Jenni Smith


Great experience

I had tear trough filler treatment, which I was nervous about due to never knowing anyone who had had the procedure done before. I also like to use clinics that have personal recommendations but only had the internet to go by for this, reading on trustpilot I got an idea of the great service I was going to receive. Luckily all my apprehensions were lifted when I met Naruschka as she was very informative and left no question unanswered so I felt at ease. There was no hard sell in the free consultation and it was left completely up to me, after everything had been discussed, to decide whether to go through with the procedure, which I did and I am in love with the results. The procedure itself was ever so slightly painful and felt odd as I had never had filler in my face before, I swelled quite a bit but it all went down to leave me looking far more alive than before (my troughs were deep!) I look forward to going back to maintain the results.




Armpit Botox - Simple but effective procedure!

Took effect within 3-4 days and the difference is remarkable.

Have been wearing all of shirts (yes even pastel colours) for work and social events without the slightest sign of sweat! This is an astonishing improvement as I was a very excessive sweater before!

The procedure was quick and easy and I would highly recommend both Botonics Plastic Surgery Group and Naruschka Henriques who carried out my botox.




Very happy with my experience

I came across botanics via trust pilot, which show many positive reviews.
I met with Naruschka initially in Battersea, but during the treatment she noticed that I was swelling and advised to have a follow-up treatment. So I met with Naruschka again, this time in Harley Street. I was taken back by her observations, I have had fillers done in the past but no one has ever stopped due to me swelling, despite the fact it makes complete and utter sense to. Naruschka advised that with the swelling present it is hard to establish if she is placing the filler in the appropriate way/ area. She is an absolute pleasure and a great subject matter expert, which gives me piece of mind.

I am more than happy to refer others to her and will come back when top ups are required.




They are truly amazing!

They pay attention to individual’s need, customer service is excellent!


why did i wait so long?


simply the best!

i have been going to see Narushka for a couple of years , and can really say that she knows what she is doing , you are her canvas ,shes the artist
after years of deliberation of whether i should get fillers in my cheeks ,and lower part of my face ,i finally went for it , but not before countless questions (which i fitted in during my botox top ups) and other consultations..Narushka assured me what would work ,and what would not ,she was calm and professional ( even though i must of driven her mad) i was a nervous wreck ,of not knowing what the outcome would look like….
so i finally went for it , first of all just a just a small amount of filler , as she assured me it would be best for me to take baby steps. After the second visit and last top up ,i am thrilled with the results. I simply cannot believe that it has taken me so long!


Linda Blakely


For professional, perfect results, I couldn't live without Botonics.

I was having my botox done at a different clinic and I wasn’t that happy with the results after visiting them twice. I thought I would try a different clinic and found Botonics.
Upon my first visit, the friendliness of the staff and the personal service that I felt they really cared about me and giving me exactly what I wanted, was a huge attraction. I went ahead with my botox there and I have never looked back. The results were so much better and really amazing. My sister was so surprised with the results, she started to come too. I would never use anywhere else now. Narushka is absolutely brilliant and takes how you want to look extremely seriously.
I have also had an upper eyelid lift with Botonics and this has also taken years off my appearance.
Bill is such a friendly voice on the phone and listens to what I really want to achieve. They work with you to give you the absolute best results. I am so pleased that I found the best place to have my botox done and my minor operations. These guys really care and offer a fantastic follow up care service too.
I cannot recommend Botonics enough, I would never trust anyone else now that I’ve found the best.


Lucia Janockova


Fantastic, very safe and calm experience

I had my tear trough procedure done about 3 weeks ago now. I booked my appointment through Bill who is in charge of clients and appointments. I found him very helpful and pleasant. He contacted me and advised me about pre-care.I saw Dr. Naruschka in Battersea clinic. She was very nice, not pushy and explained everything to me to the smallest detail. The procedure was nearly painless numbing cream was applied before which made the treatment comfortable. During the tear trough procedure Dr.Naruschka was making sure that I am ok. The whole procedure took about 30min and results were amazing. My deep dark circles vanished!
After treatment Dr.Naruschka advised about after care and what to expecth in the next tree days. The next day I was a little bit swollen but no bruises at all. Although I felt bit of discomfort in my right eye during sneezing or coughing I contacted Bill immediately and he arranged appointment with Dr.Naruschka straight away who resolve the discomfort by massaging filler. I attended my 2 weeks follow up appointment and everything is great and it was definitely worth it every penny.


Malgorzata Kurzownik



I was really happy with the final results. All the people I know were telling me that my skin looks better without even realizing I had any treatment (fillers and Botox).
I would strongly recommend botonics Plastic Surgery Group as the service is carried out in professional manner and employed staff is skilled and experienced.




Beautiful skin is achievable with Botonics!

I was referred to Botonics by a colleague who assured me that I would be in safe hands with Naruschka Henriques, and I am very happy to say that he was right! I went to Naruschka as I’d suffered for many years with acne, and with no sign of it abating in my 30s after using every treatment, tablet and product out there, I decided that it needed to be dealt with once and for all. I spoke to Bill, the clinic co-ordinator for Botonics to set up an initial consultation. Bill was so was easy to speak to and managed to find me an appointment time that suited me with no problems.
Naruschka is calm, professional and very knowledgeable and she explained why my skin was reacting the way it was and what could be done about it. She prescribed me a course of prescription skin care from Obagi and a skin peel.
I was nervous in the run up to the peel but Bill allayed my fears by answering all of my (innumerable) questions about the treatment, what to expect and aftercare; he was truly brilliant.
When the peel itself came around Naruschka explained every step of what she was doing and was so incredibly meticulous with how she treated my skin and applied the peel. Due to the detailed advice from Botonics I knew what to expect in terms of aftercare and how my skin would look (including that I would need to cut bits of skin off with nail scissors rather than peel them to avoid scarring). I’m happy to report that when my skin had finished peeling it looked the best it ever had. My skin has never been so clear, smooth, scar free and poreless. I am absolutely delighted. Naruschka has given me the skin I never thought I could have. I continue to have follow up appointments with Naruschka (which are free, which is practically unheard of for London) and I know that my face is in great hands. I thoroughly recommend Botonics and Naruschka Henriques for anyone who has any issues with their skin.





I am beyond pleased with Botonics. I had never done any cosmetic procedure before and decided to do a non surgical nose enhancement. From start to finish Bontics were professional and helpful. I never once felt like I was in the wrong hands, at the free consultation Naruschka Henriques told me ‘imperfections are what make us beautiful’ and that she wouldn’t try and perfect my nose but alter it to match my face, she did a great job complimenting my natural features and the honestly was much appreciated. Naruschka is amazing! She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable and secure. She prepped me before the procedure, kept me at ease during the procedure and reassured me after it was done. Naruschka approached the whole treatment like she was a friend, I was so nervous and kept telling her what I wanted and what I didn’t want but she kept saying ‘trust me’ ‘I know what I’m doing’ – and she was right! She knew exactly what she was doing.
I am so pleased with what my nose looks like now, people haven’t even noticed the change but I am so much more confident. My compliments don’t do the experience any justice – yes Naruschka is that good!
I have already recommended Botonics to 3 other people and would definitely be returning if I ever need to. Great customer service and great results!
Thank you Bill and Naruschka.




Excellent Results

Finding a new clinic without a personal recommendation is always a daunting process. After searching extensively, the glowing reviews on here and the videos online seemed like a distinguishing feature in a sea of unknown options. On this basis, I booked with Botonics but clearly remember thinking “Please don’t let me regret this leap of faith”. Luckily, I didn’t. Naruschka is a total perfectionist who studies the face and doesn’t stop until she is perfectly satisfied with the results. Having visited to correct asymmetry in my nose, it was essential that the filler was placed perfectly and it was. On the basis of results alone, I wouldn’t consider visiting anywhere else at this time.


Rachel Hewson


I travel to London just for this!

I am very pleased with Botonics. Not only is the service top-notch, but my doctor Naruschka is extremely skillful. I am such a pleased customer that I travel to London just for this. I would highly recommend it and it will definitely be worth the trip.




Very Good Service

The non surgical nose enhancement was very well done, no problems and the results were good. Naruschka Henriques was very good, clearly experienced, and was also very friendly towards me.


Joanne S


Absolute 5* star professional service and always a pleasure

I was one of those unfortunates that had been to a “Botox party” and had filler treatment in my nose bridge, which obviously did not turn out with the greatest results. So after extensive research on who to go and where to go for help, I found Botonics website. They answered my 101 questions as I did not know much about which procedure or outcome would be best suited for me. Every advice in reply was very prompt and professional, Botonics knew what they were talking about. I then had an appointment with practitioner Naruschka. From my first visit it was very informative, in-depth knowledge on what procedure and product was best for me, most importantly non pushy in what I decide. I have now been a client for I think over 3 years and every appointment is always a very warm, friendly and honest experience. Naruschka definitely knows extensive knowledge on all procedures with understanding of how each different product would work. The results have been more than satisfactory. A great professional asset.




Tear Trough - Excellent procedure and results!

I started to get concerned and self-conscious with my tear troughs over the last 6 months – a year so I researched online and saw Botonics. I knew tear troughs ran in my family so I was sure they wouldn’t be disappearing anytime soon! After careful consideration, knowing the procedure can be a risky one if not done correctly, I called Bill to discuss a consultation. He was so friendly and put me at ease straight away answering any questions I had.
I met Naruschka for my consultation. She was calming and friendly and left it totally up to me to decide whether I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. I didn’t think twice as she was so professional and talked through in detail any of the questions/complications I had thought of. The procedure was quick and the swelling only lasted a few days, allowing me to carry on as normal. She uses the safest method of doing the treatment and is careful and precise. I have now been back twice and I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering it. I am so happy with the results!
A massive thank you to both Bill and Nauruscka, I’m so glad I found Botonics!


Dario Rolandi



I had for the first time botox in 3 areas through Botonics. This was the best thing I ever had. Great staff and facilities, no pain at all and great results on my first visit. The service was so good that they invited me in for a check up after 10 days and they also adjust the botox as I needed a big more. Great results. I look younger, fresher and very natural too!



Miss chan


Nice treatment with caring people

I did the nose enhancement and it was nice experience. Naruschka and bill are so helpful.


Claire Leighton


God bless the day I found Botonics!

I wouldn’t normally do a review but I felt that this one just had to be done! I spent several years feling extremely self conscious about an enlarged masseter on one side of my face but never having the confidence to do something about it because I imagined that I might need invasive surgery.
I heard about botox injections to reduce the muscle and researched this for over a year. Finally, I decided to use the services of Botonics and I am so glad that I did!
Narushka is extremely skilled at what she does yet she is down to earth and is easy to relate to, I was comfortable and the treatment was almost painless. Three months down the line I can not believe my own face and the freedom that has come with feeling normal is indescribable.
I want to use this opportunity to thank Narushka and Bill (who is so so pleasant!) for taking me through this treatment. I will heartily recommend this team to anyone.





The environment in Harley St. was good. The doctor was caring.


Helen McClure


wonderful just wonderful

I love my visits to botanics.She makes me feel amazing and confident about how I look and she never forces treatments on me ;she guides me and always gives me very good advice.She also makes my treatment as painless as possible and helps me to relax ,she’s extremely professional and very knowledgeable in this field ,I have and continue to recommend botanics to friends and colleagues-thank you


Phoebe Sutton


So professional! Great experience!

I was recommended to Botonics by a very good friend of mine, and well what can I say other than AMAZING! Naruschka is extremely professional and knew exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so so much! X




Happy with my treatment

I have had a dermal filler injection in my nose with Narouschka from Botonics. She was very pleasant throughout the treatment and checkup. She has a good eye and knows how to compliment her client’s natural features. I’m happy with the result.




not disappointed

I came to have the non surgical nose job in august 2013 after careful consideration .I was pleased with the result ,Narushka is a very lovely person and put me at ease. She explained the procedure in full to me and never applied any pressure. I experienced a black eye and soreness on the bridge of my nose a couple of days later for about a week . Narushka and Bill were very helpful and contacted me to check if the side effects were going . i wasn’t put off by the side effects as i have had my second procedure done in January .Again i was ecstatic with the result and no side effects at all this time . I have got the nose i should have been born with straight with no hump . i cannot thank Narushka enough for how she has made me happy . if you are considering this procedure i would say to have it done and you will not be disappointed


Luci Clarke


Great Experience from start to finish

Having had Lip Enhancement by fillers in the past I was looking for something special, in particular someone with great artistry and talent in shaping the lip as well adding volume. Having done lots of research I came across Naruschka from some pictures I had seen online that stood out to me, after then reading up on other reviews and Naruschkas experience I was certain I wanted to have my treatment with her. I emailied Botonics and Bill called me back at a time that was convienient, Bill was really knowledgable and sent through a great email giving me options for possible treatment times and locations which really helped, working full time its great having options to work with. Overall my treatment was great, Naruschka talked me through other clients pictures to obrain exactly what I wanted, 2 weeks on I am overjoyed with the end result – will defo be back for my next treatment in a few months.




Exceptional - The best

Botonics is far and away the best experience I have ever had. Very professional. Highly recommended. Amazing results. Trust the reviews, they don’t lie.




Friendly, helpful and honest! I will definitely go back if I have any future procedures.

My ears have been prominent since childhood so I had a bilateral otoplasty at the end of September. Firstly I filled in my details online and was called the same day by my coordinator Bill who was very friendly and answered all of my questions, this stood out from the other three places that I called about the procedure. Bill was lovely and went out of his way to help me arrange my appointments as I live in Leicester and was very restricted on time. Having the same coordinator the whole way through made it more personal, he even gave directions to an appointment when I was lost and called to make sure I got there ok. This level of care surpassed any that I have experienced when I had a rhinoplasty elsewhere 3 years ago.

The consultation was with my doctor, Dr Joffily who was very friendly and honest about the procedure. He made me feel at ease and I trusted him. The pricing was also straightforward, without any extra money being added on for the consultation or anything else. And I was happy that I was given the option to have the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic as it felt less drastic and I could be picked up straight afterwards instead of spending most of the day in hospital. The procedure was not as painful as I expected, it was no worse than going to the dentist! Dr Joffily and his assistant talked to me to keep me calm and distract me and it was over quickly.

I am very happy with the results as it looks natural and because the incisions were made at the back of my ears there is no visible scaring. It has made more of a difference to my confidence then I anticipated, it is nice being able to do different hairstyles and tie my hair up when I am exercising without feeling self-conscious about my ears.
I would recommend Botonics due to the friendly and low pressured approach which I have found rare in the cosmetic surgery industry.




This treatment has changed my life.

I’d suffered from hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) since my teens and my whole wardrobe was based around clothes that didn’t show the wet patches. I finally plucked up the courage to seek help and found Botonics website. The few people I told about it tried to dissuade me, but they had no idea how depressed it was making me. Since my first visit to Botonics I can safely say I am a changed person. My wardrobe is brighter. I can stretch and reach up for things without fear of a whiff of BO. I pay for my treatments by monthly subscription to spread the cost at no extra charge. Each visit is completely painless due to the anaesthetic cream that I am sent in advance. The people are great. I can’t recommend it enough.


Sea Sea



Naruschka is a magician! I was very nervous about this treatment and the complications although from the moment I sat down with Naruschka I felt comfortable with leaving my face in her hands! She uses the safest procedure and knows exactly what she is doing and talking about, as well as being very open and honest. I have used Botonics twice now and even recommended my best friend. Its a quick procedure and swelling goes down after 2 days, leaving an amazing and natural finish. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me and I wont be using any other surgeon! Thank you Bill and Narushka!


Natasha Higgs


Non surgical nose job & botox

Before coming to botonics for my treatment, I had a hook nose. It appeared really huge and crooked and I absolutely hated it. Had no confidence at all. After having dermal filler and botox my nose seems so much straighter and actually seems smaller. I have more confidence than I have ever had. Naruschka done my treatment and she knew exactly what I needed. The end result was amazing and I cannot thank her enough.
I had just started a new job so it was hard for me to arrange a day off. Bill at botonics was absolutely brilliant, couldn’t do enough to help. Excellent customer service!!
The whole process was fantastic and I will 100% be returning for more treatment.
Thank you!




Work of a perfectionist!

I’m a huge sceptic as well as a perfectionist so to be honest I came in thinking ‘I’m not going to be entirely satisfied.’ I went in for a Restylane treatment for my tear trough areas. The actual treatment took a while and I was quite glad it did as it made me feel as though Naruschka was putting in a lot of effort. I won’t lie, it was quite painful at first but only for a split second. What I loved most was that Naruschka went over and examined my eyes several times; applying more filler until she was truly satisfied. What a perfectionist! When I looked in the mirror and I was just so thrilled. I had remembered that Naruschka had taken off my concealer before the treatment and I was just so happy that my eyes looked great -post treatment without even a spec of concealer on. Thank you Naruschka and also thank you to Bill for being patient with me and for being ever so friendly! Excellent service.


Cat Fluff


Narushka is very VERY Talented! Great Experience Every Time!

After having this procedure with Cosmodocs i was very unhappy with the results. The doctor lacked any creative insight into the needs of the individual patient, placing the product ‘by the book’ to achieve nothing like what the procedure claimed. After the bad experience I decided to give is another go with a free consultation with Narushka. THANK GOD I DID! she talked to me about my concerns with the last treatment and what she would be able to do. I felt very at ease and did not feel she had tried to sell me anything. The results were amazing! right from the beginning it is obvious that Narushka is not only a medically trained professional but also had an incredible eye for detail and what looks good/realistic and beautiful. She completes the procedure with extreme care and precision to achieve a beautiful finish. If you are thinking about having this procedure then please please see her first with a free consultation and do not go with the cheapest option. I wasted £300 on my cosmodocs appointment which the wrong product was used and was actually less cost effective because it has half the life span of the current product used.




Wonderful Experience

Always wanted a higher nose bridge and Naruschka helped me achieved it! Everything was brilliant starting with the booking which Bill helped me with it a lot. At the consultation Naruschka explained everything in detail to me and the whole procedure was easy and quick. Swelling lasted for 3 days only, now I’m so happy with the result as it looks so natural! Wonderful overall!


Lisa Lo


Naruschka is the best cosmetic dermatologist in London!! I would t trust my face to anyone else.

I have used Botonics now for approx 2 years and I would not go anywhere else. They are extremely professional and service minded, everything from the friendly co-ordinatior Bill on the phone to the highly skilful specialist Naruschka Henriques.

The procedures I have had done include derma fillers to enhance the cheekbones, Botox and also fillers in lips and smile lines. Naruschka is very attentive to your needs
and I am always extremely happy with the results. I would not trust my face to anyone else.

I have seen plenty of other cosmetic dermatologists in the past, but Naruschka is simply the best. In other clinics I have often ended up with bruises and swelling in my face for days afterwards, but Naruschka is so gentle and skilled with the needle that I don’t bruise at all after her treatment. She knows exactly where to inject filler to enhance your beauty and to give you natural, subtle results.

Botonics has my highest recommendations and would recommend them to anyone.




Naruschka is Amazing! Wouldn't go anywhere else.. :)

I have been going to Naruschka at Botonics for a few years now for Botox and recently had a lip enhancement too. The results are always just what I’m after, nice and subtle.
I’m pretty scared of needles and Naruschka has a really calming way about her, to the point where I’m totally relaxed when the procedures are taking place. I absolutely love the results of my lip enhancement, people often comment and say how good they look. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else and couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Hadeel ALRabeh


Excellent results, just what I was looking for

Very professional, very talented, understands what ones is talking about. Provides honest advices. Patient in explaining and answering questions. I will definitely go back again.


Sheramin Tamber


The best birthday present ever!!!!!!

I decided to have Botox on my frown line as I noticed it had become deeper and more prominent.
I went along to see Naruschka Henriques at her clinic in Clapham Junction.
My consultation was free and very informative, I didn’t feel any pressure to have the treatment.
Naruschka was very professional and made me feel at ease. She gave me lots of information on the treatment and the aftercare.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment which was totally pain free and quick.
I am so happy with the results I would 100% say to anyone thinking about having the treatment to go ahead and do it.
It has given me so much confidence and has made me feel amazing
I absolutely love the results.

This was my birthday present to myself. The best birthday present ever.

Thank you to Naruschka Henriques for changing my appearance for the better xx


Mary Evans


Dr Naruschka Henriques is incredibly talented, I can't reccomend her enough.

I have now had two nose enhancement procedures with Dr. Naruschka Henriques and I cannot recommend her enough. I had previously had surgery on my nose to aid my breathing as I had a deviated septum. However two years post surgery my nose was more crooked than before the surgery and I now had the bonus of lots of scar tissue, a shortened septum and a more bulbous tip. I had searched for years to try and find a surgeon who could straighten my nose with a second operation but the surgeons either said they weren’t confident they could straighten it or they didn’t listen to anything I said and seemed arrogant, different surgeons opinions didn’t add up and I felt it was took risky and expensive. After a while I began to look for other solutions and met with a number of doctors regarding having a non-surgical procedure. Out of everyone I met Naruschka was the only doctor who I felt really listened to me, really took her time, and really looked at me and really thought about what would suit and work for me, and also never tried to push me to go for a treatment. I feel she really understands natural beauty and has the ability to enhance people but never to over do it and make them appear like they have had work. For the first time in my life I am happy having pictures taken of me, I really thought I would always have a crooked nose and I can’t believe that such a quick, procedure with only a day or two of swelling could fix this for me. The aftercare is also great with a wonderful coordinator Bill who super helpful. I can’t recommend enough.




Great treatment, fully recommended

I fully recommend Botonics as a top quality treatment centre. The co-ordinator, Bill, constantly goes out of his way to be helpful, negotiating payments and arranging appointments at times that are the most convenient. The specialist who treated me, Naruschka Henriques, made me feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

The procedure for hyperhidrosis was markedly less painful than treatments experienced elsewhere, with really great results and helpful instructions for follow-up care. Naruschka was able to answer all my questions and perform the treatment with minimal discomfort.




Lip Enhancement.

I’ve been to Botonics a handful of times now for a lip enhancement. I always request to be seen by Narushka. Narushka is great at what she does, she takes the time to really understand my needs, she aways provides me with a very personal and professional service; and as a result of this I am never disappointed with the outcome of my treatment.


A very happy customer


Mesotherapy for hair loss - use Naruschka at Botonics !

I read an article in the Daily Mail about a new treatment for hair loss being offered in the UK called Nanopeptide Mesotherapy which had been written by a journalist who underwent the treatment and recommended it. I thought it looked impressive so I did my research on line and came across Botonics as well as the other treatment provider mentioned in the article. I went to consultations with both . Whilst Botonics did not charge , the other provider charged £100 ! I chose to use Botonics because Naruschka, the practitioner, appeared totally genuine , she did not over sell or over promise great results. She explained how the treatment worked and thought that in my case ( I am in my 50’s with thinning hair ) I should see a positive response with improved condition , thickness and some health regrowth. I must say that my results have been well above my expectations. Within a couple of sessions I noticed greatly improved hair condition and thickness and by the end of the treatment cycle some impressive hair regrowth. It is a treatment I would wholeheartedly recommend . So much so that my wife will start a course next week ! As for Naruschka , she was an excellent practitioner , thoroughly professional and an absolute pleasure to visit . I would 100% recommend her.




great service and results

I have for some time been bothered by bruxism, which had caused my cheeks to grow unnaturally big and my face disproportionate. Searching the web for treatment I came about Botonics who offered a botox treatment for a fair price. I live in Norway, but it still seemed much cheaper to take a plane to London than to do it back home. Corresponding with Bill from Botonics was personal and responsive. I was told the first treatment is split in two sessions three months apart, and six-month-intervals from then on until the habit of bruxism eventually is beaten.

Though I was assured the treatment was going to be quick and uncomplicated I was still a bit nervous, as this was my first experience with botox. But the botox-procedure itself was almost a non-happening, as it literally lasted about 9 minutes without any pain whatsoever. The lovely and friendly Naruschka Henriques, who is the specialist, made me feel completely safe and relaxed and talked me through the entire thing. The place itself (10 Harvey street) was another thing that impressed me: Naruschkas office is a luxurious old-school Victorian room that almost makes you feel instantly beautiful, and is certainly far away from any uncanny hospital setting (which really helps).

For about two weeks after the treatment my face was swelled up (as I was told it was going to be) as a reaction from the needles. But when the swelling faded my face started to get slimmer from day to day, which was really fun to observe and very confidence boosting. And it wasn’t all in my head either as I was starting to get compliments by others (probably thinking I had lost weight – cause that’s basically what it looks like: same face only slimmer).
When it comes to side effects I can’t really say I’ve noticed any other than slight weariness after eating a big meal, but definitely no pains.

Four months and another treatment later (just as pleasant as the first time) I’m very happy for undergoing this treatment and would have done it years ago if the idea had struck me. I feel lucky to have found Botonics as I can’t imagine the service being any better or the staff any more helpful. I can easily recommend this bruxism treatment for any of you out there looking to do something about your problem.




Botonics is where you go when you have done your homework

I have been plagued by under-eye hollows for the last few years ; consequently I always looked tired and older than my years. Having done a fair amount of research into the various methods of treating these hollows, I could not get comfortable with any of the surgical/non-surgical procedures and decided against any treatment. I was highly cautious about fillers in particular. While results that I had seen on Before/Afters online looked very good, it became very clear that this procedure needed to be done by an experienced professional that has done hundreds of these procedures, as injecting too superficially can give some very unattractive results.

Only once I came upon Botonics and read the positive reviews that I decided to reconsider and booked in a Consultation with Naruschka. She was very professional, took the time to discuss all options and concerns, and was not in the least pushy, which these days is truly a positive point. One should not feel pressured into such a procedure, but she put me at ease, and from her before/after photos, it was clear that Naruschka has talent and experience in successfully treating this area. I decided to proceed with the treatment. For two weeks prior to the procedure, I stopped all vitamins/supplements , took no painkillers and took arnica. To my astonishment, I experienced very very little bruising. I was concerned about not appearing overtreated but Naruschka has an aesthetic eye for detail and preferred to have me come back to see how my eyes had settled prior to injecting all the filler at once. I could not be happier with my results. Prior to this procedure, I was often asked if I was tired. 2 weeks afterward, my GP expressed surprise at my age, thinking that I was younger and I had not heard anything like that in a long while ! Therefore I thank Naruschka and Botonics and strongly recommend doing your homework and you will find that you can trust Botonics for the highest quality, professional treatment.




Wonderful life changing treatment!

I have had under eye hollows for a few years now, and felt I couldn’t look my best as they made me look really tired regardless of how much sleep I had. I had visited many other practitioners previously who advised surgery was my only option. I was reluctant to go for surgery as I really believed I could find a less drastic solution to my tired look. I finally came across Botonics and read about Naruschka’s work and decided to make an appointment. I was delighted to meet Naruschka who understood my concerns about my look and how that made me feel on a daily basis. Naruschka was very calm and understanding and explained to me how the procedure worked and answered all my questions thoroughly.She advised I would probably need 2 treatments, which would improve the hollows. My treatment was almost painless, and and didn’t take as long as I had anticipated.. After the treatment , I was amazed how my horrible hollows had almost gone! I felt I looked at least 10 years younger with such a quick treatment. Naruschka is a true artist and I am so grateful to have found her!




Excellent service and treatment!

The treatment is excellent and the service is first class. I have been suffering with excess sweating since I was a teenage and had tried everything. The treatment completely stopped the sweating and gave me confidence to wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear.

The service I received was first class! The Doctor treating me was excellent and could answer all my questions. I’ve had this treatment else where, but I have to say botonics Plastic Surgery is the best I’ve come across

I highly recommend the botonics Plastic Surgery Group and I’m in the process of booking my third appointment


AMA London


A very happy client :)

I never really am one to write reviews, but having visited Botonics on numerous occasions and had such great results, I thought I would share it to those who may be researching places for treatments.

I decided to go ahead with tear trough treatment and a nose enhancement treatment. Initially I was very nervous, and like many of you have come across some real horror stories online. On my first consultation with specialist Narushka, I immediately felt at ease. She was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience on the anatomy of the face so was able to answer every question I threw her way. She explained the procedures from how she was going to do them, to how painful they were as well as aftercare. She was very friendly and I felt no pressure on needing to committ. However, I decided to opt for both treatments as I felt comfortable with Narushka. Both procedures were a lot less painful than expected, and I couldnt be happier with the results! Bill called me to organise payments as well as advise on any aftercare regimens etc which was really great and reassuring too. Both Narushka and Bill make a great team. I would recommend Botonics to anyone!


Louise, London(31)


So pleased I chose Botonics!

I had been considering having tear trough for over a year and researched several clinics in London. Naturally I was nervous about it and had read some horror stories on the Internet about things not going well for others.
During the consultation Naruschka answered all my questions fully, she is an expert in her field is passionate about her work and clearly cares about her patients. She is very calming in her manner but makes sure you are fully informed about the potential side effects and makes sure you are fully ready to go ahead and are making the right decision for you.
I nearly bottled out of the treatment at the last minute but am so glad I went through with it. The procedure itself took about 30 mins. I had just under 2 ml altogether. I had numbing cream on before and although you can feel it when the needles go in it doesn’t hurt at all, I would describe it as an unusual sensation but not at all painful.
The next day I was swollen yes but nothing a pair if sunglasses couldn’t hide. I followed the aftercare and by the following day I had mild swelling but barely even noticeable really. The next day…… Wow. I was over the moon!!!! The swelling had fully gone, I returned to work and not an eye bag insight. It’s feels brilliant and I would recommend to anyone thinking about using Botonics. I couldn’t be more happy. On a side note Bill has the highest standards of customer service. He is friendly very accommodating and always replies quickly.




Absolutely fantastic results

My experience with botonics was amazing I got the results I wanted and more! Dr Naruschka was so friendly, wiling and professional. She explained how everything worked and I saw the results of my procedure immediately. I’m forever grateful and will be returning back to botonics.
Thank you.