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A strong jawline is a desirable trait for men and women denoting youth and vitality. It is one of the first areas to weaken as we age since it is at the bottom of the face and suffers the most from gravity’s impact on the upper two thirds of the face. As skin slackens due to collagen loss and volume is lost in the mid-face region, at best the jawline becomes less pronounced and at worst jowls begin to form. A double chin can also develop or be exacerbated. These changes are perceived and recognised at the subconscious level as ageing.


A receding chin can exist from youth and can cause the face to be out of balance. Not always an obvious solution, a chin augmentation can be transformational for the right patient bringing balance, proportion and harmony to the overall face. Some patients have an overly strong and dominant jawline, either just naturally or due to over developed masseter (jaw) muscles caused by clenching and grinding (also known as bruxism). Reducing the size of the jaw muscles can be appropriate for men and women. Some ethnicities tend to have disproportionate masseter muscles relative to the rest of the face, and reducing the size of them can be highly feminising.

To achieve optimal facial harmony, the patient’s entire face must be viewed from a holistic perspective and an artistic eye applied to put an appropriate treatment plan in place. Jaw augmentation can restore the firm and confident jawline you had when younger or with which you may never have been blessed. A receding chin can be augmented to bring it into harmonious balance with the upper forehead and nose. Overdeveloped masseter muscles can be relaxed and atrophied to reduce their dominance or feminise the face. All of these treatments require an advanced understanding of facial anatomy, tremendous experience and an artistic flair which you will always find at botonics.


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