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Shapely legs can be large part of a person’s identity. When we’re young, it is easier to keep a tight, toned pair of legs and take pride in wearing clothes that show them off. As we age, weight gain can begin to creep in and, especially for women, fat can settle on the upper legs. Changes in hormone levels experienced during pregnancy or the menopause can affect the way in which fat is distributed on the body and legs. As skin becomes more lax with age and we accumulate fat, gravity will cause some of it to settle around the knees. This can be either over the top of the knee cap or to the side of the knee. The skin of the knee can also appear wrinkly, crepey and loose.


Unsightly knees can limit your wardrobe choices and negatively impact your self-esteem. Thankfully today’s technology affords us several options to address excess fat on and around the knees. Depending on the severity, we have non-surgical and surgical options for fat removal. Non-surgical fat dissolving injections are appropriate for small areas of fat that are not severe enough to justify a surgical intervention. Several treatments are required over a period of weeks and it takes time for the body to eliminate the dissolved fats. If the areas are larger, or there are multiple areas of fat to be removed, we will normally go with Vaser Lipo for instant and permanent fat removal. Vaser Lipo is almost always a day case procedure (i.e. no need for an overnight hospital stay) and patients are usually back to work in about a week.


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