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Established in 2005


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We are botonics

Be your own kind of beautiful...

We have built our reputation by offering excellent clinical care supported by top quality, innovative service. The highly qualified surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists that work with us are among the best in the business.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our client information, client care and the excellence of our results. Via our growing network of clinics we offer individual consultation and sophisticated plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.

Be your own kind of beautiful...


Read the first hand, independent accounts of clients just like you reviewing the treatments you are interested in as delivered by botonics cosmetic specialists.

Making a decision

Making a decision to have a procedure or treatment is an important one, and you understandably want reassurance that you are putting yourself in safe hands.

We are extremely proud of the specialist skills and high standards of care that we offer our clients. And they are so satisfied with the results of the care that a large number of new clients now come to us following personal recommendations from their friends and family.

Free consultations with our specialists who will provide friendly and sensible advice, always tailored to your individual needs to help you make the right choices.

Ten Reasons to Choose botonics


The skill to achieve the best possible results is earned through years of hard work, training and experience. We set our standards extremely high and enjoy working with of the most reputable surgeons and prescribers in the industry.


Rather than having one or two generalists, our approach has always been to use more staff but have them specialise in particular procedures and treatments enabling them to further refine and perfect their skills.

Latest Treatments & Technology

We always invest in the latest technology and techniques, which get the best results with the least discomfort for our clients. We invest in continuing education and are regular pioneers in the delivery of advanced treatments.

No Salesmen

When you have a consultation with botonics, it is always with the specialist that will do your procedure, not a ‘client coordinator’ or other salesman. We know your time is precious, and that you do not need to be sold.

Harley Street

Our flagship clinics are in Harley Street, globally recognised as a medical centre of excellence and one of the most prestigious private medical destinations in the world.


In these tough economic times, we offer a no hassle finance plan that lets you spread the cost of your procedure over several months with a charge to your debit or credit card.

Discrete, Personal Service

Even though we do a large number of procedures, you’ll always be treated as an individual and your personal needs will be respected. Some clients prefer to maintain discretion about their procedure from work colleagues, friends and even partners. We understand and respect your right to privacy and discretion.

All Inclusive Pricing

We firmly believe in transparent, all inclusive pricing. That’s why all of our prices are disclosed on our website and are fully inclusive of all consultations, procedures, anaesthetic, support garments, aftercare, taxes and charges. We understand that you have more to worry about after your procedure than annoying extra charges.

Reputable Company

botonics has been established and trading since 2005. We’re widely covered in the media and have grown via word-of-mouth referrals from our thousands of satisfied clients. All our surgeons, doctors and cosmetic dermatology prescribers are full time aesthetic practitioners, not cosmetic hobbyists.

Honest, Ethical Advice

In the under-regulated UK medical aesthetic industry, it’s hard to know whom to trust. We believe that putting the best interests of the client first is not only ethically correct, but also commercially the best approach in the long term. So you can be sure that we’ll only treat you if we believe we can get you a great result.

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Located in the heart of Harley Street

Our flagship clinics are in Harley Street, globally recognised as a medical centre of excellence and one the most prestigious private medical destinations in the world.

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