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When we’re young, our face and body are bursting with loads of lovely plump skin. This gives a nice smooth covering over all the underlying muscles, fat pads and other anatomy. From our twenties, we start to lose our collagen and elastin and gradually the covering fats diminish and the underlying anatomy starts to show through. The texture and the tone of skin also suffers with age becoming crepey and wrinkled. Volume loss affects all areas of the body, but can be very apparent on the face and, for women, on the breasts.


Volume loss in the breasts can happen from a young age and be accelerated by pregnancy and breast feeding. The weight of breasts can cause them to drop and the upper portion of the best to appear gaunt and empty. Hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy take a toll on skin tone and of course breast feeding usually permanently impacts the breasts.

Volume loss in the buttocks can occur as we age as gravity and loss of collagen can cause fat pads to drop. Facial volume loss is most apparent since our face is always on display. The solution to volume loss can be either surgical or non-surgical depending on the location and severity. For breasts that have mild to moderate volume loss, a fat transfer procedure using fat harvested from other areas of your body using Vaser Lipo may be appropriate. For more severe volume loss to the breasts, a conventional breast augmentation is appropriate. Fat transfer is also indicated for buttock and hip volume replacement. If volume loss in the buttocks and hips is less severe, dermal filler injections could be an ideal option. For the face, we prefer to use conventional dermal fillers injected with skill to sympathetically restore volume.


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